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Reported 24-Dec-2018
1978, Vancouver, BC


So, after telling this story for once in a while since 1978 or something near that date. And having searched for a similar story. I found one on your site (see below). First time going to this site.

Here is what I saw as a teenager way back at the same time.

I was on my way home from a part time job I had that ended in the late evening. I locked up and took the bus from around Spokane & Hastings St. heading west. I used to get off at Commercial & Hastings then transfer to take the bus on Commercial Drive to head South down to Victoria & 53rd. That night when I left work and got off to transfer and grab another bus at the corner of Hastings and Commercial I was at the bus stop in front of the gas station on the corner waiting. I was looking for when the bus would show up, so I'm looking north west waiting for the bus to come around the corner. While doing that something caught my eye in the sky westerly. An object was hovering slowly moving north then back again and slowly moving out north again, but a bit westerly. I could not see the shape or colour of the object but it had white lights rotating counter clockwise and the shape of the lights were rectangular. The object seemed to be rotating slowly. I actually went to the gas station and the attendant came out to have a quick look and had no idea what that was and had to go back in. I would never of asked someone to have a look also, but I had a chill go up my back. Something I had never seen before. No sound. It was a clear night. It just started to move slowly northwest and the bus came and I got on and went home. I told my parents and my dad said that a work friend said his daughter saw something over a corner store or something and also the following days later it was mentioned in the newspaper. It was just nice knowing that I was not the only one who saw it. I tried to blow it off over the years as a blimp with the light one on the bottom. But this thing had the lights slowly rotating and very clearly defined white light and they were rectangular in shape.
That's it ! The End.

Similar sighting found on UFO*BC website:

1977/1978, North Vancouver, BC:

I was a little girl, about 4-5 years old. Sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Driving home from Lions Gate Hospital. We just visited my grandma. Mom promised to stop at the corner store on West third  looking forward to a candy stash. We turned into west 6. Heading towards Mahon. It was dark out and a very clear night.

I looked towards the Church. Hovering above the steeple was this thing. I didn't know what it was. Never seen or heard of such things. Nor did I know they existed. Mom went quiet. She stopped the car, stared a moment, then turned the car right around. I was so confused. She said she didn't know what it was.

It was about the size of 10 or more cars. All silver. Had white lights all around its edges. You could see them rotating with the craft. Very slowly directly above the church cross. I had no idea what it was. We drove straight home.

Mom asked me to go tell my father what we had seen. I had no clue. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cereal bowls put them rim to rim. Told them about the lights and how it was so still but turning. He said it was a UFO. They were not sure what it was. He also told me it wouldn't hurt me. I had nightmares for months.

I was hoping by sharing this story others will come forward.  Someone else had to see this.

Reported 27-Dec-2018
24-Dec-2018, Nanaimo, BC
: (9:10 pm)

I was taking out the garbage at about 9:10 Christmas Eve, and as I was walking to the garbage cans I heard voices coming on the wind from beyond my back yard. I couldn’t make out what was said, but they sounded animated. I started walking again, and when I got to the cans I heard them getting louder so I again looked (Northward) in their direction and saw an object about an inch big at arm's length coming out of the northwest at about 800-1000 feet away, traveling about 30-40 miles an hour and getting closer to me. The sky was fairly clear and the wind was blowing and gusting out of the northeast, pretty much across from the objects flight path. There was no sound from the object as it steadily moved in a south easterly direction at about 200 feet above the ground, just over and beyond the treetops of my neighbour's back yard. The object looked kind of like a dark rock about 5 to 10 feet in diameter and had a very strange well defined conical-shaped field coming off it, perhaps 4 to 5 times the objects diameter that was shimmering in intensity in hues of red and orange. It was highly visible. As the object came by directly centered from left to right it seemed about 600 feet away, and the cone was coming off it much like the cone of a fighter jet moving through the sound barrier almost appeared to be straining. I was stunned...I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing, but even though there were trees in front of me I could see it very clearly as it kept moving, now away and to the right. It passed just under the almost full moon, and I could still see this cone of energy, like a force field coming off it. It was about half the size of the moon it passed under by that time...and was now starting to look like there was a small star inside it. As I ran out onto the road to get a clear view of it, the object made a steady left turn over the street I live on, and headed directly away from me, now traveling almost directly eastward over the city. It now appeared to me as just a star that was shimmering, but bigger and brighter. It also seemed to be climbing slightly as it moved away. I was watching as it move steadily and directly away, and kicking myself for not having my cell phone with me, when I heard more voices on the wind coming from northward. I looked left and saw a second object coming from the same area as the first one, and now had a completely unobstructed view of it....until it went behind the trees closest to I ran into the house, got my phone which was right by the front door, and ran back out fumbling with it to turn the camera on to video mode. I got 94 seconds of video of the second object as it moved away, keeping the same general southeast heading and not making any major turns like the first one did. It might have started to gain a little altitude as it was heading southeastward towards an area of higher ground. They both seemed to be generally following the terrain below, and were both completely silent.

I have been a private fixed wing pilot since 1987, with some helicopter training as well, have worked with helicopters both in forestry, and at sea as flight deck crew of an icebreaker. I have owned and flown two large scale remote controlled helicopters, and was an active skydiver until a few years ago... and I can’t explain what I saw..!! If this was some “Santa sighting” hoax played out by some clever people (there were at least two objects) then they got me good...!!! But I don’t think that was the case. The video does NO justice to what I saw that night...the objects seemed to be like big Geodes with a star inside them only visible from the back, and being contained by some exotic force field. The whole incident has left me somewhat disturbed, and hoping desperately that the source of the voices I heard would come forward with their story....

Computer generated drawing done by the witness:

Reported 27-Dec-2018

My name is Jenn and I have a few comments and questions regarding the case with Roy W. titled Strange, Strangers, Strangest.

I'm going to be bold here and tell you right up that I'm fairly certain I have seen the same aircraft described in Graham Conway's writings about the case. When I read the article I was astonished to find that he described almost exactly what I remember seeing, I saw it about 10 years ago. It was also flying unusually low. I never called the airport on it.

I was wondering if you had any more information on the "aircraft" (sketches, paint scheme style, etc), and also any more information on the visitors.

It sounds insane but I think I may have seen something like Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme as well, but not in context with the aircraft as far as I know. This was earlier, about in early May, 2018.

Wishing you a happy new year.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Jenn. Thank you for reminding us about a very strange case from many years ago! It took me a while to locate this article on our website! I remember publishing it in our magazine - the UFO*BC Quarterly.

Unfortunately I was unable to locate any drawings or additional information. The three main investigators are also unavailable to question.

We would very much like to hear more details about your sighting of the plane and the mysterious "men in black".

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi David!

Thanks for your response and thank you for checking, I do appreciate it. I would be happy to tell you about my experiences, so here are a few details as follows. My cases certainly can't quite compete with Roy's but they are extremely strange nonetheless. I haven't told many people about them but when I read Roy's case and saw that someone else had seen nearly what I had, I felt a little less insane. I've had so many bizarre things happen to me I'd have to write a novel to get them all on paper, but I'll touch on some of the relevant ones.

I painstakingly 3D modeled the V-tail craft a while ago as closely as I remembered seeing it and I've attached pictures in case you'd like to see it. [see below]

Regarding the "men in black":

17-May-2018 ~4:00 PM
I was walking downstairs into the kitchen and heard a weird scratching sound outside the kitchen window. I looked out and saw two men wearing glasses with thick dark rims, exactly as described on Mr. Samuel and Mr. Graeme. They were wearing gray coats with brown shirts, no ties. Their hair was down below the shoulders and was a greenish dark blond/light brown, and their skin was golden olive.

They appeared to be investigating the ground by the window, and were carrying two large club-like objects with holes cut in them (think of lightening holes in a steel support). The objects were made of a mauve, plastic like material. I was about ready to confront them about what they were doing on my lawn when they noticed me and jumped back towards the privacy hedge.

I've seen these same two guys on numerous occasions but I've only had brief conversations outside with them a couple times. They never seemed to arrive in a car, either. I have also been experiencing strange, vivid dreams and "sleep paralysis" events since these encounters started. I'm not sure if they are Sam and Graeme but the descriptions match up aside from the hair, I think Roy would have mentioned long hair if he saw it. I will add that I don't mind these guys and am not bothered by the events as they've never done anything to threaten or harm me, but I am perplexed as to the hows, what's, and why's.

Oddly, I haven't flown much since that conversation and I'm selling my plane for unrelated reasons.

One of the times after the men visited the area, I noticed my Kylie (an aboriginal hunting boomerang) which is made of poly-carbonate resin (or something like that) was warped in the front as if heat was applied to it. I've attached photos of this as well. This Kylie has never spent time in the sun or around anything that could emit heat. I check this thing before and after every flight to ensure its straightness, and I certainly would have noticed a warp that big. I had just flown it and inspected it not long before they were around.

Regarding the large crafts:

Roughly February, 2007
This is the one closer to Roy's, I saw it at dusk and I'm fairly certain it was gray and silver with a black underbelly. It made the same noise he described, like a locomotive. The windows were bright as well, and there was a block hanging down from the nose - you will see what I mean in the painstakingly crafted 3D model photos I've attached. It had a camera-like thing on the front of the block. A friend of mine from Oregon was also witness to this aircraft and he claims to have seen several sizes and versions of the V-Tailed craft. He said he saw a logo on one of their tails once that looked like the outline of an airplane encircled in the style of an "@" symbol in white trim. He saw them in the early 2000s when he was living in Medford, Oregon. Apparently there was also a blue one. The one I saw had no color except for the marking on the tail (red like RW said). Another one had a high-wing, and was smaller. Either these are something the military is testing and is brushing off as balloons (yeah, right), or these are being seen through some kind of small holes in the temporal fabric.

The other more recent one was a broad daylight sighting while I was a passenger in a car. It had a straight tail (think normal airliner), but it was about 800' long, only one row of windows (some of the windows were blanked out like it was a cargo plane of some kind) and the wingspan had to be 900'. The tail was blue, kind of like how they paint prototype airliners, and there was a marking on the side: 80-327, or B0-327.

The marking was written in blue and was large. The key here is it was also "floating" along at a low altitude (400-400'?). I was in west Florida for this particular sighting (Also oddly in May, but in 2014). I travel frequently and I am a licensed pilot, and I know what planes are supposed to look like, and this one was just too big to be normal. It was HUGE. I looked away for a few seconds, looked back, and it was gone.

For years (even before I saw these aircraft) I've been having vivid, recurring dreams of being on board what could well be one of these craft: the cabin is huge with obviously multiple decks from my point of view, and there are consoles with computer screens and controls on them in the middle of the plane where the middle row of seats would normally be in a regular plane. The cabin is huge, 50' wide, and I'm usually over water (or a dark, featureless terrain) when I'm "in" these things.

There are a combination of types of people on these, mostly people with long, silver hair. They're not the "Nordic blonde" types, though. They're "grittier" and not at all "angelic" or "profoundly loving" as the Nordics are often described. These guys are more easy going and even normal and business like, and they just plug away at those computers. They all wear blue polo shirts and khaki pants.

I theorize that these aircraft may be on a different "time frequency" that these "holes" could allow someone to see through. Heck, UFO's (flying saucers?) may simply be resonators capable of breaching boundaries between realities. Of course, that's just my dinky theory that may or may not hold any water.

I apologize for the lengthy novella, let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Hope your 2019 is off to a great start,
Jenn K.

Warped KyliePlane 1Plane 2

Reported 29-Dec-2018
25-June-2013, Surrey, BC
: (9:45 pm)

Hi. I saw a very bright bizarre ufo over my house on June 25th 2013. It happened on a stormy cloudy night and it was like nothing I have ever seen before or since. And there are 2 youtube videos that people taped from my neighborhood of that sighting. and this one tapes 6 blocks from my house

Witness provides additional information:

The video I sent with the one ufo in it, was the one I saw over my house. A person a few blocks away filmed it. like you can see in the video it was super bright pulsating colors kind of unstable in flight kind of jerky. Made no sound and was in my estimation 500 ft above and the size of a large van or small school bus. I went out onto my deck at about 9:45 to get some tools I left out there and out of the corner of my eye saw flashing lights above . I looked up and there it was. I was stunned. i was relieved to see that someone had actually filmed it and posted to youtube . The other video link I sent you of the string of lights was filmed on the same night, I'm assuming at the same time about 6 blocks from my house. I obviously saw one of the ufos from that string of lights. And I found another string of light vid on youtube from Toronto identical to the one I sent you:

Reported 1-Jan-2019
10-Nov-2018, Stave Lake, Mission, BC
: (around 8 pm)

My boyfriend and I went out to Stave Lake to have a fire with a couple of friends on November 10 2018 at around 8pm. On the way up we were explaining how we had seen an odd red and blue flashing light in the sky last time. As we get there and my boyfriend starts to light the fire, my one friend had walked about 20 feet away from our Jeep into the darkness on the mudflats to star gaze and called us over to look at something unusual. It was the red and blue "star-looking" object. The odd thing about it was it was moving. We used a set of three stars in a triangular shape beside it to keep its location. When we first saw it, it was in line with the top point of the set of stars. As the four of us watched, the red and blue "star" would sporadically move and do figure eights, then stop. More figure eights, then stop. It looked like something was mapping something out? We were so perplexed we watched the thing n the sky for an hour. By the time we had left the object was in line with the bottom left corner of the triangular star shape. As we started leaving stave we never saw it in the sky after that. It could have not been an airplane or satellite because it would have travelled across the sky; I don't think it could have been a drone either. It was way too high in the sky!

Reported 8-Jan-2019

I had burned my forearm on a bright metallic saucer shaped object about 4 feet in diameter and almost died when I was three and I had seen something that still doesn't make any sense even with all the people coming forth with ufo and abduction experiences. I still have a discoloration where the burn happened and memories of a strange reptilian mantis-like creature with six legs that had entered my family's basement and was able to run very fast, faster than a dog could run and was able to open the basement window and close it behind itself without slowing down. This creature had returned a few nights later and my mom found me in the basement with the creature climbing on top of me. I can remember the sound it made kind of like a really small cow mooing backwards. I was really very young when all this happened and was wondering if there was any reports of something in the area at the time

UFO*BC Responds:

That sounds like a very interesting experience! Is it possible that you could write up something more detailed that we could post on our website? I know memories from when you are 3 would be a little vague, but if you could include the approximate date and location (city?) along with the sequence of events. You saw the reptilian mantis creature at least twice and you had a separate incident with a saucer-shaped object? Where is the burn located? Hand? Arm?

Dave Pengilly

Reported 10-Jan-2019
Spring/Summer 1978, Burnaby, BC

Event 1:

Hello. This event occurred back in the spring or summer of 1978 when I was just three years old. I have talked to people about having memories when they were three years old and they say that they couldn't but I can. Actually I couldn't properly remember these events until I was in my early twenties while soul searching for explanations as to why I had come down with schizophrenia when I was sixteen. Apparently I had taught myself to speak at a very early age from the television as told by my parents and this event occurred as my first time venturing off the property on my own. My mother was from England and my father was Canadian born and worked with the provincial government. We lived in a house on Goodlad street in south Burnaby, British Columbia. These occurrences began as I was listening to my mother talking on the phone to other mothers about how some of the dogs in the area had been behaving strangely and some of the dogs had actually broken loose. We had a Labrador retriever pointer cross named Thor who was very good natured and had free roam of the neighbourhood. I took it upon myself to venture down the back yard to look for him. When I got to the bottom of our back yard I could hear dogs barking down the back lane towards Mayfield street. I walked down the lane to Mayfield Street and then down to the corner of Mayfield and sixth where a trail continued down to Berkeley street and a place called Todd park. At this time this was the edge of Robert Burnaby park. When I looked down the trail I saw about seven or eight dogs attacking a strange sight. The dogs were barking and running in circles around a creature(?) with a rhythmic pace and biting something that had two arms two legs and some form of suit? The creature was holding its arms out with its hands like whoa whoa to the dogs and it looked like it was deflating as it was falling backwards. When the dogs noticed me they scattered. I had started to look around and when I turned my head to the right I saw something that didn't make sense, there was a very reflective round saucer-like object hovering about a foot and a half above the ground about a meter and a half across - it was so shiny that it looked like the surrounding trees were growing through it. Anyway, my dog was one of the dogs that had just scattered and I set out to find him and I approached this creature that had now fallen onto it's back and I got a look at it. It's skin was pale blue grey and smooth, its eyes were very large and very dark and placed more to the side of its head and it had this suit(?) on? Where the dogs had bit it I could see blood. Different kinds of blood. Some was red, some was green, some was yellow, some was orange. When I asked the creature who he was I had the letters DNIEPR flashed into the front of my brain. After this it pointed in the direction where the dogs had scattered with its finger and it said "those". Anyways I followed the creek down looking for my pet dog and found him twenty feet or so away, whining and looking up to where the creature was.

Suddenly it felt like the whole forest was getting darker and I was getting scared so I started to make my way back up the trail and the creature was gone and I could hear branches in the creek rustling which frightened me even more so I started to run home and then I remembered the shiny object in the woods now to my left and I became overwhelmed with curiosity and I approached it. I remember thinking that I had never been in the bush before this and I also remember thinking that if I touched the object I could lose my hand so I placed my right forearm on it and got a scorchingly painful burn that made me scream. An older kid ran down sixth street that had heard the dogs barking and thought that I had been attacked and asked me what had happened and I was at a loss and couldn't explain what had happened and could only point to where this took place. The pain had gone. He told me to stay where I was a and not to let anyone by but being so young I went home to tell my mother and she looked at my arm and said "you got yourself a good bruise there don't you"  I went back to the top of the trail again and the older kid scolded me for not guarding the trail when he arrived. Anyways I went home and started to feel very lethargic and went to bed and I woke up later that day feeling very faint in a cold sweat and I curled up in the middle of the living room floor and next thing I knew my father had wrapped me up in a blanket and I was being driven to Burnaby General hospital. At the hospital the doctor dismissed the wound as trivial and I was on my way home with my parents when a stabbing pain returned, worse than before and my parents turned the car around and back to the hospital I went. The doctor looked at my wound and noticed that it had changed and said it would be fine a second time. Now on my way home and the pain came back even worse and I was screaming in agony so badly that my father had floored it. The doctor sat down with me and rehearsed me through what happened to me and when I told him what I saw he became very angry and was calling me a stupid kid and saying that he can't do this and then the pain returned even worse and I ran down the hospital hallway screaming in such pain that all the nurses retreated back into the rooms and closed the doors and I could feel my heart flashing on my wound. Then the pain went away again and I was terrified that the pain could return or return worse when a kind nurse sat down with me and went through everything that had happened step by step until we figured that the reason I wasn't been admitted or helped was my story so I changed my story to  just encountering a hot piece of metal in the forest. I was immediately admitted and given pain killers when the pain returned so bad that I ran down the hallway and everything went black and white, not like movies but reversed and I felt like I had exploded. This was the first event that had occurred. Thank you for listening.

Event 2:

Me and my family were all back at home the pain had gone and things had returned to normal when one night (I can't remember exactly when) there was an event in which some strange blue lights had appeared in front of the fireplace maybe ten or fifteen of them peacefully swirling in front of my Mom holding my older brother Mike as if it was some privileged spiritual experience. When I tried to enter the room I was held back (by my father? I can't remember) and I felt bad that my brother was allowed and I wasn't like I was stupid from getting a radiation burn.

Anyway, a few days later in the evening as me and my parents were arriving at home there were lights in front of the fireplace again this time more like electricity discharging and I ran into the lights. After this my brain became caught in the lights being pulled around by the electrical discharge and I remember looking back at my dog barking on the right, my mother screaming with her arms stretched out in the middle and my dad on the left trying to knock me out of these things with a chair. Upon remembering this event I remember my Dad successfully knocking me into the arms of my mother and I can remember something looking at me in my Mother's arms with deep curiosity. The next few nights I was able to communicate telepathically with my family from my high chair at the dinner table and we were talking about the events and there was a silence at the table and we all agreed that something was to come. At this point a mental illness had come over me. This would have happened a month or so after the first incident.

Event 3:

This is event three. I believe that I have these events in the right order.

I was in the basement one day and we had an old rec-room with a bar at one end that no one ever used and the floor was  covered with old stone tiles that had an occasional wood bug that crossed it and a bunch of mattress cushions that were scattered about. One day I went downstairs and found all the cushions pushed to one side of the rec-room in a circle with a bizzare creature in the center. The creature immediately noticed me.  It's head was about ten inches long and green and had six legs that looked crustacean and its head was spade-like with large black eyes. Its body had an exoskeleton that upon remembering very closely resembled the suit that the other aforementioned creature had been wearing.  I screamed "get out of here" as loud as I could and it blinked its eyes and placed a thought in my head saying forget that you have seen me. It ran through the window opening, closing it behind itself without slowing down at a high rate of speed which I cannot explain. The next time a few days to a week later the creature had returned and was in the basement again and my Mother had found it climbing on top of me in the rec-room and grabbed me screaming carrying me back upstairs.

At this point the creature no longer had an exoskeleton and was mooring backwards as I can explain it as it was climbing on me. My Dad told my mom to take me and my brother out for a few hours and not to return but she was confused and scared and my Dad returned with a small 6 shooter and shot the thing. Me and my brother and my mother stood right next to him as this happened with our dog and as he shot, not one of us flinched.

Event 4:

This event I believe happened later in 1978. I woke up one night to a very eerie quiet and looked out my bedroom window to see a strange blue light shining erratically about my house and the adjacent properties like it was looking for something. I got out of bed, this would be past 1:30 in the morning, and walked down the hallway to my parents room they were fast asleep and I could see the blue lights outside their window. I called to them but they wouldn't wake up so I went into the living room and tried to wake up our dog. I tried to wake him and gave him a loving hug and shook him, waking him up and he immediately started whining. At this moment the source of the blue light was now right outside our living room window shining right at us. Overwhelmed with curiosity, I walked toward the window. As I approached, the light started to drift down the side of the house past the kitchen window to the bathroom window and I could hear an electrical discharge on the bathroom window. Thor and I followed it through the kitchen all the way around the house to the hallway in front of me and my brother's room. The light coasted down the side of the house to my brother's room and I could hear my brother's window sliding open and I could hear a bunch of climbing, then a bunch of footsteps. Then these two and a half tall little dudes came out my brother's room started to fill the hallway through opening my brother's door. I remember that there was about 8 or 9 of these little guys all dressed in black with rubber masks on. Some of their eyes looked bright red through their masks and there was a smell like mouldy cinnamon. They were all clamoring with their hands upon the walls like they were confused about where they were; examining the walls. At this point I was whisked across the hall to my bed almost as if levitated. I got out of my bed and tried to reach my dog who was frozen scared. When I got to the hallway I was whisked back to my bed again as if levitated and then suddenly a strange woman tucked me into bed. She came out of the darkness and was not really there, like she was made of blue energy and she said "stay in bed". She was strange looking. She had big oddly coloured blue eyes and a small pointy nose, black hair and she had a light green and blue hoodie on. After she said this I stood up on my bed and called out to my dog across the hallway and said, "bark Thor bark!" Then as Thor started to notice me the strange lady (who was there but she wasn't she was kind of peering looked at me as if perching on a dark cloud) looked at my dog and said, "Yes! Bark Thor bark!" and sure enough our dog started to bark a little yelp and then louder and sure enough within seconds my parents had woken and were running out the bedroom and down the hall and I heard my Mom scream "what is that" as the entities were now piling back into my brother's room and out of the window.

At the dinner table the next few nights we all joked that they were stupid and funny that they couldn't understand the walls and that they had travelled millions of miles to examine a wall. However my brother described them as bald headed men despite me in the hallway had only seen black robed figures with masks on and my father had started heavy drinking plus my mother had developed an obsession with the paranormal, primarily ufos and tried to call BCTV the local TV station. When the TV station came to the front door there was only a businessman in a suit saying that nothing had happened and there was some problem with the roof.

Reported 18-Jan-2019
Summer 2006, Nelson, BC

Nelson BC - 2006 Kootenay Lake

Laying on the beach with 4 friends at roughly 2am. In silence we all were just staring at the sky when a friend pointed out an anomaly. Everyone got excited and agreed that it was abnormal but I could not see it myself. I looked of course for flashing lights but as I looked down my friend's arm pointing the object out I saw three stars moving together. It was coming over the mountain across the lake but was way in the atmosphere at first. The Stars were somewhat close together and lowering into the atmosphere almost as it were coming from space with a slight rotation to its flight.

Here's where it gets crazy, we were all locked on the object and it took some time to cross the lake (possibly 15 minutes) but time felt as if it slowed down. We then noticed all the stars it flew past we could still see, like it was cloaked and the stars were just dimmed (roughly 40% visible) that it flew over. Now that it entered our atmosphere this thing was huge! Like a mothership! I would have to say at least 2-3 kilometers wide.  It ended up right above us and rotated even faster as it came to a stop. We all ran into the water back to back as we were all freaked out, and I am scared af about aliens. The ship then changed directions and headed down the mountain heading north until we could not keep it in sight, it got so far away. Just when we thought we lost sight of the ship there was a huge white blue comet that shot into the sky. We all ran into our friend's house as a buddy stayed out in disbelief yelling for its return.

Three of us talk about the sighting once in a while and we say "oh yeah!" Almost like we forget it ever happened until one of us brings it up.

Wtf, has anyone else seen triangle transparent motherships in BC?

Reported 20-Jan-2019
20-Jan-2019, Sunshine Coast, BC

Since likely many of the cameras on the lower coast are aimed at the sky tonight I wonder if anyone saw this. These are photos taken about an hour ago facing NW over the Malaspina at an altitude I would suggest of 3000' and somewhere about mid-point over the strait. These are not flares and they are not aircraft. They were stationary unlike flares and aircraft could not do. They were there, then they were not. I have a lot of experience in "night lights" having been a former cold war era military air traffic controller in the RCAF. The last photo is a cropped close-up having been run through a deconvulsion engine to get better pixel distribution.

UFO*BC Responds:

I was just going to post your very interesting photos on our website and wanted to check a few things. What was your location when you saw those objects? What is “the Malaspina”? (I hope that is not a stupid question. I have lived on the west coast for 65 years and I don’t know!)

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Hi Dave. I was down at Sargeant Bay Provincial Park along with quite a few others to watch the Blood Moon the other night around 8:20pm. SBPP is on Redrooffs Road in the Sunshine Coast Regional District about 14km north of Sechelt. The Malaspina is that body of water that separates much of the two Sunshine Coasts from Vancouver Island and is generally the northern part of the Strait of Georgia. Its lower end is usually considered to be that region of the lower coast from north of Sechelt past Texada Island up to the upper Sunshine Coast and Powell River - a span of about 100kms. You can also use the term Strait of Georgia for that region we are in and it is more or less subjective as to what term to use. The park enjoys dark skies and is almost directly across the strait SE to Nanaimo, S to Metro Vancouver and W to NW to the Island regions around Qualicum. As you know that is the area of the inside waters that is the weapons testing range. I have the original unaltered images of the sighting that I took. The ones I sent you were run through filters to extract the best image quality I can get on my system and to reduce pixelation. Several others also saw the three lights. Many thought they were aircraft or flares but they did not move like aircraft do nor drift like flares. They remained in constant altitude and position. They did not twinkle or vary in luminosity. They were certainly not astronomical objects either because they were well below the ecliptic. In addition they were almost constant in colour and luminosity then they disappeared after about 10 minutes. I have seen several UAP anomalies in this area over the years especially on clear nights but since our skies are often cloudy this sighting of an anomaly with this clarity is rare. I estimate the height of these anomalies to be 2000' - 3000' at about 14km distance from me. I would suggest that the angle of reference ground to anomaly was about 30 degrees +/-. Hard to tell in the dark without a good clear visual ground reference on the Island. I was a former Air Traffic Controller in days long gone by in the RCAF and was an observer to an anomaly event that transpired over Montreal, The Southern Townships and the New England states over a period of two days if I recollect correctly (long time ago) in which both ground and air staff and aircraft were involved in an extended sighting. The official record we signed referred to the event as fireballs but fireballs do not change altitude or direction. I still have some remaining skill from those days to differentiate between aircraft and astronomical objects and anomalies which were/are UAP events. What is interesting in the close up cropped photo from an enhanced photo of the three lights is the very apparent structure visible along the edges of the anomaly. For me this makes them an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Anyway, let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

Reported 26-Jan-2019
31-Oct-2014, Surrey, BC
: (9:30 pm)

It was Oct 31, 2014 at 9:30 pm. I was looking out my basement window up in the sky, it was perfectly clear out. I was looking to the east, my window only faces east, it's a small window, but looking at a small part of the sky, I saw what I thought was the space station, cause sometimes you can, or I thought was maybe a satellite. Then it became an orange ball of fire! I thought this is weird!!! I'm going to keep watching this. A few more minutes went by then the ball got bigger and brighter orange, then I started thinking.??? Anything that enters our atmosphere from space no matter what it is will burn up or glow an orange hue if the objects make it. For example, the space shuttle will glow orange upon re- as I watched it. The object got bigger and closer heading west towards me, but way above me. It was in a cloud after the orange went away. I could only turn my head so much before I ran outside to see where it was going. Before I did that I was still inside looking up at this ... It was insane when it came out of the cloud I could see a round disc-shaped ship with one blue and red light under it. I'm like..!!! Holey crap man, what the hell is it!?! I ran outside to see if I could see it before it went away. I went out my basement door, ran into the back yard, stopped and looked up!!! And there it was, gliding with no noise between my house and my neighbor's house. I was thinking how did it do that, and why would it just glide over my house? Why didn't it just keep going west up in the sky???? I could see it plain as day. It was round, black in color, with no lights on. It was about what seemed to be 40 or 50 feet above me. I freekin watched this thing fly or glide right over my head! It was very surreal - right out of the movies. I saw what it looked like, all I could say to myself, "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!" I stood there and watched it for about 15 minutes as it kept going south towards the city of White stayed at that lower cruising level, until it went out of sight. It never sped away or just disappeared like most sightings. It must of been about 20 to 30 feet in diameter. Please let me know what you think!

Reported 27-Jan-2019
27-Jan-2019, Langley, BC
: (4:30 pm)

I was sitting on my balcony in Langley, when I spotted a slow moving red light in the sky. It was still too early in the afternoon to see any stars. I thought it may be a planet, but it was definitely moving across the sky in a south westerly direction. The time was 4:30 pm. I called to my husband and he brought out our binoculars and then our telescope to get a better look. The object seemed to be turning from side to side. My husband described it as an open ended life saver shape with bright red lights at either end of the opening.

If it was a ship, it seemed to be trying to get it’s bearings. Once it seemed to have done that it quickly moved up into the atmosphere and disappeared. It was shiny and slowly turned on it’s axis. We assumed the red lights were engines and the body of the object glinted in the setting sun, making the object look like it was flashing red and white.

We have seen a lot of planes and such in the sky at night, but this object did not continue across the sky as they do, as on a flight path. It was there and then it wasn’t.