A Similar Encounter

By Jonah

Introduction by Martin Jasek

In the last 3 issues we covered in some detail the experience of Kevin in the “Abduction on the North Canol Road” in the Yukon Territory in September 1987. At the end of Part III was a note written to Kevin by a man named Jonah briefly describing a similar encounter that he experienced . Kevin was very happy to receive this message. Not that he needed confirmation; his experience was very real to him but that the experience was so much like his. A big thank you to Jonah for sharing his story as well - Martin Jasek, UFO*BC

Artist recreation by Jim G. and Paddy D. of beings that shot Kevin with a “flashlight type device” on the North Canol Road. A very similar experience to Jonah’s is described in the article below.

Jonah’s Encounter

I wanted to share with you all a description of an experience that occurred to me in 1974. I wrote this down in September 2003 although I recalled this happening to me after reading "Communion" way back in 1987, along with 8 to 10 other engagements. I am sure most of you have read about Kevin's encounter and will notice several striking similarities. This encounter occurred in the Summer of 1974 (August ?) about 50 km north of Spokane, WA.

“One summer day, I was out behind the house with a neighbor kid exploring the wooded hillside that began about 150 yards from the edge of the backyard. The field of tall grass mentioned earlier ran to the edge of the hill and became much more wooded. There was a trail up the hillside that ran up a ravine. It ran alongside a medium sized stream that fed water into a pipe that supplied my father's house. This was a very secluded area at the time.

As we reached the top of this hill we split off from the trail and began to traverse the hillside which was kind of steep with loose dirt and rock that forced you to keep your eyes close to the ground. I knew there was a small clearing beyond the crest of the hill and I believe that this is where we were heading. My neighbor friend, whom I had just met and had only played with a couple of times, was leading. As we approached the crest, I looked up to see a couple of beings standing off a few feet from the top of the hill with what appeared to be a device in their hands. Behind them I believe was a craft of some kind, landed. I started to turn and run. I think I may have started to call out a warning but I don't know if I ever finished it. I believe it was then that I was struck by some form of energy, from behind, that rendered me unconscious. My next memory is of sitting in a kind of chair, similar to a dental chair. The chair appeared to be located within the craft. There were several beings attending to me as I sat in this chair and I don't believe that I felt averse to being there. The reason I say this is because of what I recall thinking/saying to these beings after they performed a peculiar procedure. I looked down at my right arm and I saw that it had a light shining on it. The light quit and I noticed that my arm appeared red, almost as if sunburnt. I think I also noticed patterns (?) or squiggle designs somehow associated with the redness on the skin of my right arm. It may also have included my face. I recall looking at them and thinking "Thanks a lot you guys" in an almost practical joke frame of mind. In my mind, because this was occurring during a hot, eastern Washington summer, having sunburn meant that I would not be able to play outside, go swimming at the lake and so on. I believe I was assured that redness on my arm would soon dissipate. The only other memory that I have of this engagement, is what I consider to be one of the strongest, clearest of all that I have recalled. I am now standing outside of the craft in the small clearing. The craft is slightly to my right and I am looking in the direction of the hill we had been discovered on. In front of me is a being that is of the type found on the cover of the Whitley Strieber's "Communion". It is the being that is in charge of my engagements, my overseer. I am begging, pleading with this being to take me with them. I am told that now is not the time for that to be. I am very disappointed.

I awake in the vicinity of the clearing. I am alone. I then start down the hill and back to the house. I think I am confused because something isn't right. I arrive at the house and am chastised by my stepmother, Pam, for being missing for several hours. I think I was punished for this although I am sure I protested my innocence. This is the only incident of missing time I have had that may be recalled by a witness, my stepmother. It is interesting to me that it is she that discovered me in the field (another incident) as well as found me missing. Maybe I should ask her if she recalls anything strange from this part of her life?

I recall that I visited that clearing with my little brothers and sisters in tow and recall that together we created a small circle of stones and boulders in this clearing. It had the distinct shape and feel of a fairy ring. I also recall burying something under one of the stones but don't recall what or if it is related."



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