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On December 27, 2018, we were contacted by a lady who was interested in more information about one of our stranger articles - Strange, Strangers, Strangest. Unfortunately, we were not able to give her any new information, but she did write up her own experiences, and they are very strange also!

Many of the articles in our "Experiencers" section may seem absurd on the surface, but, for the most part, we do talk to the individuals and find them to be sincere and rational. They are usually just as puzzled as we are! We are always happy to receive confirmation in the form of experiences that are very similar to ones we have posted already.

David Pengilly
UFO*BC Director

My name is Jenn and I have a few comments and questions regarding the case with Roy W. titled Strange, Strangers, Strangest.

I'm going to be bold here and tell you right up that I'm fairly certain I have seen the same aircraft described in Graham Conway's writings about the case. When I read the article I was astonished to find that he described almost exactly what I remember seeing, I saw it about 10 years ago. It was also flying unusually low. I never called the airport on it.

I was wondering if you had any more information on the "aircraft" (sketches, paint scheme style, etc), and also any more information on the visitors.

It sounds insane but I think I may have seen something like Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme as well, but not in context with the aircraft as far as I know. This was earlier, about in early May, 2018.

Wishing you a happy new year.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Jenn. Thank you for reminding us about a very strange case from many years ago! It took me a while to locate this article on our website! I remember publishing it in our magazine - the UFO*BC Quarterly.

Unfortunately I was unable to locate any drawings or additional information. The three main investigators are also unavailable to question.

We would very much like to hear more details about your sighting of the plane and the mysterious "men in black".

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi David!

Thanks for your response and thank you for checking, I do appreciate it. I would be happy to tell you about my experiences, so here are a few details as follows. My cases certainly can't quite compete with Roy's but they are extremely strange nonetheless. I haven't told many people about them but when I read Roy's case and saw that someone else had seen nearly what I had, I felt a little less insane. I've had so many bizarre things happen to me I'd have to write a novel to get them all on paper, but I'll touch on some of the relevant ones.

I painstakingly 3D modeled the V-tail craft a while ago as closely as I remembered seeing it and I've attached pictures in case you'd like to see it. [see below]

Regarding the "men in black":
17-May-2018 ~4:00 PM

I was walking downstairs into the kitchen and heard a weird scratching sound outside the kitchen window. I looked out and saw two men wearing glasses with thick dark rims, exactly as described on Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme. They were wearing gray coats with brown shirts, no ties. Their hair was down below the shoulders and was a greenish dark blond/light brown, and their skin was golden olive.

They appeared to be investigating the ground by the window, and were carrying two large club-like objects with holes cut in them (think of lightening holes in a steel support). The objects were made of a mauve, plastic like material. I was about ready to confront them about what they were doing on my lawn when they noticed me and jumped back towards the privacy hedge.

I've seen these same two guys on numerous occasions but I've only had brief conversations outside with them a couple times. They never seemed to arrive in a car, either. I have also been experiencing strange, vivid dreams and "sleep paralysis" events since these encounters started. I'm not sure if they are Sam and Graeme but the descriptions match up aside from the hair, I think Roy would have mentioned long hair if he saw it. I will add that I don't mind these guys and am not bothered by the events as they've never done anything to threaten or harm me, but I am perplexed as to the hows, what's, and why's.

Oddly, I haven't flown much since that conversation and I'm selling my plane for unrelated reasons.

One of the times after the men visited the area, I noticed my Kylie (an aboriginal hunting boomerang) which is made of poly-carbonate resin (or something like that) was warped in the front as if heat was applied to it. I've attached photos of this as well. This Kylie has never spent time in the sun or around anything that could emit heat. I check this thing before and after every flight to ensure its straightness, and I certainly would have noticed a warp that big. I had just flown it and inspected it not long before they were around.

Regarding the large crafts:
Roughly February, 2007

This is the one closer to Roy's, I saw it at dusk and I'm fairly certain it was gray and silver with a black underbelly. It made the same noise he described, like a locomotive. The windows were bright as well, and there was a block hanging down from the nose - you will see what I mean in the painstakingly crafted 3D model photos I've attached. It had a camera-like thing on the front of the block. A friend of mine from Oregon was also witness to this aircraft and he claims to have seen several sizes and versions of the V-Tailed craft. He said he saw a logo on one of their tails once that looked like the outline of an airplane encircled in the style of an "@" symbol in white trim. He saw them in the early 2000s when he was living in Medford, Oregon. Apparently there was also a blue one. The one I saw had no color except for the marking on the tail (red like RW said). Another one had a high-wing, and was smaller. Either these are something the military is testing and is brushing off as balloons (yeah, right), or these are being seen through some kind of small holes in the temporal fabric.

The other more recent one was a broad daylight sighting while I was a passenger in a car. It had a straight tail (think normal airliner), but it was about 800' long, only one row of windows (some of the windows were blanked out like it was a cargo plane of some kind) and the wingspan had to be 900'. The tail was blue, kind of like how they paint prototype airliners, and there was a marking on the side: 80-327, or B0-327.

The marking was written in blue and was large. The key here is it was also "floating" along at a low altitude (400-400'?). I was in west Florida for this particular sighting (Also oddly in May, but in 2014). I travel frequently and I am a licensed pilot, and I know what planes are supposed to look like, and this one was just too big to be normal. It was HUGE. I looked away for a few seconds, looked back, and it was gone.

For years (even before I saw these aircraft) I've been having vivid, recurring dreams of being on board what could well be one of these craft: the cabin is huge with obviously multiple decks from my point of view, and there are consoles with computer screens and controls on them in the middle of the plane where the middle row of seats would normally be in a regular plane. The cabin is huge, 50' wide, and I'm usually over water (or a dark, featureless terrain) when I'm "in" these things.

There are a combination of types of people on these, mostly people with long, silver hair. They're not the "Nordic blonde" types, though. They're "grittier" and not at all "angelic" or "profoundly loving" as the Nordics are often described. These guys are more easy going and even normal and business like, and they just plug away at those computers. They all wear blue polo shirts and khaki pants.

I theorize that these aircraft may be on a different "time frequency" that these "holes" could allow someone to see through. Heck, UFO's (flying saucers?) may simply be resonators capable of breaching boundaries between realities. Of course, that's just my dinky theory that may or may not hold any water.

I apologize for the lengthy novella, let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Hope your 2019 is off to a great start,

Jenn K.

Plane 1Plane 2

Follow-Up - Feb 12, 2019:

I thought I'd do the courtesy of providing you with one more "photo" I rendered of one of the jets (attached). It gives a somewhat better representation of scale and how it looked in the air when I saw it, and what the lighting was like. I couldn't render the windows bright enough, but it does the job well enough.

Follow-Up - September 21, 2019:

I touched on some of my experiences rather vaguely in December of last year, after coming across the article from Roy W from the year 2000. So here's the rest of it, along with a new incident. I feel like it's important that I send this in, for my own conscience. So here we go.

That article from 2000 (Strange, Strangers, Strangest) definitely got a hold of me and means a great deal to me, as I feel an extremely strong connection with the two men, Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme, and also a connection with the aircraft. It almost felt as if I knew them or knew of them already when I read the article. The aircraft really hit home, not only because I've seen similar things before, but because of the red Z on the tail section - a colour and letter that has recurred numerous times throughout my life.

I recently changed my address and things heated up again. I mentioned I've had experiences with multiple very large aircraft including "extremely vivid dreams" of being on board them (especially in 2015), and actual physical experiences seeing these craft in person in several places (along with a friend of mine who lives just down in Oregon, so yes I have another witness!).

I've been exposed to a LOT of unusual stuff over the course of my life and I like to think I know a thing or two about it... I'm not your "typical" experiencer, but I'm a little different and I do have experience in this stuff. I'm also a licensed pilot and I know a lot about aircraft, types of aircraft, flight characteristics, aerodynamics, and communications equipment.

Also I know what "out of body experiences" and "lucid dreams" are because I tried that stuff before and it's a completely different feeling and sensation than my experiences in the aircraft.

I don't have any online presence, and I am very private, but I feel that this needs to be out there, right where the original article sits... ("That's communications" -Mr. Samuel)... and I think someone knows I've been talking about this stuff...

It was around 5:00 AM on September the 17th, 2019, I finished a decent sleep with a few regular dreams. It was still very dark and my vision was fuzzy (I wear very strong glasses, and without them, my night vision is pretty poor). Two figures appeared. They wore long sleeved black shirts with black pants, and although it was dark and their features were fuzzy to my bare eyes, I could see that they both wore thick-rimmed square-rectangle glasses and had short, dark hair. They looked just like the guys that investigated the sighting in Surrey in the aforementioned article (olive skin, "Korean" eyes).

The first figure (Mr. Graeme?!) pulled me up by my left wrist/hand and did something. He then directed me to the other figure (Mr. Samuel?! Or?), they escorted me linked-arm as they pulled me down this weird little "path" into a dark void-like area filled with what looked like dull television static.
I should add that since all this began, I experience constant "visual snow" like a poorly tuned TV at all hours of every day, even with my glasses, but this stuff was thicker and had bigger "sparks" in it than what I usually experience.

A strange sensation in my lower right to mid right back started, a bit like electricity. I felt a vibration start and heard steady rumbling "thunder" (I was convinced that it actually was thunder, before remembering there was no possibility of a storm). Bright, blueish-white light flooded the entire area, and I found myself in another one of the large aircraft (I had the impression that this one also had a V-Shaped tail), and I was sitting in a slightly reclined seat(?), with the two men standing to my left and right.  The windows were round and we were on the top floor with the windows to my right. I could just barely make out the wing further back out the windows. The light inside the aircraft was a blueish white, brilliantly bright, the floor was a grayish blue plastic carpet type material, the seats were dark gray and had a dull sheen. There was a wall (presumably sectioning the front of the aircraft which has the round windows from the rear which has the oblong ones) -- in the middle, it had a gray door with a silver door frame. The wall was a textured blueish gray material.

The seating arrangement was 2 on each side up until half way to the back divider wall where there was only one row of seats on each side. The row of seats on each side on the outside by the windows all faced forward, whereas the inner rows of seats faced mostly backwards and some faced inward towards the center of the aircraft. I was sitting in the last seat on the left side of the craft (when craft viewed from behind) of the inner row, facing the tail.

I was able to turn and look towards the front area (the cockpit was up there on this floor), I could just see there was an opening in the front bulkhead wide enough to just see in. The lights in the cockpit appeared bright but I couldn't see much else in there. There was what appeared to be a "box" about 5 meters/15 feet wide and a just over a half a meter/1.5 - 2 feet deep to the left of the door, extending almost all the way to the side of the aircraft. Behind and to the left of me, there was a white "block" from floor to ceiling, about 7 meters/20 feet long by 3 meters/10 feet wide, white and shiny with rounded corners. I'm presuming that "block" extends down through the bottom floor and ultimately ends out the bottom of the craft, presenting itself at the same "block" Roy described seeing hanging down from the front where the nose gear would be.

There was a slight "fogginess" to my vision, but it was still very clear. The strange electrical sensation recurred two or three times while I was aboard(?) the aircraft. The sound aboard the craft was the same steady rumbling noise.

Most of the seats appeared empty. There were a few people standing around throughout the cabin, with maybe only ~10 seats occupied within my field of vision. There appeared to be at least one or two other people wearing the same black long-sleeved outfits.

I can't remember how the event ended, but I do remember finding myself back in my house 5:25 AM feeling heavy in the head. I went to sleep for an hour after that and when I woke up, I felt extremely heavy headed and as if gravity had been turned up a notch. I still had my balance and was not dizzy or nauseated in any way. I felt like I was walking through putty for most of the day after that, but generally felt in good health.

I really think these two men are involved directly with the aircraft (and with whatever is going on with me). As I said before, I feel an extremely strong and special connection with them like I've never felt before with anyone or anything, and the whole story gets a hold of me and has a lot to do with what I've been experiencing throughout my life. I feel like I stumbled across it for a reason (and I really did come across it in a strange and unlikely way!). If they are the same two from the year 2000 article (It is decidedly so), it appears they may be involved with the project or whatever it is that keeps these beautiful craft aloft and doing whatever job it is they're doing, and working to fix whatever "malfunction" is causing these craft to be seen in this "timeline".

That's all from me. I had to send it in, and I hope you enjoyed reading it and got something out of it (even if it just makes you think... truth really is stranger than fiction, isn't it?).

Have a great Autumn/Winter, stay warm, and don't forget that there is so much more than meets the eye whenever you turn to look at the sky...