Adventures of a 3-year-old!

On January 9, 2019, we were contacted by a gentleman who had some very strange events occur in 1978, when he was 3 years old and living in Burnaby. Although I could not find anything on the UFO*BC website specific for Burnaby in 1978, I did find other sightings in 1977 and 1978 where people had confirmed similar events. Possibly this article will prompt other people to come forward. We asked the individual if he could provide more detail of his strange events and he did, as posted below.

Many of the articles in our "Experiencers" section may seem absurd on the surface, but, for the most part, we do talk to the individuals and find them to be sincere and rational. They are usually just as puzzled as we are! We are always happy to receive confirmation in the form of experiences that are very similar to ones we have posted already.

David Pengilly
UFO*BC Director

Event 1:

This event occurred back in the spring or summer of 1978 when I was just three years old. I have talked to people about having memories when they were three years old and they say that they couldn't but I can. Actually I couldn't properly remember these events until I was in my early twenties while soul searching for explanations as to why I had come down with schizophrenia when I was sixteen. Apparently I had taught myself to speak at a very early age from the television as told by my parents and this event occurred as my first time venturing off the property on my own. My mother was from England and my father was Canadian born and worked with the provincial government. We lived in a house on Goodlad street in south Burnaby, British Columbia. These occurrences began as I was listening to my mother talking on the phone to other mothers about how some of the dogs in the area had been behaving strangely and some of the dogs had actually broken loose. We had a Labrador retriever pointer cross named Thor who was very good natured and had free roam of the neighbourhood. I took it upon myself to venture down the back yard to look for him. When I got to the bottom of our back yard I could hear dogs barking down the back lane towards Mayfield street. I walked down the lane to Mayfield Street and then down to the corner of Mayfield and sixth where a trail continued down to Berkeley street and a place called Todd park. At this time this was the edge of Robert Burnaby park. When I looked down the trail I saw about seven or eight dogs attacking a strange sight. The dogs were barking and running in circles around a creature(?) with a rhythmic pace and biting something that had two arms two legs and some form of suit? The creature was holding its arms out with its hands like whoa whoa to the dogs and it looked like it was deflating as it was falling backwards. When the dogs noticed me they scattered. I had started to look around and when I turned my head to the right I saw something that didn't make sense, there was a very reflective round saucer-like object hovering about a foot and a half above the ground about a meter and a half across - it was so shiny that it looked like the surrounding trees were growing through it. Anyway, my dog was one of the dogs that had just scattered and I set out to find him and I approached this creature that had now fallen onto it's back and I got a look at it. It's skin was pale blue grey and smooth, its eyes were very large and very dark and placed more to the side of its head and it had this suit(?) on? Where the dogs had bit it I could see blood. Different kinds of blood. Some was red, some was green, some was yellow, some was orange. When I asked the creature who he was I had the letters DNIEPR flashed into the front of my brain. After this it pointed in the direction where the dogs had scattered with its finger and it said "those". Anyways I followed the creek down looking for my pet dog and found him twenty feet or so away, whining and looking up to where the creature was.

Suddenly it felt like the whole forest was getting darker and I was getting scared so I started to make my way back up the trail and the creature was gone and I could hear branches in the creek rustling which frightened me even more so I started to run home and then I remembered the shiny object in the woods now to my left and I became overwhelmed with curiosity and I approached it. I remember thinking that I had never been in the bush before this and I also remember thinking that if I touched the object I could lose my hand so I placed my right forearm on it and got a scorchingly painful burn that made me scream. An older kid ran down sixth street that had heard the dogs barking and thought that I had been attacked and asked me what had happened and I was at a loss and couldn't explain what had happened and could only point to where this took place. The pain had gone. He told me to stay where I was a and not to let anyone by but being so young I went home to tell my mother and she looked at my arm and said "you got yourself a good bruise there don't you"  I went back to the top of the trail again and the older kid scolded me for not guarding the trail when he arrived. Anyways I went home and started to feel very lethargic and went to bed and I woke up later that day feeling very faint in a cold sweat and I curled up in the middle of the living room floor and next thing I knew my father had wrapped me up in a blanket and I was being driven to Burnaby General hospital. At the hospital the doctor dismissed the wound as trivial and I was on my way home with my parents when a stabbing pain returned, worse than before and my parents turned the car around and back to the hospital I went. The doctor looked at my wound and noticed that it had changed and said it would be fine a second time. Now on my way home and the pain came back even worse and I was screaming in agony so badly that my father had floored it. The doctor sat down with me and rehearsed me through what happened to me and when I told him what I saw he became very angry and was calling me a stupid kid and saying that he can't do this and then the pain returned even worse and I ran down the hospital hallway screaming in such pain that all the nurses retreated back into the rooms and closed the doors and I could feel my heart flashing on my wound. Then the pain went away again and I was terrified that the pain could return or return worse when a kind nurse sat down with me and went through everything that had happened step by step until we figured that the reason I wasn't been admitted or helped was my story so I changed my story to  just encountering a hot piece of metal in the forest. I was immediately admitted and given pain killers when the pain returned so bad that I ran down the hallway and everything went black and white, not like movies but reversed and I felt like I had exploded. This was the first event that had occurred. Thank you for listening.

Event 2:

Me and my family were all back at home the pain had gone and things had returned to normal when one night (I can't remember exactly when) there was an event in which some strange blue lights had appeared in front of the fireplace maybe ten or fifteen of them peacefully swirling in front of my Mom holding my older brother Mike as if it was some privileged spiritual experience. When I tried to enter the room I was held back (by my father? I can't remember) and I felt bad that my brother was allowed and I wasn't like I was stupid from getting a radiation burn.

Anyway, a few days later in the evening as me and my parents were arriving at home there were lights in front of the fireplace again this time more like electricity discharging and I ran into the lights. After this my brain became caught in the lights being pulled around by the electrical discharge and I remember looking back at my dog barking on the right, my mother screaming with her arms stretched out in the middle and my dad on the left trying to knock me out of these things with a chair. Upon remembering this event I remember my Dad successfully knocking me into the arms of my mother and I can remember something looking at me in my Mother's arms with deep curiosity. The next few nights I was able to communicate telepathically with my family from my high chair at the dinner table and we were talking about the events and there was a silence at the table and we all agreed that something was to come. At this point a mental illness had come over me. This would have happened a month or so after the first incident.

Event 3:

This is event three. I believe that I have these events in the right order.

I was in the basement one day and we had an old rec-room with a bar at one end that no one ever used and the floor was  covered with old stone tiles that had an occasional wood bug that crossed it and a bunch of mattress cushions that were scattered about. One day I went downstairs and found all the cushions pushed to one side of the rec-room in a circle with a bizzare creature in the center. The creature immediately noticed me.  It's head was about ten inches long and green and had six legs that looked crustacean and its head was spade-like with large black eyes. Its body had an exoskeleton that upon remembering very closely resembled the suit that the other aforementioned creature had been wearing.  I screamed "get out of here" as loud as I could and it blinked its eyes and placed a thought in my head saying forget that you have seen me. It ran through the window opening, closing it behind itself without slowing down at a high rate of speed which I cannot explain. The next time a few days to a week later the creature had returned and was in the basement again and my Mother had found it climbing on top of me in the rec-room and grabbed me screaming carrying me back upstairs.

At this point the creature no longer had an exoskeleton and was mooring backwards as I can explain it as it was climbing on me. My Dad told my mom to take me and my brother out for a few hours and not to return but she was confused and scared and my Dad returned with a small 6 shooter and shot the thing. Me and my brother and my mother stood right next to him as this happened with our dog and as he shot, not one of us flinched.

Event 4:

This event I believe happened later in 1978. I woke up one night to a very eerie quiet and looked out my bedroom window to see a strange blue light shining erratically about my house and the adjacent properties like it was looking for something. I got out of bed, this would be past 1:30 in the morning, and walked down the hallway to my parents room they were fast asleep and I could see the blue lights outside their window. I called to them but they wouldn't wake up so I went into the living room and tried to wake up our dog. I tried to wake him and gave him a loving hug and shook him, waking him up and he immediately started whining. At this moment the source of the blue light was now right outside our living room window shining right at us. Overwhelmed with curiosity, I walked toward the window. As I approached, the light started to drift down the side of the house past the kitchen window to the bathroom window and I could hear an electrical discharge on the bathroom window. Thor and I followed it through the kitchen all the way around the house to the hallway in front of me and my brother's room. The light coasted down the side of the house to my brother's room and I could hear my brother's window sliding open and I could hear a bunch of climbing, then a bunch of footsteps. Then these two and a half tall little dudes came out my brother's room started to fill the hallway through opening my brother's door. I remember that there was about 8 or 9 of these little guys all dressed in black with rubber masks on. Some of their eyes looked bright red through their masks and there was a smell like mouldy cinnamon. They were all clamoring with their hands upon the walls like they were confused about where they were; examining the walls. At this point I was whisked across the hall to my bed almost as if levitated. I got out of my bed and tried to reach my dog who was frozen scared. When I got to the hallway I was whisked back to my bed again as if levitated and then suddenly a strange woman tucked me into bed. She came out of the darkness and was not really there, like she was made of blue energy and she said "stay in bed". She was strange looking. She had big oddly coloured blue eyes and a small pointy nose, black hair and she had a light green and blue hoodie on. After she said this I stood up on my bed and called out to my dog across the hallway and said, "bark Thor bark!" Then as Thor started to notice me the strange lady (who was there but she wasn't she was kind of peering looked at me as if perching on a dark cloud) looked at my dog and said, "Yes! Bark Thor bark!" and sure enough our dog started to bark a little yelp and then louder and sure enough within seconds my parents had woken and were running out the bedroom and down the hall and I heard my Mom scream "what is that" as the entities were now piling back into my brother's room and out of the window.

At the dinner table the next few nights we all joked that they were stupid and funny that they couldn't understand the walls and that they had travelled millions of miles to examine a wall. However my brother described them as bald headed men despite me in the hallway had only seen black robed figures with masks on and my father had started heavy drinking plus my mother had developed an obsession with the paranormal, primarily ufos and tried to call BCTV the local TV station. When the TV station came to the front door there was only a businessman in a suit saying that nothing had happened and there was some problem with the roof.