Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs)

Dennis came across many photos, drawings and articles about triangular shaped UAVs. The one that appeared to have the most similarity to the object that he saw was the Flowchart 2 manufactured by the South African Company Kentron. He wrote the company for more information and they sent him a brochure and a cover letter addressed to him describing some specifications of the Flowchart 2. They label the craft as a "Stealth Target Drone". The drone would be used to evaluate air defence systems as well as radar guided air-to-air missiles against representative stealthy targets. The Flowchart 2 is powered by a conventional thrust turbine engine using high octane aircraft fuel.

Flowchart 2 - Popular Science Magazine, April 1995 Flowchart 2 - Kentron, 1994

Popular Science Magazine, April 1995

From Kentron brochure, 1994


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