Who Goes There?

By "Susan", 17th September 2001

Over the years we have been made aware of many events of a paranormal nature where animals in close proximity have not only displayed an awareness of an approaching event but also the ability to see ”something” that we humans are unable to perceive. The following letter was recently received from a family who has been in touch for a number of years. The writer and close relatives have had unusual experiences that go back many years. As will be seen from this account these events are still continuing. We feel that this letter serves to convey to the reader the very strong and personal reaction to an event that one has no control over and is able to anticipate neither the end nor the outcome of. As is our custom, we have omitted the location and changed the name of the witness.

Graham Conway


I was woken up just after 4am by the terrible sound of Rusty our cat screaming downstairs in the sitting room. I leapt out of bed and rushed downstairs, wide awake and primed for action. I thought maybe another cat had gotten in, because I had left the window open for Rusty to go out if she wanted, and they were fighting, but I did not hear another cat screaming or climbing out of the window (they do make a lot of noise going out of the window).

Well when I came down the stairs to find Rusty shaking with fear, walking up and down on the settee and growling at something I could not see. As I drew level with her on the stairs she climbed through the banister and tried to stop me going any further down the stairs, still growling not at me but at something that wasn’t there and I could not see. I had turned on the lights as I came down the stairs and there wasn’t anything but Rusty and no sign or sound of another cat either in, or leaving, the house via the window.

Rusty then crouched very low and was snarling and hissing at something under the table so I bent down to have a look but there was nothing there. Behind me Rusty was demented running backwards and forwards snarling and growling into fresh air. She seemed to be watching something moving on the floor but there was nothing to be seen. I checked the whole house and there was nothing, only Rusty following me around snarling and growling. When I tried to go downstairs Rusty would not let me and stopped snarling and growling long enough to bite my ankles to let me know she didn’t want me to go downstairs and she wouldn’t let me pass her but she was still looking at something as it moved across the sitting room floor. The hairs on the back of her neck were all standing up on end and she was really frightened of something.

Then she shot over to the stairs going downstairs still snarling and growling before she very gingerly made her way down a few steps, me right behind her, all the lights were on but there was nothing to see. When I followed Rusty down the stairs she still would not let me pass her and then she stuck her head through the banister rail and was snarling and growling down the hallway towards the back of the house towards the back door that leads out into our garden. When I tried to pass her she bit me again and would not let me get in front of her so I could go downstairs. We were there for several minutes before she let- me go down and check there wasn't anybody or anything there.

When we came back upstairs, Rusty was still growling and snarling and it took me ages to calm her down so I could go back to bed, where of course it took me ages to go back to sleep and we all slept in. That is something else I have noticed, when these things happen we sleep in the next morning, coincidence or what!

Anyway, I’ve seen this before with our other cat Truffles when things have happened in the house. The significant part is that Rusty followed whatever it was down the stairs and towards the back door which is where we used to hear them coming in because they made a racket with the catflap - I have had a new back door put in and have not bothered to replace the catflap.
Anyway, last night when I went back to bed Rusty followed me about five minutes later and settled on the bed beside my daughter’s head (yep, she’s sleeping with me again as she doesn’t want to sleep on her own!!!!!!!!!!!!) and was standing guard over her for the rest of the night. Rusty seemed to instinctively know to protect her.

Today, Rusty is restless, very jumpy and nervous, her ears pricking up at the lightest sound. It is unnerving and I must admit to feeling more than a little scared last night. Mind you it was fascinating too, watching Rusty watching something I could not see and snarling at it to let it know she could see it. It was interesting too to watch her when I went back to bed because for a little while she was facing the window that overlooks the garden and was quietly snarling and growling. I have seen Truffles do that many times in the past. The strange thing was, Rusty seemed to be watching something on the ground and at one point was poised to pounce and then I watched her lift her head up and she seemed to be taking in the full height of whatever it was she could see, before she seemed to change her mind and started to growl louder. Now that frightened me.

Your view please.

Regards, “Susan”

Sorry about the typos. I have to get this down quick or I feel too sick to do it. Sorry. HELP.

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