UFO Encounter at Lover's Lane

May 1969
, North Eastern Massachusetts

UFO*BC Note: We received the following report in the spring of 2005

Excuse me for saying this, but this is the first time that I have put this into writing. I am now 52 years old and have, since this experience, spent a considerable amount of time researching and investigating sightings on my own.

It was a cool clear sky. I had just left a local dance with my girlfriend and another couple. As most young teenagers do, we decided to go up to a local lover's lane and do some parking. This property, a farm, was owned by my girlfriend's parents and where we would go is located at the top of a hill with a large tower painted with bright Red and White stripes and has identification blinking lights at the top for airplanes. Because we knew the area well and it was a good place for locals to come, I decided to follow the tractor path and followed the rock walls until I had gone through a number of pastures and I parked the car. I turned off all power (radio, lights, engine etc.) From this vantage point we were able to see the entire sky and all of the surrounding towns including the local small airport with its blue and red lights.

It was cool and we closed the windows and were there for what felt like an hour when Fred mentioned that a police cruiser was coming up from down below from the opposite direction. We said that that was crazy because it was impossible to come up the hill from that direction. I started the car to turn around and the car died and the lights dimmed. The blue light from down below seemed to be stopped and pulsating. I got out of the car with my friend and opened the hood and had my girl friend try to start it. Dead and the lights were dead now. At this point the blue lights started to rise from below and now we could clearly see that the lights were rising through the trees from about a quarter mile away, about 2 pastures over. The lights at this time started to go dim then bright and finally the car started and the lights came on bright. We jumped back in the car and moved as quickly as we could to the back road and made our way down to the bottom of the hill where her parents lived.

We jumped out of the car and as we were all standing together this large cigar-shaped object rose above the tree line and hovered. My girlfriend’s father told his wife to go in and call the police. (The police station is probably about 5 minutes away if a patrol car is not closer to give you a sense of time). We watched as this object pulsated from a bright gas flame blue to a bright yellowish blue. Finally the patrol car arrived with the light on top lit. At this point the patrol car is coming from our left to the main road, the opposite of where we had come from in the back on the opposite side of the barn.

The object then rose higher and came toward us and passed over the patrol car at about a level of 100 feet forcing the patrol car to the side of the road and to stop. The object then flew from our left which would be west and across the corn fields until it stopped near the end of the local airport runway where it stopped and then changed directions and went what appeared to be straight up until it became a faint light and disappeared.

We all went into the house. The girls were crying and the patrolman was shaken up as well as we all were. He called the station and within minutes we received a call back and were told to stay at the house until investigators arrived. The time was now about 1:15 am. At about 2:00 am men from what I believe was Peace Airforce Base arrived and they took Fred, my girl friend's father, and myself and asked us to take them back to the spot. We searched for a considerable time before actually finding the location, which was even further away from us than we first realized. The military men moved in quickly and after a short while we were taken back to the house. We were separated and asked to tell our story. We found out they did the same thing with the girls. Our parents were also there at this time and we finally were taken home around 4:00 am. The next day, we were all interviewed again and separately. We were told that what had happened was very important and that we were to make sure that this remained a total secret and that we would be held accountable to our actions.

The above is a true account of what happened about 36 years ago. I am sure there is more and if asked questions I could probably remember more. One last thing, there was never any mention of any of this in any of the papers other than a few quips about strange lights seen in the sky!


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