The Guardians

By Graham Conway, 12th January 2002

"Salina Quail" was just eight years old when she and her friends had their first UFO experience. They were playing hide and seek when they saw an object approaching over a nearby ridge and which finally hovered silently over an adjacent field. Some of her companions ran off to tell their parents whilst Salina remained rooted to the spot. The craft had red and blue lights attached to it at either end. She thinks that it only remained there for a short period of time before it quickly left, still without any accompanying noise. The year was 1965. No additional similar occurrences can be recalled beyond that date.

In 1980 she was married and at this time her husband had a rather unusual and disturbing "dream". He found he was being spoken to and at the same time totally unable to move. Somebody was telling him to look after his wife and that they would be back again. Immediately after that he was free to move again and turned to wake his wife whom he found had eyes that were white and showed no pupils. He also felt that someone was looking at him through his wife’s eyes. Totally frightened he ran from the room and refused to talk about the incident. Only after much persuasion would he confide that "they" had told him that he and his wife had to stay together and take care of the baby. Finally announcing that they would be back in nine days and he had to tell no one about their visit.

It is interesting to note at this point that Salina's husband had recently been for tests and found to be sterile. Of even greater significance is the fact that about the very same time Salina discovered that she was one month pregnant!

The stated nine days passed and the event was forgotten. But about a month and a half later Salina got up during the night to go to the bathroom, on her return she detected a strange odour in the room but was unable to identify it. Suddenly she felt frightened, went to the window and closed it, at the same time having a strong sense that something was going to happen. As she lay down in bed and proceeded to pull the blankets over her she suddenly found herself "frozen" and unable to move. Then to her horror she saw a shape alongside her bed. The visitor told her telepathically not to be afraid, at the same time radiating a sense of warmth and well being. The room was completely devoid of noise, something that was extremely unusual as the couple lived alongside a major highway and traffic was a constant background. Again the featureless shape told her "we are not going to hurt you". At this point Salina noticed three other similar visitors in the corner of the bedroom talking together, one of whom appeared to be sitting down, though on what she did not know as to her knowledge there was nothing suitable to afford that comfort.

She was still very frightened when the visitor told her he was going to look at the baby. Then leaning over, he circled his hand over her abdomen and peered in. Pausing a moment he circled his hand again as if to close up the cavity. It was at this point that Salina noticed that the blankets appeared to be raised above the bed. Clearly the growth of the baby was important to them. Was all this imagination she asked herself? Closing her eyes she could suddenly hear a rushing, humming, pulsating sound. Opening her eyes "he" was still there. Still very much afraid he told her "its O.K." She still could only move her eyes. She closed them again, and on opening this time found everything was back to normal. At this point she could hear the crickets again. She tried frantically to wake her husband and did so with great difficulty. He too admitted that it was hard for him to regain his normal waking state. At this point she related all the events that had just transpired

When the baby had been born and was about two months old she went to visit her mother. It was March 1981. On going to bed one night she suddenly found herself sitting bolt upright and felt a draught. Even though the windows were closed she felt terribly cold. Her baby was in a playpen along side the bed. Looking over in that direction she was surprised to see her child not only standing up in the playpen, but also laying down! Alongside Salina was the all too familiar shape talking to her. Very afraid Salina called out, "you can't have her", to which "he" replied "she is part of us", to which she responded again, "you can't have her". At that point, inexplicably, she fell back to sleep.

On much later analysis the family came to realise that missing time was a common factor. For example, when her husband had his frightening dream he discovered a twelve minute time loss on his wristwatch when compared to the clock radio. Some time later when Salina experienced her own personal baby development examination both she and her husband found that seventeen minutes were lost on both their wristwatches. Much later she took a radio clock to her father to fix, which he successfully achieved only to find it worked for six months, except the time was wrong. Then it stopped and when it started again it maintained perfect time!

Another puzzling feature was to be found in the fact that whenever Salina phoned her mother the clock would stop just beforehand. When driving she found the signal lights wouldn’t work then a short time later worked perfectly. When shopping with her mother she had filled up the gas tank in her car prior to leaving the house only to discover on reaching the store that the gas tank registered empty. Surprised at this unexplainable development her mother said, "they are doing things to you again". Not too long after she saw her gas tank was three-quarters full.

The reader is left pondering later developments. Did further visitations occur? What is this (now) twenty-one year old lady like? What strange abilities does she possess that until some point in her life she felt everyone had? Did she too have strange nightly visitors as a youngster? And most important will she too have her own "assisted" pregnancy when her "selected"? mate comes along.

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. Maybe, you the reader does. Was she the girl who lived next door, you went to school with, met on holiday, or even work with today? She has a certain "something" that you find strangely attractive and yet unsettling, but can't quite put your finger on. But the $64,000 question really is this, how many more are there amongst us like her?

And oh, by the way, don't bother trying to track down Salina Quail, its a pseudonym.