"It was probably the size of the AstroDome"

Houston Texas, 1974

Submitted by Gale, February 6, 2008

It was about 9:00 pm in Houston, TX around 1974, my dad, mother and I would visit my Grandparents every Saturday night and go out to dinner (NO drinking). We had a pleasant time and we started our drive home. It was a completely clear black night, not much traffic. We approached our neighborhood and we drove down the blocks getting closer to our house. My dad all of a sudden yelled "oh my GOD", "Oh my GOD", Mom said, "What, what is it?" He said, "Look up in the sky!" My mom said, "Oh my God stop the car!" We got out of the car and hovering over the car about 100 feet directly above us was a huge glowing round object, neon orange ball shaped, No fire edges, No lights beaming, No shadow on the ground from light, just a smooth glowing opaque finish. It was probably the size of the AstroDome (football stadium) it was hovering without a sound, in complete silence it was over the car, it looked circular in shape but it was so huge we could not see the sides or above it. It completely covered our entire neighborhood as we stood there with our mouths hanging open, we stood still watching and for what seemed forever (about 15 seconds) it didn't make a move as if it were staring back at us. Then without a sound, without wind or streak or motion, in less than a blink of the eye it was a million miles away we could barely see it anymore, a small orange glowing dot in the sky with the stars over to the left, and then without a streak in a blink of an eye it was miles over to the right and then it was gone. The craziest most unbelievable thing we had ever seen. This was No kooky silver teeter-tottering flying saucer you see in videos of UFO's, this filled the entire sky and it was low hovering above our car. When it was gone my dad looked over and saw two teenage girls walking down the street and he asked them if they saw it too, and they replied, "Yeah of course, but no-one will ever believe us." We then jumped back in the car in amazement, mostly in shock, Dad said he was calling the newspapers, he's calling everyone, he would have it broadcast on the news. We raced home ran into the house. He got on the phone and the lines were busy, and when the line finally freed the newsman said sorry sir we have had an overload of calls about this UFO. I am sure we were just considered a bunch of nut cases. I NEVER thought it was Aliens or anything like that, I always figured the government was working on something classified. I have NEVER seen any photos on the net or otherwise even slightly similar to this particular UFO (round, SMOOTH, ORANGE glowing).


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