1990s, Calgary, Alberta
Received March 2008

In the late 90's my husband and I were sleeping in our room, we usually went to bed by around 11pm. At first all I recalled was that I was sitting upright facing the foot of the bed for how long I do not know. My husband, whom slept to my left with his back to me, stirred and although I could not see him I knew he was reaching for his watch that lit up blue to see the time, probably wondering what I was doing up. I casually said to him do you see what I f'in see and I heard him say "Yes!" I then replied "like I'll ever sleep again!" At this point I promptly fell over and went back to sleep.

The next morning I got up as usual with no memory of the previous nightís happenings but did notice my husband looking quite red eyed and disturbed drinking his coffee at the kitchen table. It almost looked as if he hadn't slept, I had to leave and go to school. I went about my day as normal but couldn't get my husbandís strange behavior out of mind.

Throughout the day small memories were flashing back. By the time I got home and we were sitting down to eat dinner I recalled the incident and looked across at my husband still looking quite disturbed and asked him if he remembered and he looked at me horrified and said "#@$% Yes!!" Apparently after he reached for his watch and turned over his eyes went straight to what I was sitting staring at. In the top right hand corner of the doorway just inside our room there was an orange orb or ball of light it was hovering in mid-air and seemed to emanate light I'm also sure there was some sort of very low hum. After we had spoken the object seemed to suck into itself and dissipate at which time I guess I fell over back to sleep. My husband tells me he went on to check the house, and the children after which he could not go back to sleep.

Some weeks perhaps months passed and I only spoke of it briefly with friends. It constantly bothered me that I did not remember getting up or even how long I was sitting there staring at it, that I fell over asleep and that it took 1/2 a day to even remember this much. My friends and I thought of hypnotherapy. I found a woman whom did this practice and went to her. As I was completely new to this practice I didn't know what to expect. She hypnotized me and next thing I remember is her telling me I had been hypnotized. She said that in the next few days it would come back to me. I remember how horrified she looked and it scared me a little, well enough to not return. In the next little while I awoke in the middle of the night with what felt like a vivid dream of that particular night. I was sitting towards the foot of the bed with my feet down to the right and inches away from my face there was a creature about as tall as me sitting, standing there staring straight at me with large black eyes. I didn't seem to be scared at the time and somehow he seemed to be communicating with me telepathically. Of course waking up from this dream I was terrified and never recalled any more.

This happened in Calgary Alberta, about four years ago I moved to the Lower Mainland. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere I could go to possibly find out more information maybe recover more memories. I never had a computer until now so I'm happy to have at least found you. I believe I have other memories but have actively suppressed them.



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