The Canadian Military's own Report Regarding the Lake Laberge Triangle Incident


The Department of National Defence in Canada does in fact collect UFO sighting reports. In military circles they are known as CIRVIS reports, abbreviation for COMMUNICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTING VITAL INTELLIGENCE SIGHTINGS.  Some of the material in these reports does get declassified if a member of the public files an Access to Information and Privacy Request (ATIP). Similar to FOIA request in the US.  One such filing took place in 1998 requesting all CIRVIS reports from 1997 to  present (Sept 1998).  Among the 17 cases in this release was Dennis and Bob's sighting of the flying triangle over Lake Laberge.

The three pages that comprise the case can be loaded individually below.  There are a couple of points regarding this report which are worth mentioning.  The reference of the object's dimension (1.5 x 6 ft) was given to DND by a reporter which Dennis spoke with about the incident.  This dimension is smaller than the 8-10 ft  x 3ft dimensions by Dennis and the 12 ft length from Bob's estimate.

Another significant point is that the report mentions that "THE AIRCRAFT REPORTED WERE CONFIRMED AS CF-18 A/C, 416 SQN, COLD LAKE ENROUTE FROM AN EXCERCISE IN ALASKA" (therefore Canadian Aircraft). This is interesting since I saw not more than three American F-18 planes on the tarmac at Whitehorse Airport the day following the sighting; none  were Canadian.  Dennis and Bob observed a total of five F-18 aircraft  travel down the centre of Lake Laberge the same day.  Could two of them been Canadian and three American ?

  CIRVIS Report (3 pages) <---CLICK HERE, to view Canadian Military Report


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