Aliens, Hospitals and Glasses

By Andrew, June 22, 2005

 I was reading through your articles online and one in particular made me want to report some thing to you. The article in question was "It is Indeed a Puzzlement" by Graham Conway. In this article it is mentioned that there are no reports of people being abducted from a hospital, also it is mentioned that there are some peculiarities concerning abductees who wear glasses. I have a few incidences to relate to you.

I have through my life had periods where I feel that I have been abducted, feel is not a good word as it implies a non scientific approach to it. Due to corroborating evidence and personal memories of events and dreams, I have come to the conclusion that I have been abducted many times. But my full story is not to be told here in this email, but if you are interested I can relate more. This email is to address the previous statements.

Regarding Hospitals:

This one happened to me recently, the night of the 31st of May 2005. Allow me to set the picture, I live in outback Queensland, Australia. In a very small town, called Winton. A total population of 1000 for the entire shire (which is the size of Hungary). We do manage to have a hospital, which is where this takes place.

On the 25th of May I was in Longreach hospital (Longreach is approx. 275km away) in a larger hospital getting my Gall Bladder removed, there was complications, so I had an extended stay. On the Monday the 30th I was driven to Winton Hospital, to spend a few more days recovering, but closer to home. I was placed in a room with one other patient, this being a two-person room. The hospital consists of 1 general ward, 1 maternity ward (mostly unused) and an outpatients ward. I was in the general ward. On the 31st my roommate was discharged, so I had the room to myself.

That night about 11pm, the nurse asked if I wanted my door closed, I agreed to this. This is not like me as I sleep with my door open, and prefer it to be so. I then fell asleep. I then proceeded to have a very odd dream that I was in a room with the grey fellows, they were asking me why I had the operation.

Then I had a dream that a large black craft was flying away, it was triangular in shape with large spheres on the apex of each point. I then woke up. It was 2:30 am, I got up and went to the bathroom. The nurses were surprised that I was awake, they were on a different shift from the one that closed my door. They had completely forgotten to perform my observations, and were wondering why the door was closed as it should have been open at all times at night in case of emergency. It was all very weird. This is a small hospital and does not have security systems.

Now it had been 3 days since I had any painkillers of any sort, I was not hallucinating or having fever dreams for at least 2 days. Why this now? It seems out of place. I make a point of trying to make a solid point of reference when something odd like this happens to see if it were a dream or not. This did not seem dream like.

Concerning Glasses:

I wear glasses, I am short sighted, badly short sighted. I cannot see clearly over 10 cm away from my face without them. Yet there are times that I can see the aliens clearly without them, Sometimes I remember to grab my glasses when they come. Most times not. I can see them clearly while the rest of my vision is blurred.

Not too long ago, I saw one of them in my room, it was small and wrinkled it was crouching on the floor and staring at me, I could see it clearly. It stood out in the dark room, when I went to turn my lamp on, it disappeared. All very strange.

To me it signifies that what we see them as, is a projection. How else can it be explained? A projection of what? They have physical form, as I know they grab me. So they must be hiding their appearances, not realizing this does not work when the person cannot see properly.

So it seems they do not understand us. I know once the took me just to try and prove they understand why I get tattoos. (something I cannot really explain besides I like them). Sorry for the ranting, the article struck a chord with me. I am happy to share information to help further solve the mystery, if it can ever be done.

Regards, Andrew.