UFOs over the Ukraine

By Rifet Bahtijaragic

( from notes regarding my travel to the Soviet Union at the end of 1982 )

My first "meeting" with the unidentified flying objects took place somewhere in the skies of Ukraine. I was in a Russian airplane on my way back from Moscow to Belgrade. Two friends of mine and I just finished our visit to some Russian companies as members of the official Bosnian business delegation.

It was a sunny morning on November 28, 1982. In one moment the captain of our airplane informed us that we were flying over Ukraine around nine thousand meters high. Suddenly, the people in the left side of the airplane started to move from seat to seat around the windows. It was obvious something unusual was happening outside. My friends and I jumped from our seats and attached ourselves to them. Stewardesses tried to keep the situation under control, but it wasn't easy. In one window I found a little space for my eyes and I saw it. Several hundred meters from the airplane a group of light-green balls were flying in the aircraft's direction. Their speed was the same as ours. There were eight balls making a true circle and all of them were the same size and same shape. Later my friends and I concluded that each had a diameter around 15-20 meters. To me they looked like flying objects thrown into light-green cloudlets, although I didn't have a chance to see any objects inside.

"Impossible! I always thought UFOs were a figure of one's imagination!" - I heard one colleague say to the other in astonishment.

"I can't believe!" the first fellow whispered near my ear.

I didn't make a comment, but I always believed we are not alone in the cosmos and I had hoped in my life that I would see undoubted sign of intelligent beings from another world.

In the airplane tension was rising very fast. Soon I heard the voice of our captain. He said:" Everything is OK and we are secure". I didn't observe any element of panic in his voice. He explained: "Those objects on our left side are unidentified flying objects. For sure they are not from our planet, but their mission is peaceful".

The captain was hurrying to tell us that's not the first time that similar objects came close to our aircraft and we should be certain everything is under control. In the end, he informed us that Russian war planes are behind us and the UFOs and their leader gave us his guarantee that we are secure and we can continue our flight. I actually saw several war planes behind us in the formation of a crescent moon .

That situation lasted 5-6 minutes and suddenly the UFOs disappeared like light from a bulb when you turn off the switch. We tried to find them in the sky around the airplane, but they had definitely disappeared. The war planes were gone also but we saw how they were changing their course and flying further and further on both sides of our aircraft.

Our captain often gave us information that our meeting with the UFOs passed and the official details about our flight. At the Airport Belgrade I saw some passengers speaking to journalists and very soon my friends and I were rushing by car to go to the interior of the Balkans.


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