Drop Outs and Pop Outs

By Graham Conway, 25th January 2001

O.K. just so that we are perfectly clear on this, the following article "ain't got nothing to do" with the much maligned British Columbia educational system. So y'all can just relax, your name ain't going to pop out!

Instead the focus will be on something that is very much akin to what Roger Leir has been periodically announcing since around 1995. His forte is of course removing implants and attending discoveries that he has made as a result of these explorations. As far as I know the majority of his work has taken place in California. I intend to relate some strange happenings that have come to my attention within this province.

In, I think, 1998 I had a telephone call from a lady in Kamloops, a city located about 300 kilometres east of Vancouver, in the interior of British Columbia. This person told me that she had noticed whilst in bed, a black "worm-like" creature was emerging from her companion's right ear. She located a pair of tweezers and removed it. On accomplishing this they were amazed to see that "it" just shrivelled into nothing as she held on to the tweezers. This was not her only reason for phoning me as they had other accompanying events to report.

A phone call from a lady in White Rock, a small town on the ocean's edge, south east of Vancouver, brought forth another interesting report. This lady was making preparations to go to work when she felt something moving within her right ear. Attempting to extract it without success, she was disturbed on realising that "it" was moving back into her inner ear. About a month later (June 1999), again in the bathroom, she felt the same movement within the outer part of her right ear. This time her efforts achieved success. With a click she flicked something out onto the floor. Retrieving "it" she placed the small object in Kleenex and called me. Meeting with her she told me the full story. I moved a small but powerful magnet over the object without achieving any visible results. Examining it through a forty-power magnifying glass it might be fairly accurately described as looking like a grape seed. Using a thumbnail on its surface only met with resistance. What it was we had no idea.

This lady who also had a long history of paranormal events and "visitation" experiences had some time before heard Peter Gerstein, a advocate for C.A.U.S. say that he had the facilities to test unusual substances that had been discovered under strange circumstances. Consequently she sent the "grape seed" to him. Time passed and no word was forthcoming. Becoming frustrated she then contacted him only to be told that it was nothing more than common ear wax! I personally do not subscribe to that statement. He did not send her the lab anaylsis report, or even make her aware of where it was done. Nor did he return the ear wax to her. I had taken the precaution of taking a photograph of the small object, but unfortunately my camera did not have a close up lens, so the result was less than impressive.

In the fall of 2000 David Pengilly and I lectured in Penticton, another interior town east of Vancouver. After our return home I had a phone call from an audience member who related her involvement in some ongoing strange events. One such incident was discovering a "boil" on her left ear lobe. She felt this lump and set about squeezing it with some tissue. To her surprise out popped a BB sized pellet. After a brief examination she threw it away.

The latter part of January 2001 brought a phone call from a local lady whom I have known about ten years. She too has suffered and is still experiencing strange "dreams", although happily to a lesser degree since she moved about a year ago. She lives in the active "Surrey Corridor". Part of her call was to announce that something had dropped out of her nose, which she was successful in catching. About four days later Steve Adair and I paid her a visit. We spent one and a half hours with her. During this time I requested that she relate to Steve some of the major events in her life. Stories that I had heard previously, but I wanted to hear if the content changed over time. It didn't. In a very animated manner she once again journeyed down her life's road, commencing with her sister walking into her bedroom when she was six and finding her face covered with blood! Her left nostril has been the source of bleeding over the years and when we visited a small vein protruded from it. This was from the nostril that "Exhibit A" fell out of. Without blood or mucous attached it bore a strong resemblance to the graphite tip of a pencil. Or if you prefer, a very miniature version of the nose cone of a rocket! Anyway, to dispel the pencil analogy, the lady tried writing with it without achieving any success in that endeavour. I had taken a small but powerful magnet with me, but this also proved to provide negative results. Next I produced a 40X magnifying glass which only revealed it did not appear to have any attached appendages or "antenna". So at that point we were back to square one, what we had before us was clearly a U.N.O. (Unidentified Nose Object), something that could be placed in the same category as hen's teeth. So our only remaining avenue is to locate someone somewhere who has the equipment and know-how to do a more scientific analysis.

Four days later I found myself relating this same story to one of our UFOBC directors, who told me when I had finished that he too had discovered a small boil on the left-hand side bridge of his nose. Whilst engaged in the inevitable squeezing process, he too was surprised to see a small silver ball emerge! What did he do with it? Threw it away of course! You really have to wonder if this is part of a programmed response to making this discovery. I could have very easily have reproached him for being part of our investigative team and doing such a senseless and foolish thing. But I forgave him this one sine he wasn't with us at that time. He would certainly be more alert to retaining such provocative material now.

These five cases that I have described were all found within our very small area of investigative research, which raises the larger question of how many more similar cases have occurred at a national level, never mind international.

Cases such as the ones above place the "abductee" claimants in a very difficult position, (i.e. whom do you tell?). As one such "experiencer" said, * "On the one hand, we are used by the aliens for their own purposes, whatever those purposes may be. On the other, if we speak out, we face ridicule from the public, and in some cases possible harassment and/or intimidation by government and military personnel. We then, as abductees, are caught up in the middle of a no-win scenario. A scenario not of our choosing, not of our making, and certainly not of our liking."

* "Glimpses of Other Realities" Vol.11 (2) High Strangeness P. # 240 Linda Porter Paper Chase Press, 1998 by Linda Moulton Howe