UPDATED - September 9th, 2019

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Reported 2-Jun-2019
1-Jun-2019, White Rock, BC

Hi, bright white light with small red light beside it hovered over the water off of white rock for the night.

A plane even approached it and turned around!

Sat evening June 1st.

Reported 10-Jun-2019
10-Jun-2019, Vancouver, BC

I sent these but may have messed up so this is a resend of pictures taken a split second apart on a notepad made by ASUS brand (kool). I think it is 8 megapixels.

I never noticed that object in the sky and heard nothing. Friends say it is a plane.

UFO*BC Responds:

We zoomed in on the original images and the object in the second photo is clearly a bird. Our conclusion is that there must have been at least a few seconds delay between the pictures.

Reported 26-June-2019
15-July-2019, Victoria, BC
: (5 - 6 pm)

I saw this object from the backyard of my apartment in mid-July, 2017 around 17h-18h. The object was coming from the south and although the video makes it look like the object was far away, with my eyes it was about 300 metres.  The vesel was always in movement (ex: turning around almost backward) and when it passed my home as you can see in the video, I went inside to go to the front and in about 10 second when I got to the front the object was really far in the sky and it was spraying white stuff and I lost it from my vision after 2 or 3 spray.

Reported 7-July-2019
February 2017, Prince Rupert, BC
: (about 11 pm)

The video was taken February 2017, and it was taken over Mount Hays in Prince Rupert, BC. I was driving home after kickboxing and got some food because I stayed later that night. I think it was around 11pm. Nothing was announced and no one was reported missing. Mount Hays doesnít have very many hikers. The orb did not move and was honestly huge. The cell tower can be seen in the video when it is zoomed out as a small dot in the darkness. I had been staring at it for 30 or so seconds before I remembered to take out my phone and record it.

Reported 10-Jul-2019
2015, North Vancouver, BC
: (late morning)

This sighting was in the late morning of 2015. I was sleeping and awoke to four orbs in the blue sky above my house in North Vancouver. I went outside and started to film it on my iPhone 5. When I review the footage you couldn't see the white orbs. However after slowing the footage down you can easily see 2 orbs shouting down at 3 secs and 23 secs.

So if you want to see the footage watch between 3 and 4 secs and 23 and 24 secs.

I believe this is one of the most important UFO encounters caught on tape....

Reported 21-Jul-2019
20-July-2019, White Rock, BC
: (11:50 pm)

We would like to report a UFO experience last night around 11:50pm in White Rock, B.C.

We were star gazing finding a bunch of satellites, shooting stars, and planes, and flashing our flashlight up into the sky trying to contact UFO's. Eventually after seeing no movement in the sky, one flash of our flashlight in the sky between stars in a black space, a blueish white light flashed directly where the flashlight lit up. It came up suddenly flashed a couple times, it was the size of a distant star, and brighter than the ones around it. After a couple of flashlight flashes, it disappeared and showed up a few km south, flashed a couple more times then disappeared completely.

Not able to get this on video because we were not expecting to get a response like this but was a very intriguing and chilling experience.

Thank you.

Reported 31-Jul-2019
31-Jul-2019, Surrey, BC

Hi there. My name is Gary. I live in Surrey, BC near 108 Ave and 140 Street. I saw an object tonight when I stepped out onto my balcony and looked up  and turned my head left. I thought it was a star or a plane but it didn't have blinking lights like a plane. It was moving quickly. I took three pics as quick as I could, before it was gone out of my sight. This is the second time I have seen something like this. I never thought I would be able to see it again. Kinda of cool! I am not sure if I should report this to the media or not. I know how they make fun of stuff to do with UFO's. Can u tell me what u think and if there are more reports in my area? U might have to brighten the picture.

Thanks, Gary.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the email and what you saw WAS a space ship, only this one is certainly man made. You saw the ISS (International Space Station).

Reported 3-Aug-2019
3-Aug-2019, Coquitlam, BC
: (10:22 pm)

Saw this tonight in Coquitlam BC. No sound other than 3 of us talking. The sighting was at 10:22 PM facing 66* NE. The entire sighting lasted approximately 4 minutes with the object travelling directly above our heads and disappearing at a height of 1000M or more.

Not sure what it was.

Reported 4-Aug-2019
4-Aug-2019, Aldergrove Lake, BC

This sighting involved multiple, high-altitude, silver, circular craft, seen from the ground at Aldergrove Lake Provincial Park on August 4th between 16:00 to 16:43. The majority of the craft were traveling west to east at an extremely high rate of speed (covering 50 degrees in less than 1-2 seconds using fist method). As a reference, the local air traffic was covering the same distance, likely at significantly lower altitude, in 4-6 seconds. There was also no visible con-trail as there was with the high altitude commercial crafts. Other unidentified crafts were traveling south to north at high rates speed as well. Both sets of crafts were making high speed right angle and S-turns and were clearly under control. Again, the altitudes of these craft were significantly higher than commercial air traffic. In all, there were 9 craft seen or perhaps 5 craft recirculating in the area. Iíd periodically lose sight of the craft due to their altitude, velocity and maneuvering. The weather conditions were clear, cloudless, 31 degrees Celsius.

I tried to debunk this sighting by identifying known airborne objects. I used a Sony DSLR with 120x zoom for this purpose. Aldergrove Lake Park lies under the glide path of two major airports, YVR and YXX. All commercial and and civil aircraft were easily identified and traveling significantly slower than the unidentifiable craft. In addition, they were easily tracked and brought into focus with my camera. I was unable to track or focus on the unidentified craft. My guess would be that this was due to their velocity and altitude. Other airborne objects included birds at varying altitudes, mostly starlings, crows and the odd eagle and were readily identifiable. Large cluster of cottonwood pollen were seen, but this was slow moving and washed likely at altitude of less than 1000 ft. No other objects, balloons, drones, kites etc were seen. I am aware we are entering a period of meteor showers. Having seen many, I can say these were not meteors.

I believe this is a credible sighting. For clarity, I am trained observer (military / first responder). I do not wear prescription glasses and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Reported 31-Aug-2019
28-Oct-2014, Courtenay, BC

I didnít know there was a UFO*BC, or I obviously would have reported this right away. I just found out about UFO*BC from reading a report by somebody online, and that they had contacted this site. This happened five years ago in 2014. It was approximately three days before Halloween. The time was anywhere from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. I was at my computer, and decided to take a break and go outside which by then was dark. I walked outside my door, and right away I noticed this object about 70 feet above the ground, and a 1/3rd the distance down the road from my street corner. The measurement off the ground being roughly close, because the tallest of the fir trees was fifty feet high which the object was sitting motionless and noiselessly in the air twenty feet above the fifty foot fir tree. In the dark it looked like it had curved corners. I could see the outline of cabin looking like an upside down U-shape attached to the rest of the object, like an appendage sticking out. On the right side of the object there was one huge blue light and on the right side of it a huge red light. There was a bit of activity in the sky that night. Small planes were flying in the background, I would estimate 20 miles away. The pilots too, maybe would have seen it, if there were lights on the other side of the object.
I stood there, and thought. Oh a UFO. Then it moved from side to side very quickly, very smoothly, and then up and down, all done with great precision and soundlessly. Then it starting going lower in between the two fir trees and looked like it went back out over the ocean.