Several UFO/Missing Time Incidents

This information was received by UFO*BC on Feb 15, 2015

My name is xxxxx and I just need to tell someone who won't think I am insane. I am 35 years old and these events took place from the time I was very little, 1980s to 1996. I was not alone for all of them either. I grew up in Colwood and Langford on Vancouver Island. When I was quite young my grandfather had a stroke and lived in the hospital. Every night my grandmother would take me or my sister to the hospital to visit him around 8 pm. On one night just as we had pulled up to the hospital we saw this weird almost oval reddish light with a smaller black oval in its center. My grandmother said not to get out of the car. I had this feeling in my head and my stomach, almost like extreme nervousness and terror. I couldn't stop looking. It was there for a few seconds and then gone. We sat in the car for quite awhile until my grandmother felt it was safe to get out. It didn't seem like anyone else noticed or was afraid. On the drive back we saw it in the sky again. Usually it was about a forty minute drive home. That night it was almost midnight before we made it home. I remember because my parents were mad at how late we were and how I needed to be in bed. When I was around nine we were living on Tipton Avenue near Dunsmuir High School. It was the early evening and my sister was on the couch reading. I can't remember where anyone else was, but I was in my room changing and the next thing I remember was getting that same feeling again. Next thing I know my sister was waking me up telling me I must have fallen asleep and she was laughing at me because my arms were over my head and my sweatshirt was halfway off with my head covered by the middle. She said I had been in my room for two hours when she came to check on me. We moved several years later to Setchfield Road near Thetis Lake. The summer of 1995 my dad was in the backyard watering and he called me out on the deck, in the sky was what I can only describe as a flying saucer. It felt like seconds but when we both came to it was way later; the sun was in a different location and my dad was standing in a couple inches of water. We went inside shaken. My dad will still talk to me about that as it was traumatic. I opened up to my husband about this and he looks at me funny now. My dad told him what happened all those years ago and it didn't matter. I am not crazy.

My father could fill in my blanks a little better, even though he is 65 now. I will ask him to call your number [UFO*BC] as he does not use the internet. In 95/96 I think they were in the house. Sometimes in the day but mostly at night. I am not very comfortable with those events. I haven't slept a full night since. I can't stay alone. Ever. I have two very large dogs now and it seems to help. Thank you for not judging. Nothing can really be verified and I guess I am not looking for validation, just understanding and acceptance.