UPDATED - October 8th, 2019

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Reported 3-Aug-2019
3-Aug-2019, Coquitlam, BC: (10:22 pm)

Saw this tonight in Coquitlam BC. No sound other than 3 of us talking. The sighting was at 10:22 PM facing 66* NE. The entire sighting lasted approximately 4 minutes with the object travelling directly above our heads and disappearing at a height of 1000M or more.

Not sure what it was.

Reported 4-Aug-2019
4-Aug-2019, Aldergrove Lake, BC

This sighting involved multiple, high-altitude, silver, circular craft, seen from the ground at Aldergrove Lake Provincial Park on August 4th between 16:00 to 16:43. The majority of the craft were traveling west to east at an extremely high rate of speed (covering 50 degrees in less than 1-2 seconds using fist method). As a reference, the local air traffic was covering the same distance, likely at significantly lower altitude, in 4-6 seconds. There was also no visible con-trail as there was with the high altitude commercial crafts. Other unidentified crafts were traveling south to north at high rates speed as well. Both sets of crafts were making high speed right angle and S-turns and were clearly under control. Again, the altitudes of these craft were significantly higher than commercial air traffic. In all, there were 9 craft seen or perhaps 5 craft recirculating in the area. Iíd periodically lose sight of the craft due to their altitude, velocity and maneuvering. The weather conditions were clear, cloudless, 31 degrees Celsius.

I tried to debunk this sighting by identifying known airborne objects. I used a Sony DSLR with 120x zoom for this purpose. Aldergrove Lake Park lies under the glide path of two major airports, YVR and YXX. All commercial and and civil aircraft were easily identified and traveling significantly slower than the unidentifiable craft. In addition, they were easily tracked and brought into focus with my camera. I was unable to track or focus on the unidentified craft. My guess would be that this was due to their velocity and altitude. Other airborne objects included birds at varying altitudes, mostly starlings, crows and the odd eagle and were readily identifiable. Large cluster of cottonwood pollen were seen, but this was slow moving and washed likely at altitude of less than 1000 ft. No other objects, balloons, drones, kites etc were seen. I am aware we are entering a period of meteor showers. Having seen many, I can say these were not meteors.

I believe this is a credible sighting. For clarity, I am trained observer (military / first responder). I do not wear prescription glasses and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Reported 31-Aug-2019
28-Oct-2014, Courtenay, BC

I didnít know there was a UFO*BC, or I obviously would have reported this right away. I just found out about UFO*BC from reading a report by somebody online, and that they had contacted this site. This happened five years ago in 2014. It was approximately three days before Halloween. The time was anywhere from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. I was at my computer, and decided to take a break and go outside which by then was dark. I walked outside my door, and right away I noticed this object about 70 feet above the ground, and a 1/3rd the distance down the road from my street corner. The measurement off the ground being roughly close, because the tallest of the fir trees was fifty feet high which the object was sitting motionless and noiselessly in the air twenty feet above the fifty foot fir tree. In the dark it looked like it had curved corners. I could see the outline of cabin looking like an upside down U-shape attached to the rest of the object, like an appendage sticking out. On the right side of the object there was one huge blue light and on the right side of it a huge red light. There was a bit of activity in the sky that night. Small planes were flying in the background, I would estimate 20 miles away. The pilots too, maybe would have seen it, if there were lights on the other side of the object.
I stood there, and thought. Oh a UFO. Then it moved from side to side very quickly, very smoothly, and then up and down, all done with great precision and soundlessly. Then it starting going lower in between the two fir trees and looked like it went back out over the ocean.

Reported 18-Sep-2019
18-Sep-2019, Aldergrove, BC
: (10 pm to 11:15 pm)

Thereís an object currently in the sky in the Glenn Valley area near Aldergrove. I cannot tell a shape or orientation of the lights but Iíve been watching this object move for over an hour and it hasnít left my sight. Itís moved back and forth maybe a few feet but likely farther as it is far away. It is hard to see with your eyes but I could tell it was moving. I could see the lights fade slightly but it looked more like it was traveling through clouds. I got binoculars to look closer but it was hard to focus as the object was moving so much. I noticed it at around 10pm this evening (Sep 18) and I can still see it now (11:15). I took a break in the last half hour but when I just checked it, it now appears higher in the sky then previously but also closer toward me (looked farther away before but lower in the sky). What I can or canít see remains the same. I see red, green, and I think white lights. Erratic quick movements going in all directions but not moving very far, I also saw it move in circular motions all these movements appeared intentional. I tried flashing my flash light at it and it appeared to slow down but that could be a coincidence. It could possibly be a drone but the movements are strange and doesnít make sense not to mention the life of a battery one the generic ones would never last that long. My other thought it there is a military base near by maybe they have really advanced drones.... Just looking to see if anyone knows what this could be or if someone has seen something similar.

Reported 19-Sep-2019
19-Sep-2019, Quadra Island, BC

I was wondering if this was the page to report a sighting?! My friend and myself watched 2 bright white lights hover over Quadra it was very much apparent that they did not move like any air craft we have seen. No sound! No movement. Close together in uniform almost, then faded away quickly.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the information. If possible, could you please give a more detailed report so I can put it on our website? What time did you see the objects. Where were you when you had the sighting? What direction were you facing? How many degrees above the horizon were they (0 degrees being right on the horizon and 90 degrees being directly above you)? How long did you view them before they faded away?


Reported 21-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019, Powell River, BC
: (9:50 pm)

Last night at 9:50 PM September 20, 2019 my partner and I were drawn to a sparkling point of light in the sky. The colours were white with sparkles of green and red. This circle didn't move at first and seemed to be suspended in place. But looking through weak binoculars we were able to watch changes happening. Small separate points rotating green and red lights maneuvered around a larger orb array of lights. The large circle went from flashing mostly white to joining the small points in flashing red and green so its surface resembled an LED flashlight but with each small port of light twinkling quickly, separately. A small point of flashing light pulled away from the large circle of lights but seemed to be in communication almost like an insect at a hive. Then they began to dart up and back in dog fight fashion then returning to forming the orb. This suspended display went on to the west of Powell River perhaps near Harwood Island for about 20 minutes (we were looking from Manson Ave) then seemed to drift off to the north where we lost sight of it through the trees.

Witness Addition - 28-Sep-2019:

I want to get some others to look up at this twinkling point tonight. It is clearly visible and with my binoculars I can see the two distinct points the large orb has many sparkling ports and the small point is below and twinkling red and green and white. Can any one else see it? This is the fourth night we've seen it. It is almost stationary in the same area of the sky each clear night.

UFO*BC Responds:

We find that any object seen "each clear night" that is described as "twinkling" with colours of "red", "green" and "white" is almost always an astronomical object. Our first choice would be Arcturus. Visible in the right area, direction and one really bright beasty. It is low enough to the horizon that atmospheric distortion will make it quite a fancy light show.

Richard, UFO*BC

Reported 22-Sep-2019
2011/2012, Saanichton, BC

Hey, my name is John. Back in about 2011 or 2012 when I was teenager I was long boarding home one very late night or early morning down Island View Road. I had my head phones in listening to some music and I noticed out of the corner of my eye to my left a triangle with red or green lights at each point. It was flying very low over some houses and a blue farm house (you may know the one, Firbank Farm). I actually didn't think much of it as some people fly those small helicopters around here (maybe a little odd this late) until it got closer. I figured I should have heard something by that time because it was so close so I took my head phones out and what would you know, it was dead quiet. I stopped and watched it fly towards the ocean and behind the trees that head up the hill towards Island View Beach. I saw it make a hard right turn and I could see the lights peeking through the trees as it went along. It flew very slow and low to the ground but the thing that really had me scratching my head was that it was so close yet made no noise at all. This is the only time I've ever seen something odd like that flying around. I will say however that I am a huge skeptic when it comes to UFO and aliens and things of the "paranormal". I don't believe in that stuff at all. All I can say is this was truly an unidentified flying object.

This happened in Saanichton on Island View Road. I was traveling west and the object was also traveling west parallel to me about 150 meters to 200 meters to my north. It traveled about 500 meters until it was behind the trees at the end of the road before turning south and continuing on until it was out of sight.

Reported 25-Sep-2019
23-Sep-2019, Cumberland, BC
: (5:00 am)

On Sept 23, 2019 at about 0500 I departed my home in Cumberland, BC on my side by side to go hunting up Idle Creek, Via Trent River forestry road. Between the 11 and 10 km Marker heading southbound I noticed what appeared to be bright headlights on the ridge to my SW. thinking that it was another hunter I slowed to a stop to get a better look and determine the direction they where headed to avoid them so I could get into my area and be the only person there for first light. Immediately I noticed another light appear in what looked as if it was turned up like a dimmer switch. At this point I am thinking that they were possibly logging and equipment is being fired up. Then another 3 lights appeared and were slightly staggered, this caught my attention immediately and to get a better look I shut down my machine and lights. A soon as I did this Being almost black out. I could see clearly that the bottom 3 lights were moving in an erratic almost zig-zagging pattern in and out of the trees. Later, looking at my location on my gps that I had been recording my track line with, I determined that they were about 3000 feet away from where I was parked. Within about 2-3 min I observed what I would describe as glowing pulsating orbs interchange with one another and turning on and off in complete silence. This gave me a bit of a fright and I immediately felt it was time for me to leave. I started up my machine and was just about to turn around and I stopped again thinking to myself this is ridiculous your not letting this ruin your hunting trip man, so I shut off the lights and machine again to make sure I wasn't just mistaking these for equipment. As soon as I did this I noticed that they had stopped moving and were stationary and it FREAKED ME RIGHT OUT! My gut said run and that is exactly what I did. I would really like to hear if anyone else has seen anything like this in the Comox Valley or if there is any possibility as to the Comox military base having any account of these objects being spotted as it is only about 40km to the north. This has really shook me up as I absolutely have loved solo hunting early morning and last light for years. I wish this never happened to me. I don't feel at all safe in the woods alone anymore. Its one thing to see a Ufo in the sky but seeing these things coming and going through the trees in my back yard is very disturbing.

Reported 26-Sep-2019
25-Sep-2019, Campbell River, BC
: (11:40 pm)

I saw an orange like ball of light hovering over Quadra Island on Sept. 25th 2019 at 1140 PM. I was on my deck in Campbell River looking at Quadra and noticed the light because it had never been there before. I focused my eyes and noticed it was hovering kinda going up and down a little and for about a good minute of witnessing that I called my mom out on to the deck because I told her I am witnessing a saucer. She noticed it and saw it moving (hovering) and we both watched it just vanish and all over my body was covered in goosebumps. It's crazy, it's not the first time I've seen one over Quadra and it's a little terrifying cause they're here and there definitely needs to be more awareness of them visiting cause they may not be good. Anyways cheers from Campbell River, British Columbia.

Reported 29-Sep-2019
20-Sep-2019, Powell River, BC:

I am confirming the sighting of an object in the northwest of Powell River on Sept 20 2019. We have been watching this object for several nights, it seems to be stationary and very bright with twinkling clear lights and some red and green. Also with a white orb interacting with it. Very interesting.

Reported 29-Sep-2019
29-Aug-2019, Campbell River, BC
: (11 pm)

My wife, my son and I were vacationing in Campbell River, our room at the Anchor Inn and Suites overlooked the water towards Quadra Island. On Thursday August 29, 2019 at approximately 11:00 pm a very bright orange light appeared over the treeline of Quadra Island to the right of the light house, hovered there for 10 minutes then disappeared.

Approximately 20 minutes later the orange light appeared again, and about 10 minutes after that a second bright orange light appeared next to the first one. Looking through my binoculars my wife, my son and I saw what we would describe as an object with two layers of small orange lights. I took out my cell phone and captured photos and videos of this object. In one video you can see the bright orange light in the sky, the light flashing from the lighthouse, and a ship passing left to right past the lighthouse and orange light in the sky.

I will send photos and videos.

UFO*BC Responds: The witness was contacted and asked to verify the direction he was facing when he took the above video. The following map was sent to him.

Witness Responds: "I would like to confirm that the orange bright light(s) that we saw and filmed were above and to the right of the Cape Mudge Lighthouse looking across from the Anchor Inn and Suites towards Quadra Island."

Reported 2-Oct-2019
Summer 2019, Harrison Lake, BC

I was falling timber above 26km on the E Harrison from June thru August. On the first day I heard a loud noise from way above and looked skyward for the fighter jets I assumed were the source, but I saw nothing. This went on for about two weeks; RCAF jets out of Abbotsford on scheduled training flights? I never saw any aircraft of the nature, even on clear days. I saw commercial jets that appeared to be in and out of YVR, and higher altitude intercontinental carriers probably originating from LA, Seattle or London and Frankfurt.

Then I started to think. The noise was louder than the Snowbirds,  Blue Angels, even the F-18's I had observed at close range over my home in Kamloops on take off and approach into YKA on Canada and Memorial Days over the years. Also the craft was moving fast, way faster than a fighter jet, but it wasn't moving far... then it came to me. The noise was coming from way above and down in trajectory. Not only that but the noise was popping in and gaining force before slowing down and tapering out. It was nearly above my location, slightly NW right above the middle of Harrison lake. I never saw a thing. After I came to this conclusion, the frequency of the event was less, or I was cutting more and hearing less. Nevertheless the phenomenon continued until I was finished the setting and left the valley. That was a month ago.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for your email. Just to get a bit more information about your audio experience (we canít call it a sighting as you didnít see anything).
Was the sound a daily event from June to August or just over a particular stretch of time?
How long did the sound/noise last?
Did it repeat at regular intervals, days/times?
How far away from you would you say it was?
When you say moving fast, you mean the source of the noise was moving?

A few things to ponder:
We have the Abbotsford airshow the 2nd week of August, and that does include a multitude of jet aircraft, but that wouldnít fit in with the June date of your email.
Could it have been some type of unmuffled skidder or heli-logging operation? They couldnít be faster than a jet, but then again, few things are.

Looking forward to your answers!
Richard, UFO*BC

Witness Responds:

Twice, sometimes three times in a week when I started the job. I don't think it was ever on consecutive days, always around noon time and there was a regularity to it. The duration was 7 seconds.

I always thought I would see a jet pulling through a hard turn. That's what it sounded like. The noise of it increasing and then fading out like the pilot was letting go of the stick and throttle at the end of the shot. It became less frequent towards the end of my time there. I was working right above the lake/ E Harrison FS Road at 26km on 100% slope between 350 and 500 m above the lake. I remember looking uphill and then straight up above for the source at the start of it all. Then I found myself looking up and above the lake after I had the thing pegged... but never saw anything.

It was way up when and where it started, and it was moving at high velocity, it even sounded like it was pushing against the force of gravity as the energy of the sound increased.  It makes me wonder what happened to it at the end of the event because it was serene, like "Houston, the Eagle has landed".

UFO*BC Responds:

One question: I have a friend who was a logger and he needed to wear a hard hat and ear protection for WCB while on the cut Ė assuming you have the same requirement, did you hear it with your ear protection on or just when you had them off? Iím trying to gauge the sound dB level of whatever it was, and therefore possibly wondering if the sound could have happened more often but due to the hearing protection you couldnít notice it. Thanks! R

Witness Responds:

There is a stream at 24km, camp sites on both sides of the river. We stayed there and drove up to the trailhead at around 26km. We hiked up until it got too far and needed to fly into the setting; a Sirkorsky S-61 flew the wood to a landing at about 28km, a Jet Ranger flew us up and down the hill. If I had my ear muffs on and my saw, even at an idle, I would have never been able to hear it. I was not cutting at the time whenever I heard it. The timber was big fir on very steep ground so there is lots of moving around with the saw off between cuts; some trees were bucked into 5 or 6 pieces to facilitate yarding. I saw and heard lots of private planes and helicopters flying up and down the lake and I could hear and see the commercial airliners at 30 to 40,000 ft as they flew by. The sound of the unidentified craft was way louder than all other aircraft and it was right there, right above me in that  area. There is no way that I should have not seen something. I heard it in camp and fishing at the outlet of the stream at 24km where it flows into the lake on a couple occasions as well. The sound was always the same and always in the same spot.