"I did not see my ceiling, it was gone!!"

White Rock, August 1995

 Witness E-mail, January 2003:

I'm writing this only because a dear friend of mine strongly suggested I tell my story.

Now I want you to know that I usually don't believe in things like U.F.O.'s till I actually see one......... well I saw it and heard it and was very much sane and wide awake!

I was packing one of the last boxes for moving to a new location in White Rock, B.C. On my last night, I was awoken by this saucer type space ship, and I couldn't have imagined it because I've never seen the bottom of a U.F.O. nor see it on T.V.

Now I'd say the object was 4 times the size of my roof top. The strange thing was that it was like a light fixture above my head and I did not see my ceiling, it was gone!! It's as if the ship was right there in the bedroom. (Honestly, I wasn't smoking anything and never have). I heard a soft humming sound and saw a lot of panels and designs of sort under the ship, grey in color. From the ship a clear male voice asked in a humorous tone, "What is your new number?". The moment I finished the last digit of my phone number it vanished. I believe it was its way of saying, in as little time possible, "we are with you or watching you".

Now, I'm not finished.

I never said, anything to anyone since I have a straight government job. The next morning, my neighbor across the street, age 46, said she almost called the fire department because she saw our house on fire but her daughter said, "Mom, I don't see anything, your exaggerating." and my friend was persuaded to put the phone down.

So that's my unusual experience with an U.F.O.

UFO*BC Responds - Gord Heath, Director:

That is certainly a very strange sighting report.

Many people do experience altered states of consciousness which are like "waking dreams" in which they feel conscious and are in their normal surroundings, but experiencing a non-ordinary reality. I have myself had some of these - one time I remember lying down but being able to see through the walls to the stars outside.

Another time I was able to look through the venetian blinds into the backyard where I saw a strange entity that was looking at me. This was just after I had experienced a dream of someone breaking into the house. That evening, when I returned home from work, I found a cat left inside the room behind my garage. Someone had somehow broken into my house without damaging locks or breaking windows, and had left the cat in this room on the bottom level of my townhouse. They had left the sliding door open a crack. The cat could not possibly open up the door with its paws.

Other people have similar experiences which are usually experienced just as a person is falling asleep or waking up.

Your account of communications with other entities while in this state is also interesting.

I think it is interesting that your neighbour may have somehow shared in your experience. Some people link these phenomena I am talking about with lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences. These are all real phenomena, but scientists are unable to tell us much about the nature of the experiences themselves.

I think it is possible that these experiences may be where our consciousness may be able to open up to alternate realities. There is some indication that people in these states have heightened psychic abilities - such as clairvoyance and premonition.

If possible, do you think you could do a drawing of what you saw for us. I think it might be interesting to see if others have had any similar experiences to yours.

It is possible that the stress or excitement related to your move may have triggered your consciousness into experiencing something new. If you have more odd experiences like this, you might want to keep a journal, because you might find it interesting to look back on.

Also you may be interested to know that the White Rock/Delta and South Surrey area is periodically a focus area for UFO activity, and there have been a number of recent reports of more ordinary outside sightings.

Although many scientists believe such experiences are just dreamlike hallucinations, I have some reasons for believing that our consciousness is able to see into a parallel or broader reality in these states, accounting for the clairvoyant and precognitive experiences.

I hope you will keep us informed if you have any more interesting experiences like this.

Witness Responds:

Thank you for your interest and quick reply. Um, even though I am also a hobby artist, drawing a ship that I only saw for a few seconds with all those little lights and panels would be impossible and I'm not mechanically inclined but I certainly heard and saw the ship. My dog Radar, even seemed very restless since he's always in my bedroom with me. I even pinched myself while I was giving out my phone number which by the way felt quite weird considering I know it was accurate even though the number was new to me. Strange that this situation didn't even frighten me, it all seemed quite natural.

I felt no real emotions about my move and doubt I was stressful about that particular one.

There was another time and another place in Oyama, B.C. where my dog, cats and I were woken up to see a large red geometric round hexagon or enneagram (not sure of the proper terminology) filling the entire bedroom, spinning around my room, I remember sitting up in bed and watching that particular show for about 2 minutes, again not at all frightened.

Thank you for listening and I'll certainly keep in touch.

UFO*BC Responds - Martin Jasek, Director:

Thank you for your account. Wow, I have heard of a story not exactly like yours but also from a woman with a "straight government job". This UFO was also nearly above her head when she was a teenager walking home from school. Not only was it close but in a typical suburban neighborhood where nobody (that she was aware) saw anything. In the middle of the afternoon. The only thing that made her look up and notice it was that it's shadow was matching her every move as she walked.

Would you have a date and approximate location for your sighting/experience?

Witness Responds:

Gee, it was along time ago but I'd say it was August 1995 on Vine Avenue in White Rock, B.C.
I just moved to the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area a few months ago to be with help my sick mom.

It's snowing very heavy right now so I've got to go shovel.

UFO*BC Responds - Martin Jasek, Director:

Thanks for the approximate date Barb. It really helps us organize our web site. Thanks also for relating your other experience as well. I have camped in the Oyama area. There is a great sausage house there. Would you have an approximate date, year for that experience?

Witness Responds:

I know it was 1998 but really can't remember the month or season. I'm lucky if I remember what I even ate or was wearing yesterday. Thanks for writing.

UFO*BC Responds - Martin Jasek, Director:

Do you recall how the Oyama event ended? What was the reaction of the dog and cats? Anything else you could recall about it?

Witness Responds:

I enjoyed the red spinning light show, the animals and I went to get water and then fell asleep.

Actually, a few nights later and this will probably ruin all my credibility, I saw a large green lizard standing by my bed, with lovely lizard eyes, smiling and I saw his gills moving while he was breathing.

Telling you this is very strange, since I've only shared it with my best girlfriend because anyone else would think I'm nuts! I ask myself, what's the purpose of all this? Thanks for asking.