UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
The Village of Carmacks
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimonies of UFO Witnesses CRM5, CRM6, CRM7, CRM8 and CRM9

This group of 5 witnesses to the UFO sighting in Carmacks consisted of a mother, father and their three children. At the time the family was staying at a house in Carmacks at Point C, Figure 27. The witnesses were interviewed together.

The Father of the family (CRM5) was watching television when he noticed a long row of lights moving in the distance through a window facing northeast. "I thought it was a jumbo 747! But I listened for sound, but nothing!" The father called the rest of the family to have a look. They were all amazed! Getting close to Christmas, the 3 children, of whom the eldest was six years old, thought that it was Santa Clause and his reindeer. The UFO consisted of "four big balls of light in a row" red-yellow in color with " a little bit of blue". At the left and right side of this row of lights were smaller lights that were orange and green (see drawing by the mother, CRM6, Figure 30). The UFO was slowly drifting from left to right, "it looked pretty low, just over the trees" and was about 2 feet at arms length in size in the sky. There were also what appeared to be white sparkles dropping away from the base of the larger lights. They were dropping at an angle to the left, consistent with the UFO moving to the right.

As the UFO continued to move to the right (to the northeast, trajectory 4-5, Figure 27), the lights started to "go out one by one" as if the UFO was moving behind a wall. The disappearance of each light would occur at the same point in the sky (Point 5), however there was no high mountain in that direction that could account for this. The UFO traveled through a horizontal span of about 60 degrees over the course of the sighting that lasted about 5 minutes. The eldest child (CRM7), 8 years old at the time of the interview also made a drawing of the UFO, Figure 31. He recalls seeing red lights and yellow lights. Witnesses CRM8 and 9 were fairly young and did not provide further details. They were witnesses none the less. Their father does recall that they reacted to the sighting.

Shortly after the sighting the father (CRM5) found out that his brother (CRM2) also had a UFO sighting just a few kilometers south of them the same evening. CRM5 states that his family's sighting occurred a few minutes after that of CRM1, 2, 3 and 4, but was unsure of the exact time. His first impression was that it occurred around 9 or 10 pm but suggested that it could have been as early as 7 pm, which would coincide with the time given by CRM1.

CRM5’s relative who lives in the community of Ross River recalls hearing that someone in the town of Watson Lake also saw the UFO. The Town of Watson Lake is about 460 km (286 miles) to the southeast of Carmacks.

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