APPENDIX: The Message

By Val Power, March 2003

"When the barrier touches the Earth, the worlds will blend, and chaos will result."

This message is a warning for all people. It is given to us from the 'in-between' world and is conveyed to us in the symbolic language of Nature. The symbol is the Sasquatch who inhabits a non objective locale. An imaginal region where entities such as the 'power animals' of many cultures exist. They are seen with the eye of the Soul because Soul is not an object. All the entities which inhabit this region are real but in a different way than objects seen with our eyes of flesh. The 'in-between' world is a direct connection to Nature and inter related cycles through which creatures of ancient times are still present. They are wise in the way of anything with its own natural wisdom. The symbol serves as a connector to these Powers.

The message was received as a 'word picture', like multi layers of knowledge given and received in a moment. It was not similar to viewing a film. The message emphasized there would be a great psychological strain on humankind due to the form and nature of the beings who will become visible to our eyes of flesh. Humankind will sense with gravity of the heart, their presence, before the beings become visible.

Many will die as a result of the strain or weight on their psyche, which will cause the shutdown of biological functions. There will be widespread panic as many will be unable to cope with an unseen order becoming visible.


The three key action words contained within the message are; Touch, Blend and Chaos. Nature has two sides; the physical and the spiritual. Whatever occurs within the inner spiritual sphere of every individual will translate into the physical, and move concentrically outward. It will encompass communities and continue outward to encompass entire nations.

The action, dynamics, of the keywords form a series of actions. The 'membrane like' barrier referred to in Report #1, is a natural protective device, on the cusp of the interiority of Nature. One of its functions is to separate the inter-related cycles from humans and non Earth beings. Although their locale is slightly removed from ours they do access our locale as we do theirs, though usually in our dream state. It is also the borderland between animal and human types of consciousness.

Think of the barrier like two colours, perhaps green and blue. The edges of each colour do not quite butt along their borders thereby retaining each individual colour and sovereignty. As the barrier touches the Earth the colours begin to blend uncontrollably. The 'Touch' activates the 'Blending'. Individuality is not retained.

Humans and non Earth beings will mix and mingle, and pass imperceptibly into each other. They become mixed, producing a certain quality that will obscure individuality and deceive. The Natural order will be disturbed to such an extent that chaos will erupt.

Individuals will no longer be sovereign beings. Imagine (if you can) discovering that your brain has been fooling you and you cannot even be certain what things your body has done.

We have lavished so much attention on Self that we have become indifferent and hostile to the life giving knowledge of Nature. We have stripped Nature of its Soul and assigned ourselves as the only Soul Bearers. The Sasquatch has arisen from the cycle of time. It is part of the migration in which Time has a very ancient body of continuous, related cycles. Sasquatch is a Soul Bearer. For those who follow their Soul Destiny they will remain sovereign beings.


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