Continuing Education: A Lifetime Experience

by the "experiencer", August 2001

In July 2001 we received a call from M.G. who in a lengthy conversation stated that she had been the focus of a lifetimes series of events that seemed to be related and have meaning, yet when described to an "outsider" seemed to be nonsensical and yet paranormal in content.

I suggested to the "experiencer" that she should keep a journal of these ongoing events, to which she replied that indeed she had already done that. Upon expressing an interest in reading her recorded material, M.G. stated she would send me a copy. Shortly afterwards a parcel arrived weighing five pounds! The manuscript was 360 pages in length. After taking ten days to read its contents I met with the writer and we had a two-hour meeting clarifying the two dozen questions I had assembled from her years of recollections. As a result of all this I felt that it was important that what she had written and I had read should be shared with our readers. Consequently I asked this lady if she could provide a synopsis of her "life's work", indeed a formidable task. The admirable results are to be found below. She is to be congratulated. It is for the reader to decide if this information is designed solely for the recipient or possibly a wider audience.

 - Graham Conway


Contact with space Beings is a controversial topic, the general consensus falling squarely into two opposing camps - believers and non-believers - with little room for a question mark between them. Now, in the year 2001, that question is a mark that begs consideration.

I was born on June 30, 1934 in Armstrong, B.C. I remember being taken back to pre-historic times while still an infant in my crib. Later, during the war in Europe I remember being taken over to the battlefields where the cosmic Beings who escorted me demonstrated the futility of war. Our town suffered the highest per capita casualty rate in all of Canada and yet it saddened me even more to hear adults glorying in words of retaliation.

I also took for granted other visitations until the realization came that nobody else was "seeing" these people! That is why, at age eight, when I was taken on some kind of "ship" to a far away land following a tonsillectomy gone awry I only tentatively told my parents, then kept quiet about the experience.

My visitors ceased appearing and I lived a normal life on the farm. Except for seeing a very strange light in an out-building late one night which, by the time my dad and brother investigated, was gone. And except for one other occasion which puzzles me to this day. I vividly remember when my playmates on a farm near Hullcar Mountain returned to find me caught on a barbed wire fence. That situation had an absolute unreal quality about it. I did not want to talk to ANYBODY about what took place because I couldn't explain the incident. There is still a tiny scar on my right wrist as evidence.

The next mystery came a couple of weeks after my marriage, when a Vancouver psychic said I was expecting a baby boy whose conception was somehow VERY DIFFERENT. It would be beyond my understanding at that stage of my life, she said. She also disclosed that he would develop a very serious disease. I blocked this out of my mind until, at around age twenty, our first born son was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. It was not until years later that the question of his unusual conception came to light. A DREAM VOICE explained to me "Your first husband was here. He came down from the Pleiades to see his son." What husband? What son? I still wonder.

In 1955 I experienced missing time during my Vancouver landladies grave side service. The following day when people were talking it was embarrassing not to remember being there.

We moved to North Surrey in 1956 and enjoyed a normal life in a neighbourhood of young families. Two more sons and a daughter were born, necessitating the purchase of a larger house. In 1963 we came to live in North Vancouver. It was here, in the spring of 1964 that my questioning of the paranormal began in earnest.

In a dream I saw my brother-in-law Charlie building a wooden cross. In complete astonishment I enquired, "What on earth are you doing, Charlie?" He looked up at me and said, "I'm only doing what has to be done." "In that case I will help you" I replied. I kneeled down and held the wood steady for him. While he, with hammer and nails, made the cross secure. Word came six days later from New Zealand that Charlie's 21- year old son Charles had died instantly in a train accident. The cross was definitely required.

That dream had a profound effect on me. It prompted me to sincerely ask for some sign of a higher power. In so doing I got much more than I, in my naiveté, had bargained for!

I began having a whole series of "dream experiences" which zoomed me into the heavens at incredible speed. Some Beings allowed me to witness segments of Earth history including, according to the VOICE, the sinking of Atlantis. To say I was in awe is putting it mildly.

The sign(s) I had requested also manifested on a physical level. About this time circular markings which my doctor could not explain appeared on my abdomen. Some years later I underwent a stunning experience at the Lonsdale Rec Centre Pool. I felt a sudden "thud" in the middle of my chest and just managed to reach poolside. Result? Another circular marking. This one manifested as discoloration whereas later circular marks on the inside of my thighs and upper arms appeared more like red low-grade burns, the skin eventually becoming slightly rough before healing.

One evening some twenty years ago I rushed from the kitchen to look out our back bedroom window. I was startled to see a brilliant pulsating orange light which "filled" our 33-foot yard. It lasted several seconds, while I stood frozen on the spot wondering what it was. This spring I discovered another woman in North Vancouver had seen the same thing back then and had never mentioned it to anyone until now.

During the 1980's I experienced tunnel dream excursions into universal realms; journeys engineered by the Beings of Light. Star #23 held some special significance, as did an air-based military undertaking known as Operation Maitland, which was spreading worldwide. A Science Connection designed by a Mr. Sairman (AMOS) was also underway. Someone named Duncan Doune (DUAN) was assisting with spiritual work. At an experimental station I made a promise in the name of Love (NORJAL) to help with this material.

I was guided through many "dream" experiences in what I call the "Other School". Astronomy, astrology, science, art, music, language, medical practices, biology, botany, mathematics, etc. were explored using diverse teaching methods.

Time, gravity, and the energy pattern of the 5th Dimension were also addressed. As was creation, along with the explanation; "We are here due to sexual affinity." Laboratory tests, ovum selection and storage, triple-hued children and people as a commodity were central themes. For some reason I would be expected to participate in a Council of Eight. All this was occurring in connection with what is known as the Planet of the Bulldog, which is a planet, named BOD in the Vega star system.

There was too much to absorb, so I simply recorded and dated the material.

Belief System Shaken

Early on a December morning in 1990 my belief in our solid 3 - dimensional world was totally shaken. I was walking home on a path through nearby Wagg Park here in North Vancouver. Coming towards me was a slim young man who snapped my picture - just like that! We exchanged hellos as we passed one another, but when I turned around to question his motive he had vanished into thin air.

Fear of the unknown caused me to avoid that area for a couple of weeks, then I resumed walking my usual route. Nothing unusual happened until the day I again saw a slim young man on the path ahead of me, only this time he was walking away. I took a few more steps with confidence then walked straight into an energy field! There was a little "thud" on my chest and as I fell backwards I could feel my eyeglasses being removed. As I lay there stunned I could feel pain in my back but didn't, it seemed, lose consciousness.

Surprisingly, my glasses and earmuffs were stacked neatly at the base of a power pole, my unopened purse several feet away in the opposite direction. I was perishingly cold. I got up and walked home but wished to remain silent about what happened because it felt unreal. When I went to warm up some soup for lunch the clock indicated it was time to start dinner. Where had those hours gone?

After dinner my psychic friend Pat on Vancouver Island was "told" to phone and enquire about my condition which I, in denial, assured her was fine. She disagreed. She was clairaudiently getting information I had two broken ribs and required rest. She proved correct.

Three weeks later, Pat arrived at my door unannounced, having been "told" to come and see me. Over tea we talked of many things. Pat kept steering the conversation back to my fall in the park - a topic I wished to avoid. I hedged, saying I had slipped on some ice, that was all.

But the jig was up. Pat hadn't made the trip from Vancouver Island only to have me skirt the issue. Calmly she said to me, "I think you KNOW what happened that day but you don't want to tell anyone. You see, I am being 'told' that what you experienced was an alien contact. That is why I was asked to come here today."

As I numbly stared across the table she continued, "This was not your FIRST contact - it was your SIXTH - no, I am being corrected - this was your EIGHTH actual contact in this lifetime - and you've got one more to go yet."

The first happened at three years of age, another at about age twelve. They are showing me a fence across a field near a mountain. Think about it and check it out. There were other times you may have forgotten.

I remembered the barbed wire fence incident near Hullcar Mountain and upon checking with my parents discovered I had indeed gone missing at age three. A neighbour found me in a groggy condition on the kitchen floor of a nearby farmhouse.

Pat's information matched my experiences, but then came the larger question: WHY?

A month after the Wagg Park incident I dreamed of hearing an electronic alarm in my head, sort of like a timer, which startled me awake. I went back to sleep and dreamed a smallish person was running something up and down both sides of my body right up to my armpits. I objected strongly, citing broken ribs. But I couldn't move until whatever was being done was finished.

Awake again, I was lying on my back with my eyes closed when I felt the sensation of a tiny pointed instrument outlining my left eye. Then my right eye was outlined in the same manner.

This dream may well explain the Wagg Park incident.

A month later another dream provided insight into my first alien contact at the age of three. In the dream I was searching for a child who had "vanished" for no apparent reason. A map was shown to me and a lady asked, "Have you checked the INSIDE CRACK?"

What, pray tell, is the INSIDE CRACK? Recently I read about a crack between the worlds, which goes by various names - The Zone of Silence, The Zone of Overlap, or the Zone of Oneness. It is associated with a change in frequency. I am not a metaphysician so have no way of knowing if they are all one and the same thing.

In February 1994 I experienced my ninth and final encounter with a force of stunning magnitude. My husband and I were returning from our early morning walk mere blocks from home. In a laneway where two power lines meet I felt a sharp pain in the toes of my left foot. Simultaneously I felt a "thud" on the upper part of my right arm, the force pitching me forward in a dive which resulted in a broken right shoulder. It felt rather like an electric shock. A little lump (blister) formed on my arm where I had felt the "thud". How did my husband escape untouched? In my humble opinion he didn't. He coincidentally developed a stubborn rash on his lower legs. And while my shoulder mended I had ample time to think.

This was the moment of Truth. I had to dig deep to keep my faith in the order of events. I wondered about my alien contacts. Later the same year I allowed a Vancouver psychometrist to hold my watch. Instantly she informed me "It happens when you're WALKING! When you're WALKING! Do you understand?" Yes. "You are now free of THAT part. Please remember there is FAR more good than bad in all of this."

I wanted to believe her. In "dreams" I had helped secure a cross; had been instructed to go with God; had been guided to Star # 23; had been "measured" for heaven work; had also been "measured" with someone who was slightly different than what we perceive as human; had been shown I was in training to become an Elder; was given a heaven name VESA. I was also shown a computerized celestial body, which, thankfully, no longer threatens our Earth.

I experienced an Initiation in which I was placed face down on a conveyor belt and moved SLOWLY through a dark confining tunnel that opened into a man-made summit under a huge dome - a cave of creation. Waters of life flowed freely from this source.

Who were my collaborators? Besides DUAN, with whom I have been paired, AMOS and NORJAL, already mentioned, there has been CHUVA, an aged European teacher, AURIEL, a healer from the Middle East, CHAR who helps with intuition, MATUS, an integration agent - we went forehead to forehead in a telepathic exchange in Tokyo, and also THUS who has helped me express the material coming through.

And then there was La4jiJL0 whose "solid" form appeared in my bedroom doorway after breakfast on May 3lst, 2000. I can't even pronounce his name, which is of no consequence because I've been told "Here a person's name doesn't matter. What matters is that the work be done." That same day I experienced six hours of missing time and later learned I had been taken to see NORJAL to have him perform an ancient ceremony "Opening the Mouth" - meaning it is now time to speak up. It was NORJAL who told me about a Higher Law - one that promotes peace.

In the final analysis I remember the children: My first born son, the youth in another celestial realm who implored, "Don't forget about US!" and the slim young man in Wagg Park. What "cross" was I securing? Does Star # 23 refer to the biblical 23rd Psalm? Or to the 23 chromosomes in ova required to match the 23 in sperm? From where in the universe? Remember the bit about sexual affinity?

Later I was given a diagram of four aligned arrows approaching a circle, along with the explanation: There was a divide here. Walking.

Indeed there was. I had encountered zero point, which is the cross, transformed. I had walked right through the centre under the higher law of the 5th dimension, the portal of the mind which unites one's thoughts with the Will of God. I believe that until our man-made scientific laws include this Uranian energy shift, UFOs and contact with space Beings will continue to mystify.