UPDATED - Sept, 14, 2017

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Reported 1-Jan-2017
31-Dec-2016, Bowser, Vancouver Island, BC: (around midnight)

I am in bowser bc on vancouver island , we live on the beach with no street lights etc. very dark skies , it was 3 minutes after new years eve 2017 , i stepped outside for a cigarette and noticed a large bright red light , thinking it was a lingering firework i watched expecting it to fade away ! It did'nt it just hovered in one spot , shifting back and forth ip and down just slightly , then another came down on an angle towards it and the other started heading south down island guickly the second was bigger and brighter and they both had a half circle shape to them with red light emanating from the underneath, the second one stayed in one spot for about 4 minutes shifting slightly in all directions , then shot off really fast in the same direction as the first ! It was amazing to see i had no photo space left on my camera so no pictures or video but i will never forget scared me alittle though but i know they were ufos no doubt in my mind ! They were quite large as well !

Reported 1-Jan-2017
1-Jan-2017, Victoria, BC:

My step-dad and I were on our front porch. This was at about 12:20am on January 1st or on New Year's Eve. Our house faces in a south/southeasterly direction , with Tillicum Elementary School directly across the street. As we looked into the sky my step-dad , Ken , saw the orb first. He quickly pointed out to me what he was seeing , the one orange orb. I pointed out the second orange orb , which was higher in the sky and closer to us. Only because Ken was still partially inside the front door was the reason he did not see the other orb. He leaned out and easily spotted the other one. These orbs were about the same size as a full moon. They were in close proximity to each other at first. They seemed about 250 yards apart and then the closer of the two started moving Northeast towards us. It was not at a fast pace but from the distance it started from I would guess about 100 - 150 km/h. The other orb moved away from us in an easterly direction , or towards Mt Tolmie. Since our focus was on the closer of the two I could not guesstimate the speed it was moving. In reflection I would guess they were probably moving at around the same speed. We were trying to figure out whether we were looking at flares , a chinese lantern or something else. Both of us knew they were not helicopters , planes or remote controlled flying objects because there was no noise , the height of the objects , the speed they were moving and the fact there were no other lights. The brightness of the light was stronger than anything else we have seen in the sky. The size of the orbs light was also kind of surprising because we could not make out the shape of the vehicle it was attached to. The closest orb continued towards us for about 10 -15 seconds and then the light simple disappeared. Our focus then went to the second orb which was still continuing in the same direction it started out on. Since it too had travelled for 10 - 15 seconds , it was only now starting to diminish in size. I was pretty sure each light had been about 1000 - 1500 feet high and around the same distance away from us , if not then maybe a little further away. The second light started to disappear and then reappear for two or three seconds each time , until on the third time it did not come back. We are wondering if anyone else had seen these two strange orange orbs on the same night ? Even though there may have been a few clouds in the sky , you were still able to see the stars through the clouds and these orbs were at least two or three times brighter than any stars. I do recall hearing a low oscillating sound that reminded me of an electrical current. I was not able to identify the sound but do recall it stopping when the orb coming towards us disappeared. Thank You for reading about our experience.
Additional: (after email exchange with UFO*BC, omitted for sake of report)
I understand why you may think that what we saw may of been lanterns but they were moving in different directions and the height we saw them at first was higher than any lantern I have ever seen. Also the one moving towards us did grow bigger. Not by a lot but the size was a lot larger than any man made lantern I have heard of. I also must concede the point you make concerning speed of an object against a black back drop. I can only wish I would of been on the ball enough to get a video of the event. Since that did not happen I can understand your skepticism and appreciate the conclusion of a rational answer but this was not an event that is easily explainable. We have gone over possible explanations at the time and have also tried to rationalize the event afterwards but are unable to put a rational explanation to what we witnessed. Once again I am apologizing for not having any evidence for you to view , which makes this next to impossible for you to see through our eyes. We are only sharing this with you in the hopes that it will coaberate someone else's sighting and hopefully a video to go along with what we saw.

Reported 5-Jan-2017
5-Jan-2017, Chilliwack, BC:

I am here to report a UFO sighting in Chilliwack BC this evening, Jan 5, 2017 approximately 7:35pm PST. It was a single orb, the colour of a glowing fire, so not quite red nor quite orange. My daughter (25) and I were outside on her deck having a cigarette when I noticed it up in the sky and asked her “what the hell is that?” We watched this orb from the downtown area of town (where it had just appeared in my sight) go in the direction of east south to east and up a bit then zigzagged west and lowered a bit and still going south. As it did this, it started to fade out/in/out until we no longer could see it. It was going fairly slow, almost stopped and bright. To slow to be a plane nor did it flash or change colour.
I must add that there was no sound, like you would here from a plane and I must also point out that there is a slight fog/ haze to the evening sky and a ring around the moon and no stars can be seen.
I’d like to know if anyone else saw it.
Additional: (after email exchange with UFO*BC, omitted for sake of report)
I'd say it "could have" resembled a Chinese wish lantern but at the same time i am not convinced it was. The size of the orb and the distance from us doesnt add up to one, although i do know they come in different sizes. It also did not flicker like one does. The change in direction, the way it just appeared and the zigzagging then the disappearing after a breif fade has me thinking it wasn't. Ty for replying though :-)

Reported 30-Jan-2017
Ongoing, Pemberton, BC:

I don't have much excitement tonight other than stuff I have seen most of the time I have lived the last 5 years in pemberton. I now have witnesses and other people who can varify my stories that other people will never believe. Most nights I love to lay out and look at the stars in a small town to find no street lights or other distractions. In the last 2 years I have seen a lot more recent activity. I watch the constellation patterns move and satellites that usually have a predictive or consisting movement. Lately they have been more of bright lights closer and further in rapid movement. Erratic with change of directions, up down, sides, and branching off of 4 or 5 and coming back together. The single star ( ufo/satellite /something else) usually has an orb. It starts lime a big sparkle that I try to conclude to 'sparkle planets in our atmosphere) but they can't be. The movement of them becomes very unudual where 4 branch out, move quickly and come together. It is usually bright then gene and orange ords and a red/orange orb that comes right back but moving erratic. ( up down sideways) I don't always talk about it anymore unless some one brings it up and I don't even question the same description. Tonight I saw something move from O Ryans belt (constalation) back and in front in half 20 min as no other planets/stars/satellite had moved that quickly then came cak with a red followed. Anyhoo.......I see them quite often here most nights. I have other witnesses now that are usually skeptics. I think we are a hot spot. I hope this particular write up won't be posted publicly but would love to share some feedback or insight or work I can do also. I'm in a science field so I try to think of other possibilities but I cannot deny what I have seen my whole life , and more recently. With skeptics now that can't deny what they saw. I have always been witness but now there is no denial something is going on in this little town. I would love to learn more.

Reported 3-Feb-2017
29-Jan-2017, Chilliwack, BC:

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 7:24pm
I was on the edge of a large open field in a park outside of an arena in Chilliwack BC. I was throwing a ball in the dark for my dog and looking up at a very large and bright-appearing Venus in the SWW sky. It looked massive.
After standing in the same spot for several minutes, I noticed three very odd shapes moving left to right along the trail at the opposite side of the large field I was facing, emitting many faint lights and possibly also partially reflecting some light irregularly and intermittently. My mind immediately put these three moving transparent-seeming light-emitting, plastic like shapes as two people on bikes, both wearing odd LED wired jackets or suits, and with the front rider having a matching similar light box or kite box forty feet above him as though on stilts . The three light shapes moved left to right in unison at about the speed of steady riding. The shapes had no clear shape or edge but were a group of faint and organic light zones. The lights inside were moving about, never static, and never in any apparent order. The overall shapes seemed to go from rectangle-ish to long vertical ovals like 2-dimensional amoebas with soupy organic light emitting liquid inside.
They started out moving left to right in unison on the ground along the trail, with two on the ground and the third about 40 feet above the front one, oddly. I wondered what the heck kind of contraption these people had made with their bikes and why. There was a hill behind them which is how I knew they were close. It was about 70 yards to the trail at the other side of the field which ran along the bottom of the hill.
About five seconds after these dramatic-looking light bodies appeared the front one appeared to turn up a hill, speeding up, continuing left to right but 45 degrees up the hill. I imagined a bike riding up a trail fast but could not see any detail of the hill because it was a dark night. The oddly bright light kite connected somehow forty feet above it also went up the hill. The second orb or light emitting thing on the ground seemed to slow down in relation to the front one, but it then suddenly followed and they regained unison. The back yards of houses line the top of the hill, and the light things seemed to slow down at the first house reached at the top of the hill. After this brief slow down, the light things all rise up above the house, still moving slightly to the right, and first ground level light thing rose to the tops of the very tall trees that seemed to line the top of the hill. It was at this point that I knew these were not oddly lit-up bikes and organic-looking LED light boxes. I couldn't make sense of this at all. They were now all tall vertical ovals with no clear borders but instead shapes made out by organic soupy-like starlight inside. Colours may have been blue, white, and some yellow. They were muted, mostly white and blue. These objects were very pronounced and noticeable in the dark night but each seemed transparent with dark space mixed with the lights. Each light was not bright alone, but there were many slight moving intermittent lights. Together the effect was striking. My eyes stayed with the highest one as they all sped up in unison in and above the trees. Once they reached the end of the field (heading north), they turned NEE as though following the shape of the field and sped up, seeming to float over the roofs of a new line of houses. At this point when they sped up, my dog barked. I'm not actually certain that she was barking at them or at my focus on and my reaction to them. It seemed at the time like she was barking at them. They disappeared over the houses.
About 3 minutes later, a plane came over flying in a straight line west to east, and a moment later a somewhat faint shooting star flew north to south near Venus. During this time, bright house spotlights turned on in the yard where they had first reached the top of the hill, slowing down briefly. I suspected people in that noise had also seen this and came out to investigate. These were probably motion sensor lights that were triggered by the people after but apparently not by the orb things. There was no unusual sound although it was cold and I had my jacket hood on. There were no smells. No unusual feelings, energy, sensation etc. I do not believe in aliens etc. but I can't explain what these objects or phenomena were. They were not subtle at all. I was clear headed, not tired etc. The whole thing lasted about a minute from suddenly appearing and finally zipping away as though floating in the wind.

Reported 10-Feb-2017
Middle Summer (2016??), Kewlona, BC:

Hello, I am watching Discovery Science (SCI), The "Corina Saebels" story, in 1991. It is 5:00pm Friday night Feb. 10, 2017. At the time I was living in a mobile home trailer park in Lakeview Hieghts at the foot of Boucherie Mountain, in Kelowna, BC. It was the middle of summer, late in the evening, maybe 3:00 am ish. I was sitting on my front lawn enjoying the night sky. I was looking toward Westbank, it was a completely clear, stary sky night. When I noticed 3 bright stars over the westbank mountains. I had never noticed them before. The 3 stars where brighter than anything around them and stood out quite convincingly. The 3 stars formed a perfect triangle, which I thought was quite interesting. As I watched, all 3 stars started to move as one complete unit...A giant star triange with nothing but the black night sky inside of the triangle. The triangle move up and down and then side to side as if one complete entity. It was amazing! I was fascinated. I watched for several minutes. Then to my astonishment, the 3 stars suddenly broke apart from the perfect triangle image and each shuddered violently, and zoomed off in 3 seperate directions, at an incredible speed. Only to completely dissappear! I have know idea what I saw that night, however this episode jogged my memorie! Have you had anyone else send you anything like my description? The whole incident has confirmed to me that we are not alone!

19-Feb-2017, Vancouver, BC:

There is a bright light hovering over the south eastern sky in Vancouver bc canada it's not a plane it's not a helicopter and it's no drone it's just hovering there it's been there for more than a couple hours it's not the moon or a star it can't be a planet it's too bright it's hovering over queen a Elizabeth park it's something else my mom has seen it before it stayed then disappeared it's 306am I noticed it at 1130pm February 18 2017 now it Sunday the 19th of February 2017 307am

7-Mar-2017, Vancouver, BC:

My husband and I saw a bright, red light in the night sky slightly northeast of our home. The light did not blink and it was perfectly still. It was just slightly larger and slightly more brilliant than the brightest star in the sky. It was spotted through our bathroom window and from that perspective, it did not appear to be very high above the horizon. The sighting happened at about 11:27 p.m. It was observed for approximately 10-11 minutes, then it slowly moved downward, in a controlled descent toward the ground, until it disappeared behind the trees and I couldn't see it any longer. When it fell I could tell that it must have been relatively close to our house as we sit on a bit of a plateau with the ground falling away behind our house. I could see it continue to fall behind the trees at the back of our lot, indicating to me that it was between us and the next ridge over. Could it have been a drone? Can they stay perfectly still like that? It really was perfectly still - I had my head anchored against the windowsil, and I picked an visual anchor spot against a tree in the foreground to ensure I could say with confidence that it did not move for the time I was in that position. I should mention that the area it was spotted is one of the flight routes for one of two airports near our home (Vancouver and Victoria International Airports). I often enjoy watching the plans fly by. No planes flew past while the light was in the sky. The sighting started at approximately 11:27 and ended at 11:38 p.m. Thanks for any insight you might have.

Reported 18-Mar-2017
Feb 2013, Duncan, BC:

Not really sure how to explain this. The only reason I still think I actually saw it was beause my sister was with me and she saw it to. I don't know exactly what day it was because it was so long ago now, but we saw some kind of UFO in February 2013 between the dates of Feb. 4th and Feb. 9th, or 16th. Either on a friday or saturday. It was on the top of the malahat highway, after the Goldstream marina and before the long straight stretch. We were going northbound back to Duncan, BC. I'm not sure exactly what time either, but it would have been between 12:00 am and 3:00 am. It was my sisters 19th birthday. I offered to DD to take her out in Victoria. It was just the 2 of us. I wasn't paying attention to the time, I was just making sure she was having a good time all night, I didn't care when we left. I can't remember if we stayed until the club closed, we were at Paparazzi. She was awake the whole time. She was drunk, but not wasted. She saw what I saw. As we were driving northbound, we passed where the Goldstream marina was, and as we were driving uphill towards the last bend around the mountain before the long straight stretch, we both saw a huge bright light above and behind the tree line of the mountain, in front of us but on the left side of the highway from where we were going north. I was trying to make sense of it as we got closer and the highway started to go right of the light around the bend of the mountain. The light was visible though the trees, and covered the entire rounded bend of the mountain. As we were driving around the bend, I slowed down to try to see it better, but I was scared to completely stop. I saw what looked like very large panels of bright white light, squares or rectangles of light, but not outlined harshly. The lines were subtle. The light was as bright as a stadium. But the trees were so think that it was hard to make out anymore details than that. I watched some UFO show recently, and it made me think about what I saw. I know we've talked about it a few times before, but I asked my sister about it again, just so I don't feel crazy. But she still remembers. I don't really expect to learn anything from sending in my sighting here. But if anyone out there saw what I saw, what we saw. Or if they have any other explanation. I'd love to hear it.

UFO*BC Replied

Hello XXXX,
Thank-you for the report. I do have a few questions for you.
Other than panels of white light – was there an object of any sort?
Was it moving?
I am trying to picture the event from your description, and always come up with movie light panels.
As there are many TV shows and movies filmed here, do you think that could be a mundane explanation of what you saw?
I am not saying you didn’t see what you saw, quite the contrary – I’m just suggesting perhaps it wasn’t alien, rather a normal mundane explanation. To be honest there isn’t anything in your report that makes me think of UFOs of any type, other than bright lights which are a must for “night shots” for the film industry. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Witness Replied

Hi Richard. What we saw didnt look like those lights. The panels of light weren't separated. It was like a solid cieling of light, but with large outlines of squares or rectangles, like a large grid. It was only visible through the trees, but not above the trees. I will try to attach a screen shot of Google Earth of the exact spot I'm talking about.
Before I emailed you, I was trying to find out if any event or construction was happening on the malahat during that time. Couldnt find anything close enough to make sense. And I checked Google Earth to look at the area, and the train tracks do go through there, but there's no way anything actually on the tracks would be visible to me as i was driving all the way around the bend. The tracks are basically straight up and over the mountain. After trying to find out info online myself, I looked up UFO sightings in BC. Couldnt really find any sightings that matched mine either. I didn't know what else to try so I figured it couldn't hurt to report the sighting and see if anyone else saw it to. I was pretty freaked out when it happened, so I didn't think to report it then. Just wanted to forget about it. I keep getting reminded of it these days. I realize if you've never driven over the Malahat highway it would be hard to understand the view of the spot I circled. Basically on the right side of the highway is a straight drop down the mountain, you can see down to the ocean. And on the left side goes straight up the mountain.

20-Mar-2017, Cranbrook, BC:

9:30pm MST
hey, I'm a first time reporter, long time sky watcher. I've been out on my deck since 9:30mst watching an orb West of Cranbrook BC. I noticed it because there isn't a star in the sky tonight and I can tell it is below the cloud line. the more I watched it the more asounded I was. it seemed to fly one way at high speeds and dissappear only to show up in a different part of the cloud headed a different direction. I would say there is plenty, but after watching for an hour I can say I only ever saw one at a time. I watch orbs in clear skys every other day here, but this was bold, under the clouds and lively so I felt the need to report it.
I would also like to mention that on your website you had somebody report a flare like craft over Vancouver Island on new years eve. over ten of us in cranbrook were arguing over whether a craft that fits the identical description was real or not but we are on the opposite side of BC. it just appeard in the south west sky, I had friends arguing that is was a roman candle but it stayed in the sky for close to 20 minutes without moving and then went north and dissapeared.

March 30, 2017, Sechelt Inlet, BC:

Yes last night March 30, 2017 was standing out on my deck around 9:00 pm. I live on the Sechelt Inlet B.C. facing north. To my right looking north east I saw a quickly falling white light and then it appeared to be a burst of white light considerable in nature. I then saw what I thought was an airplane however it’s movements did not seem to indicate what it was. It moved across the sky over the mountain with a white light going off and on as it went from North east to North and back North east where I could no longer see it. I have seen the ISS and I thought it might have been that however it would not have gone one way and then back another!

26-Apr-2017, Kelowna, BC:

April 26, 2017 approx 4:40 pm. Daylight, a clear and sunny day. Bright blue skies with scattered clouds.
I was driving across the Kelowna floating bridge towards West Kelowna. As I was driving on the bridge I noticed a silver, shiny, disc or sphere-like object hovering the tree line in the mountains directly in front of me. The UFO continued to hover over two trees, it seemed to reflect or project a silvery shine, it was mesmerizing because it’s shape was so clear and visible. It was not “tiny”, I could clearly see it. As I climbed the hill up, the hill curved to the right of the object and mountain range….my eyes followed it and I was excited to see if from the “other side” of the mountain. As I curved around the mountain the UFO simply disappeared. It did not “fly” vertically or horizontally in another direction, it just…disappeared.

22-May-2017, Vernon, BC:

Brought the dog out before bed , then realized it was clear sky could see all the stars. Was focused on looking at moon then noticed one bright stationary light glowing, then seperating in four travelling bright light forming a near perfect square before the four traveling lights faded off, then the stationary light dimmed ,looking like a star.

Reported 26-May-2017
Summer 2010, Chilliwack, BC:

Hello - back in the summer of 2010 ' while driving back home with my mother in the middle of the afternoon on the highway out of Chilliwack ' BC i had the sudden urge to look up out ' of the sunroof what i saw were two acorn shaped flying U.F.O's they had a faded copper colour to them . Like old ships that get exposed to the elements' they also had two blinking lights right in the centre ' they looked as if they were more then fifty years old ' like the Kecksburg Pennslyvania incident. or the nazi bell . They also had three little vents on the bottom . One week after that ' scary encounter ' i awoke at about 11:30 a.m ' walked out our front door ' i was all alone ' stood on our front porch ' the house that we were renting had a large protruding roof that blocked anyone from seeing the sky ' but as i stood there a large circular object flew right across our drive way ' it had to be about ' 12 to 15 feet wide ' made no noise and i could hear the air ' being disturbed around the object . This ceased for a while ' buty then a year or so later' while driving around Vancouver ' me and my father were ' on one street of downtown vancouver' then one second later we were three miles away ' driving around with no memory ' of where we had just been ' a few months later the vehicle we where driving eventually began to have more and more engine problems' later that year my mother became ill ' and we moved back home ' to Princeton . bc ' and one night while watching t.v ' as if i was hypnotized i got out of bed ' walked out the front door just as a single white light in the midnight sky ' again in the middle of summer ' flew right across my eyes ' making no noise followed in close pursuit by a jet. My most recent sighting ' came last summer while walking around the trailer park where i live ' i saw a large flaming object ' falling out of the sky ' and two blinking lights red and blue moving around quite quickly ' right after the flaming object had fallen .THANK YOU .

10-June-2017, Prince Rupert, BC:

Was there a ufo over Prince Rupert at midnight..bright white light with no sound flying across our city moving towards Terrace..I see an hear plans everyday and night..but nothing like this

29-Jun-2017, Mission, BC:

I e-mailed a previous story about spotting an alien in Langley, B.C on September 30th, 2015
I wanted to report a recent sighting I had today.
This happened in Mission, B.C.
I was walking from a friends place after 10 pm. He was feeling tired so I had to head home.
While walking towards James Street, I was looking at the cloudy night sky. I noticed some orange orbs in the sky. They kept making triangle formations with 3 orbs. Then 4 were in the sky, while 2 hid behind tree tops. They moved towards the 4 orbs, and were close together. Every now & then a few would disappear & reappear. They made another triangle formation while I walked 7th avenue trying to get a better look. Eventually I had to turn, so I went home, turned my computer on and e-mailed you quickly. I have some videos and pictures, but I have an old smartphone, so the quality isn’t good with lighting. So I’ll have to try to fix the brightness before I send any Files.

25-Jun-2017, Burnaby, BC:

I am in burnaby bc and last night at about 6pm me and my parents noticed something shining in the sky way way up, i managed to get a closer clear look with some really good binoculars and it was in a perfect disk shape like a coin in the sky. It was fluttering like tilting side to side it seemed like it was trying to keep control of it in the strong winds and the shine was from the sun reflecting off the bottom when it tilted. We watched it for about 30 minutes till it got higher and disappeared over vancouver. Very interesting really hope they come back i want to see more!

28-Jun-2017, Shawnigan Lake, BC:

I was sitting on my front deck in Shawnigan Lake and saw something shinny and noticed it was moving toward my house.
I called my wife to come look and went to get my camcorder.
It was 8:55 PM when I started filming.
The ship came from the east to the left of my house and slowly turned south as it neared and continued its turn until it was heading back toward the east to the right side of my house.
I don’t know what else to say.
It was about a ten minute ordeal.
If you pause at 33 or 50 or 55 seconds you get a very clear shot of what this is.

Feb 2013, Duncan BC. Reported: July 1, 2017

Between 12:00am-3am.
That had to be the same lights my friend and I saw. We were driving back to my house. Going East on Boys Rd. That big bright light was South East, towards Cowichan Bay. Which makes sense for what the other person reported for this time of the month and year. My friend and I were just talking about this event a few weeks ago. It was not a helicopter or anything. It was something we never seen before. I came to a complete stop and we were in shock.

May 2017, Maple Ridge Reported: July 3, 2017

Hi, In early late May or early June during the afternoon while sitting on my deck in Maple Ridge I saw what I thought was a bird gliding in the wind over the pasture. There were several other birds flying much closer to the ground that looked similar. The "bird" I noticed looked white on the bottom and dark on the top. It was about 1000-1500 meters away from me and appeared to be riding the strong wind that was blowing. It was bobbing up and down with periodic horizontal movement heading west toward me. It finally struck me as odd that the bird was riding the wind for so long that I mentioned it to my wife who was on the deck with me but facing the opposite direction as I was (we were seated facing each other). She turned around and immediately said, "That's not a bird". We continued to watch it as it came closer to us. It was moving fairly slow and came to within 10 meters or so of us. As it got closer I asked my wife to get her phone camera out and take a picture or video. As she was reaching for her phone was when the "bird" got the closest to us. Upon seeing it up close it still looked white-ish on the bottom and dark grey on the top and was shaped like a football but about two to three times the size. The football was flying through the air completely silently and without any apparent form of propulsion. As my wife was raising her phone the football took off directly away from us and toward a tree line at the back of the property. It moved much faster this time (covered around 1000 meters in around 5 seconds). As it flew away what appeared to be transparent orb reddish brown in colour periodically flashed around the football. It then dipped behind the trees, headed west and I lost sight of it.

1978-1979, Duncan, BC Reported: July 9, 2017

Hi, It’s been 35 years and I think I am ready to tell my story. When I told people when I was younger they would think I was crazy or making up a very big story. I then decided to be quiet and keep it to myself. It was good weather so it could have been between spring and early fall of 1978-79 can’t remember which year. I lived off of Gibbons road in Duncan, BC. I was walking to my friends house (one street up from mine) to help her babysit her brother. When I got there we decided to walk to the store at the end of her street to get some candy. Her, I and her little brother were walking back when all of a sudden there was this huge round object over head. It was just over the tree tops, that close to us. We all freaked out, (our words back then) and ran to her home. We all hid under her couch but I couldn’t help but look out her big window which had a bit of a view. I could see this object slowly fly around her house and neighbourhood almost like it was searching for something. It had white lights flashing all around it’s middle, like they were spinning around the object. I remember that it was huge like the size of a small house. It disappeared over the Cowichan river. When I told my mom she said it was probably a helicopter with a big advertising sign behind it flying around. I know what I saw but like I said, I kept quiet to avoid ridicule and teasing from my friends. My friend and I never talked about it. I am hoping someone will read this story and maybe they saw something that day too.

June 28th Aldergrove, BC Reported: July 27, 2017

Hello UFOBC, I was in my backyard (Aldergrove B.C.) on June 28th just after midnight about to have a smoke when I noticed a light in the sky moving from the east to west. I just assumed that it was a satellite and began watching it. Around 90 seconds in observing the light started to "sway" from north to south in a small zig zag pattern for a few seconds and returned back to a consistent line to accelerate for half a second.This pattern happened a total of three times and before each time the light would have a small orange glow around it, to which it would accelerate with a small cloud of what looked like a white dusty material but was drifting away like sand in the sky. There was a faint sound which was humming but loud like the sound was directed only at me. The light sounded like a large object from a very far distance. It was enough to raise the hair on the back of my neck. I was in shock of what I was witnessing so I ran inside my home to grab my phone and when I came back outside the light was gone. I'm kicking myself in the butt for not having any recording device with me but this was the last thing I expected to see at night and you can rest assured that I will have my phone on standby with the camera for next time. Thanks for taking the time to read this (and to my wife for not killing me after waking her up in a panic). Have an excellent weekend.

July 29th Courtenay, BC

Hi. I was just outside with my husband. Stargazing. I saw what I thought at first was a satellite, moving from the west to east. Then I noticed directly behind it was another satellite following closely behind it?!! As soon as I noticed the second one, the first disappeared and re appeared further east across the sky moving irratically (side to side) Then the second appeared next to it and they stopped moving. Then they moved apart from each other,VERY quickly, and the one on the right disappeared, and the second one to appear was visible for a few seconds then disappeared. They were not very bright, quite dim. I hope this makes sense, quite the experience and I'm pretty rattled. Yet it's not the first time I have seen strange things in the sky here on the island! I'll share my second story while I'm at it. Last summer (approx august 2016)I was stargazing (yes we love the stars) and I saw something similar to tonight. I saw what I thought was a satellite, and it zoomed off into the sky very quickly and disappeared. Courtenay, BC Thank you for your time.

July 30th, 2017 BC

Last night around 10 pm.... my daughter and myself saw what appeared to be a translucent triangle, high altitude, large object, heading east to west, northern skyline. It was in view for a couple of seconds and it was travelling very quickly.

Aug 20th, 2017 Coquitlam, BC

Near midnight on the evening of August 20, 2017, my wife and I watched two strange aircraft fly over the northeast sector of Coquitlam between Burke Mountain and our home in Port Coquitlam. They were moving from east to west and appeared to be at an elevation equal to the highest point of Burke Mountain. They did not fly together in formation. One went through first, and the other one followed a minute or two later. When the first one went through, no sound was audible. When the second one went through, the sound of a jet engine was faintly audible. But it was difficult to accept that this sound was coming from the craft because it was at a low altitude and traveling very fast. We have been to a number of airshows, and I can say that the sound of a jet engine at that elevation and distance would have been extremely loud. The physical crafts themselves were not visible -- only their lights were visible. These were very unusual. They consisted of multiple points of light -- perhaps a dozen or so -- in the general array of a sphere. The apparent size was about half the angle of the full moon. The right half of the array would flash on, and when it flashed off, the left half of the array would flash on -- and so on. The right half was predominantly red, and the left half predominantly white. This flashing on and off made a steady rhythm as each craft flew westward. They were moving very fast, much faster than a small airplane at that elevation and distance. Based on my memory, I would say that they both traversed the distance between the Pitt River and Coquitlam Town Centre -- a distance of 5 km -- in about 30 seconds. This works out to an airspeed of 600 km/hr. As noted, the sound of a jet engine was audible while the second aircraft was going through, but volume was not loud. It was more consistent with that of a passenger jet making its approach to YVR, which is a frequent daily occurrence in our area. Unfortunately, my camera and cell phone were not handy, and if I had gone to get them, I would have missed the whole thing. These craft were too big and too fast to be drones; too fast to be small airplanes; and too quiet to be jet aircraft or helicopters. And they were spherical. In all of my years of watching aircraft in the skies of the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands, I have never seen anything like them.