Memories of Gambier Island

By "J"
Summer 1983-1985, Camp Fircom, Gambier Island, BC

To whom it may concern,

I really don't know how to start this other than to just get to the point, so I will! As a young child, I was put into a camp on Gambier Island for the summers; however can't recall the years for some reason. I was speaking with someone many years after the event took place which I will get into later in my story. During my conversation, this person talked about his experiences as growing up and quintessentially, his childhood took place mainly on Gambier Island. For whatever reason, he started to talk about an event that took place many times. He states that he witnessed his mother being abducted in his "dreams", however states that this isn't a dream or real and can't be explained in words. As the story continues, he starts explaining an event that takes place many years after and he recalls, him and a couple of friends camping and being witness to an event that takes place many miles away, with out going into too many details, he speaks of a story which becomes all to real for me! As he is telling this story it bring ups a swarm of feelings and emotions that I have not felt for quite sometime and, unfortunately, allows me to recall an event that I believe I completely closed off for many years. His story is so much like mine, I still can't help feeling confused about the event and in some way try to ignore it like it wasn't factual. To tell you the truth, I still can't say with 100% surety that this event took place, but I can say that still to this day, I have feelings that put me into high anxiety, fear and confusion when I try to recall the events.

Please forgive me as I am not the best writer...

I and many of my friends are celebrating some of our last days at Camp Fircom, many of us are sitting on the dock and I can vividly remember a number of kids sitting around a campfire onshore not more than 200-250 feet from which I was sitting. Someone pointed to a light that was doing acrobatics in the sky and almost seemed to dance, making huge upward journeys, flashing and falling behind the mountains (I believe on Bowen Island). Many of us watched with amazement and I can remember thinking that this isn't right for some reason, that this wasn't anything that I have ever seen or could understand. I don't remember how long or how many people were on the dock with me, but I can only guess that there was approximately 10-15 of us. All of sudden, this object was over top of us and it wasn't your typical round flying saucer but it was huge and almost transparent with the typical lights however it didn't make one bit of sound, in fact this is where I start to doubt myself because there aren't ways to describe this object only that like being in a single frame from a movie. I remember being frozen and being aware of this moment, no sound, not even from the others, no movement everyone just staring at this massive object moving over top of us! I don't remember feeling fear or excitement however I remember as this object slowly went over us, once it went over the treeline and was gone, I have a hard time articulately what happened next. It was like a thousand voices screaming in the inner part of your head, complete panic, people screaming and I can remember running to my cabin crying, only to find the others in the same shape. What was more interesting was, nobody spoke about this the next day and that includes myself however I can still remember how weird this felt, almost like if you spoke about it, it was going to happen again. I have never publicly spoken about this and feel a weird sense of shame/fear but I am wondering if you have ever heard anything about this or if this story makes any sense....

My guess is that I went to this camp in the summer months sometime between 1983 to 1985 and wondering in your research if there are any similar stories.