A Strange Dream?

By Graham Conway - September 9, 2001


UFO British Columbia received an e-mail stating that on July 1st, 2001 "Francis" spotted a UFO at 9 pm on her way to bed. She claims that it was rotating and beaming down a light which apparently was shone in her direction. As this witness is six years old it was her father who made us aware of these facts.

A lengthy phone conversation plus a later meeting between myself and this parent resulted in an opportunity to talk to this young lady. Of particular interest was a strange "dream" that she could recall in detail and had illustrated and described in her own words. Bearing in mind that this young lady is not saturated in UFO hype I have to admit being surprised at some of the statements she makes and relates in a very matter-of-fact manner.

We felt that this account was sufficiently noteworthy that we should share it with our readers so that they may be aware that we have here again a VERY bright child who is possibly at the start of a lifetime of further "adventures". This type of situation we have heard about many times previously, but never have we had the opportunity of witnessing such an event from its possible commencement.

It will be of interest to all of us to see what unfolds as the years progress. Maybe I should also add a footnote. "Francis" lives in the Surrey Corridor!

(Note: In keeping with our policy of confidentiality we have changed her name)

The following pages are by "Francis":

Page 1 - Drawings of "flying saucers", "cargo", "stands", the "alien lady" and a "rocketship".

Page 2 - "The alien body is as tall as a door way. She said to a person that they were going to take over the world and she would be leading taking over North America. She switched brains with the lady she was talking with."

Page 3 - "In the large picture those grey and black disks are flying saucers and those table like things are stands. Those squares are boxes and cargo, being loaded on the disks. The rocketship is a large white cylinder with a red triangle on top."

Page 4 - "There was a lab where they mixed different cells and body parts and colors and sounds to turn people in to different creatures. She said that if I didn't watch out that would happen to me!"