UPDATED - July 8th, 2018

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Reported 5-Feb-2018
July-1981, Og Lake, BC

In 1981 (late July) my parents sent me to the YMCA summer Camp Chief Hector (near Canmore, AB).

We had a choice to ether go horse back trail riding or go on a hike along the continental divide. I chose the hike as I'm not a big fan of riding horses. We had 10 days to hike from highway 93 just across the BC border near Ball Pass on the way to Radium to Spray Lakes Reservoir back in Alberta via Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park's Wonder Pass. On about day five we had to hike from Porky Pine Creek to Og Lake through a section known as The Valley Of The Rocks. This is a strange valley as there is no fresh water for about 10 miles only stagnant ponds of undrinkable water. Halfway through this valley we walked by a pond about 50 feet across and what looked to be about four feet deep in the centre. There was a set of human looking tracks running right through the middle. Now what really struck me was the colour of the water. It almost looked like tea (yellowish brown) and smelt like rotten eggs. Who in their right mind would do this and not just walk around it? Any way we camped overnight at Og Lake then spent two days at Mt. Assiniboine. Then early the second last day we hiked over Wonder Pass down to Spray Lakes Reservoir and camped on the edge of the lake. After waking up the next morning the other guys ask me if I heard something creeping around in the bushes after we went to bed. I hadn't, being so exhausted I fell a sleep almost immediately. They told me something was hanging around near the camp site for quite a while just outside of the campfire light. It's almost like something followed us through the pass. We then hiked to the dam and were picked up by the camp van. Thank you for your time.

Reported 10-Feb-2108
8-Feb-2018, Qualicum Beach, BC
: (6:10 pm to 6:45 pm)

I go to this particular beach in Qualicum daily, if not twice daily some days. Only once have I noticed an unusual light across the water, but couldn’t decide what it was and dismissed it. A few nights ago I stopped to watch the sunset and noticed (in the same place I saw the first strange light sighting approximately a year ago) a bright light. The bright light quickly dimmed but remained stationary. Then a big round bright light dropped below it, also stationary. Very slowly the original light moved over and away, eventually disappearing. The big light also eventually disappeared, like it slowly turned off. All of this happened over about 5 minutes. I waited for about another 5 minutes and the big bright light came back on again. About 3-4 minutes later it again, turned off slowly. Waited another 5 or so minutes, and this time two super bright round lights came on at the same time, right beside the other, almost like headlights in the sky. One light slowly moves to the right, the left one goes out first, about a minute or two later the right one goes out. I will note, the light was so bright that it lit up the horizon (it was lower in sky) and reflected off the water. At one point during this, there was what I assumed to be a distant airplane flying as it had blinking lights and moved smoothly in sky. I took videos and photos as best I could, using my Iphone 8.

This occurred between 6:10-645pm approximately.



UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the sighting report - very nice pictures!

Could you give me an idea of what direction you were looking? In picture 1, the two lights on the right side are obviously on land - is that Lasqueti Island? Exactly what part of the beach were you on?


Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

Thanks for your quick response! And you’re right, that is Lasqueti Island and I was at Judges Row (see screenshot photo attached). The two lights on right side is what I am thinking is Lasqueti Island ferry terminal, as they are always there.

Judges Row

UFO*BC Responds:

OK. Good, that makes sense - you were looking almost directly north? The smaller light (upper and to the left) is the one you saw first? Then the bigger brighter light appeared?

When people report a bright light just after sunset, I always think of Venus, but it would be in the western sky, and at the moment it is too close to the Sun to be seen. You will probably be able to see it after sunset near the end of the month. There are no planets in the evening sky at this time, so astronomically, neither light makes sense. Of course, a second super bright light later on makes even less sense.

Do you have a higher resolution image you could send us? Should be 3 - 5 meg in size?

Dave Pengilly

Witness Responds:

I was looking almost directly North, yes. And you’re right, the smaller light (upper left) is the first light i saw (was originally brighter than what is captured in the image and then faded to what you see in the photo, and then eventually faded away entirely), and the bright light below it was the second light.

I typically will look for explanations first before assuming, and in this case I had no explanations. The way these lights “turned on” and “powered down” were unexplainable for me, the movement, the brightness of the lights, etc. You’re right, definitely not a planet, definitely not a star. I watched for such a long time for a few reasons, one was of course because i’d never seen anything like this before and two was because i wanted to make sure it wasn’t a low flying airplane, such as airforce, or even search and rescue. But, I quickly realised that neither were occurring since a) the lights didn't move for long periods of time/were too bright, b) there were no engine sounds c) I’ve seen both airforce and search and rescue coppers many times and know how to both decipher and identify them. So again, couldn’t come up with any possible answers here.

Reported 10-Feb-2018
23-Jan-2018, Trail, BC
: (9:30 pm to 10:30 pm)

While visiting my former home town of Trail, BC, I had the strangest experience on the evening of Tuesday, January 23, 2018. We were in a house in the Gulch, along Rossland Avenue, near St. Anthony's Church. Two of us were seated on a couch watching television. Starting around 9:30 p.m., my viewing was occasionally interrupted by intermittent flashes of bright blue-white light shining into the bathroom window, which is on the northwest outside wall of the house - the television is next to the hallway leading to the bathroom. The light would flash in the window for a second or two, then stop. A minute or two later, it would do it again. It kept doing this at irregular intervals.

At first, I thought it was a neighbour playing a prank with a bright spotlight, and I found it quite irritating as it repeated several times, sort of a sweeping motion or flashing. But then it occurred to me that the light was shining downward toward the window, and I thought that it could be someone playing with a light on the hillside below Highway 22, or possibly lights high on a vehicle (like on top of a truck or snowplow) on the highway, except there are a lot trees that would be in the way and it would be an incredible inconvenience for someone to be hiking up there in a snowstorm, and the lights were too bright to have come from vehicles as far away as the road. As the flashing persisted, I then realized that the light was coming from much higher than that, as if from the sky. That piqued my curiosity, so I went to the back door of the house to see if there was some issue with the power lines. It had been snowing heavily all day and evening, so I wondered if the storm was shorting out wires. I stood and looked at the lines for about half a minute, but seeing no further flashing, went back inside. By then, it was a little after 10 p.m.

Shortly after returning to my place in front of the television, more lights flashed through the window, brighter than previously. So, I went into the bathroom to look through the window to see if I could find the source. Still, I couldn't see where they were coming from.

My wife, who had seen me check outside and then check the bathroom, asked what I was doing, and I described the flashing lights I had seen. She then explained that she could see lights flashing on the bed throughout that time. The lights seemed to be coming in the bedroom window, which is on a wall that faces southwest. The ceiling light had been turned on with the dimmer switch turned down low, so she had assumed that the dimmer circuit was somehow causing the light to flicker brightly and creating an optical illusion. From my vantage point, I couldn't see into the bedroom. From her vantage point, my wife couldn't see into the bathroom. Neither of us thought to mention the peculiar lights to the other.

Around 11 p.m. our area of the city began experiencing power outages lasting up to about 10 minutes each. I'm pretty sure they were caused by the heavy, wet snow that was accumulating, and not in any way connected to the flashing lights. However, each time the power went out, I looked out the windows to see how much of the neighbourhood or the city was affected. But at no time did I see any more blue-white flashes. They had ended by about 10:30 or a little earlier.

The next morning, while I was shovelling the previous night's snow from our walks, a neighbour asked if we heard the "weird noises in the sky last night." I asked her what the noises were like and she described a type of whirring or trilling sound that was unlike any she had heard before. She said that this was around 9:30 when she went to have a smoke on her porch. She didn't see any lights, but she said that the sound was overhead and frightened her enough that she cut short her break and went inside for the rest of the night.

When I was outside and when I looked out the windows the previous evening, I could see that the overcast sky was low on the hillsides, below 500 meters (we were at about 425 meters elevation). If there was something up there shining lights, it would have to have been pretty low to penetrate the heavy cloud cover and snow. I wonder if anyone else in the area saw or heard anything.

Reported 12-Feb-2018
19-July-2014, Naramata, BC

JULY 17 2014. On the following Saturday July 19th I was setting up a satellite dish in Naramata, BC. Going up a ladder I saw a hawk floating by then behind the hawk I saw the same white spot move quickly from one cloud to another from west to east. About 1/4 of the horizon looking almost straight up was blue sky. I did not notice any trail. Of course, the possible witness had just gone in the building.

UFO*BC Note: On July 17, 2014, a BC news crew was doing a video of the Smith Creek fire and caught a brief glimpse of an unidentified object. This ufo was believed to be a meteorite that skipped into the atmosphere and then continued back into space.

Reported 20-Feb-2018
25-Aug-2017, Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park, BC

Hello UFO BC wanted you to see a few photos I took when I was on Vacation in BC. If you look on the small mountain in the back you'll see a brown object almost in the middle and if you look up by my friend's red cap to the right you can see a black object in the sky.

If you look at the second picture you'll see both objects together above her head on the right.

It was Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park and the black object is at 3 o'clock from red cap. You might have to enlarge photo to see it and these photos are about 5 secs apart. I also see a report on your site on July 30 in B.C. about a translucent triangle size of a house wondering if it was the same area. I have been told by locals and friends the Lava Beds area has a lot of unreported sightings of UFOs.


UFO*BC Responds:

Hello Art,

First, let me state that photos are great if they are supporting an actual eye witness account, but not so useful on their own, with the objects being seen after the fact. Did anyone actually see the fuzzy object over the pink lady's head? If seen, I would say it might be a cloud of dust, such as from a mine shaft explosion. Was a sound heard a few seconds later? If not seen, I would suspect a spot of lint on the camera lens.

The black object beside the red cap is too small and doesn't have enough detail to come to any conclusion. Again, if a disc-shaped object was seen flying over your heads and zipping around the sky, and you only managed to photograph it just before it disappeared, then it would be important as verification of the visual sighting. As a small black dot on a photograph, even if visually seen as such, it does not have much importance.

As for the July 30 sighting, I will ask the person again for more information, especially the sighting location.

Thanks for the report.

Dave Pengilly

Reported 3-Mar-2018
27-Feb-2018, Vancouver, BC

I am sending some photos for you to examine. These were taken on Feb. 27th from a Vancouver office tower in the downtown core.

It looks interesting and I have no idea what they could be. Perhaps photo enhancements might help you out but I wanted to forward these along regardless. They were taken with cellphone so the quality is mediocre at best. However what is interesting is that they did change position and appear to be doing a fly by of the area. I am attaching  the originals as well as the cropped so you can see what I am referring to. Three unidentified objects appear in the sky.

Vancouver ufo
Vancouver ufo
Vancouver ufo


My first thought was that the white objects were sea gulls, a common site in Vancouver, but closer inspection didn't show any of the signs of birds in flight. My partner, Martin, suggested they could be reflections of recessed ceiling lights in the room behind the photographer. The distortion of the images could possibly be caused by by the window slightly vibrating in the wind (note the flags). The photographer went back to the room where the photos were taken and could find no ceiling lights that could have caused reflections. She also took a few more pictures, at the same time of day, and standing in the same spot, but no lights were apparent in the new photos - see below.

For now, still a mystery!



Reported 9-Mar-2018
8-Mar-2018, Surrey, BC
: (7:25 pm)

At 725pm March 8 2018 a orangey/red glowing orb passed by my condo window it was big enough for me and my buddy watching tv to catch our eyes, we tried to rule out everything shooting star, drone, laser pointer nope the way it flew and how it maneuvered at those speeds appeared to be going 4x speed of a plane but slow enough to capture its movement. It went 2km fast with a slow slightly rounding drop then totally dropped straight down .5 km then resumed full speed ... it looked like the size of a golf ball if you held it 10ft away but it was flying approx 5 km away and 5km up.  It was in the fleetwood region of Surrey bc.

Was very very strange, strange enough to email some random local ufo website. And I’m a realist needing proof of anything to believe it, but I went over all the possibilities.

I know what I saw and that was a muthafuckin alien ship.

Reported 17-Mar-2018
15-Mar-2018, Abbotsford, BC
: (8:40 pm)

I'm not quite sure what I saw to be honest. I am a skeptic when it comes to things like this...

On March 15, 2018 approximately 8:40 pm I was driving west on Huntingdon Rd in Abbotsford (with another person). It was already dark outside. In the distance it looked as though there was a plane ahead and it didn't really draw any attention until minutes later... as I continued driving it looked as though the plane was flying rather low and also slow. It was hard to tell really as the distance seemed deceiving in the dark ... As we were driving we both realized that this was not a low flying airplane in the distance. It was not a plane at all. It was some sort of air craft but definitely not an airplane or a drone. It wasn't moving but it was hovering or rather stationary in the sky above the road I was driving on. I drove directly beneath it, whatever this thing was. It was completely black ... with red and green lights that  blinked as would an airplane flying through the night sky. I couldn't hear any sounds coming from it until we were directly beneath it, then I could hear the sound of some kind of engine. It hovered just above the power lines (with regard to distance). The width of it was approximately the same width as the road I was on. From what I could see when driving beneath it there were some kind of strips of material or something I don't know how to describe it. I slowed as I was driving beneath it and was kind of freaked out a bit too to be honest. I was telling the passenger to take my phone and take pics but the craft being behind us now so I did a U turn when I got up the hill and tried to drive fast to where it was but it was gone. It was only seconds before it was just a dot. I stopped and I did try to video it, but the quality is poor and it just looks like a dot moving in the dark sky. I am a skeptic and really am unsure what to think. I just know it was not a drone. I tried to look up sightings for this area but there were no others from what I could tell as I don't really know where one would look to find out... there was a sighting in Ontario where they saw something almost exactly the same about a day apart.

I'm curious now.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

I too am not sure what you may have seen. Could you possibly draw the object for us?

I am trying to determine how far off the ground it was, and how large it appeared – you mentioned the width of the road – how large would you say that was?

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you,


Witness Responds:

I attempted to draw it. Sorry it looks like an elementary child's drawing! It was way more dimensional than the drawing. It wasn't a flat surface - indentations between the lights. And on top the lights were a little less centered, more negative space between the lights, because from a distance it deceptively had the look of airplane lights. It wasn't triangular, more rectangular. There's an airport a couple/few miles from this area it was at, so it's not too bizarre to see low elevated lights etc., because one would assume it's airport related. But I literally didn't make it out until I was right there... Cause it wasn't moving and my eyes were first on the lights until I saw the entire machine. It was not a drone for certain.

not a plane

Reported 24-Mar-2018
22-Mar-2018, Port Coquitlam, BC
: (11:45 pm)

I was driving home after work on the night of Thursday March 22 2018 at 1145pm. I had just passed Shaughnessy Street and noticed a rather large aircraft that was very low and heading towards citadel heights. To me it looked like it was going down or crashing then as it went up it came back down like a roller coaster would do if going forward then backwards. As I got closer this object was a large rectangle like with lights in the front and underneath and kinda had a hum to it. I just said what the heck is that to myself. It then moved across the water rather low back towards the bridge westbound. This was not a helicopter or plane like I said it was more like a large rectangle and I mean large. I saw a similar sighting in Abbotsford a week ago its pretty much the same. I did get to the next pull off to take a picture or video but it was now too far away.

Reported 1-Apr-2018
1-Apr-2018, Surrey, BC

Tonight driving home from Langley to Vancouver after visiting with my mom. Its just after midnight. On hwy 1 heading towards Port Mann bridge. Just passed 176 exit. I see in the distance (closer to the Guildford I think it's 152nd st exit) what at first I thought was a low flying plane. Then realized quickly it was not. It crossed over the highway left to right or east to west. Then stopped. Hovered for a bit and crossed back over and hovered again. I could now see it is a ball of flashing red white light. With some green. Kind of like a green aura. Then it started to flying towards my direction and I actually started to freak out that I was going to drive underneath this thing. I didn't know what the heck was gonna happen. So I slowed down. Then it started to pull away and fly more along side me. Now I'm right close to getting on Port Mann Bridge and it went left of the bridge or just a bit east hovering over the area of houses that overlook the bridge and Fraser River. It just stayed there. Didn't move. I kept driving and was too freaked out to turn around and see. This is not the first time I've seen things like this in BC. But this was the closest I ever got and yea I got spooked. Had I not been alone I'd likely have had the balls to turn a round and see what the heck it was. Wondering if anyone else saw this? There are lots of house in the area that it stopped and hovered over. Not sure how everyone didn't see this that was driving. But I appeared to be the only person slowing down on freeway to look.

Reported 5-Apr-2018
3-Apr-2018, Vancouver, BC
: (9:54 pm)

Hi, this happened on 3/4/18 at 21:54 looking north of Vancouver, BC. Hovering over MT Seymour, swiping through the cloud 4 orange formation lights moving individually, south west over the bay until all UFO faded slowly into the cloud. A second group of lights, 3 orange same size and colour as prior appear within seconds of the first group hiding into the cloud. This lasted about 2 minutes or less. Two groups totalling 7 lights. The formations were slow to move it seemed from my perspective, they were heading west/north once they hover over the bay or inlet.

Reported 3-May-2018
3-May-2018, Coquitlam, BC
: (8:30 pm)

At around 8:30 p.m. this evening (May 3, 2018) I was standing next to my vehicle in the parking lot of the Staples outlet on Seguin Drive in Coquitlam. I was facing east-northeast, looking toward the nearby Great Canadian Superstore. The sun had just gone down but there was still plenty of daylight. Suddenly my attention was drawn to a fast-moving bright, white light traveling from east to west above the Superstore. As I looked more closely, I could see that the light formed the thicker part of a teardrop-shaped object, with the thin end trailing behind. I could detect no sound at all from this object. Within a few seconds it had reached a point due north of my position. I could see quite clearly that it was not a conventional aircraft, and it was not a drone. As the thought "UFO" formed in my mind, the light and the object suddenly shrank in size to nothing and completely vanished, right in mid-air. I wondered if the object had turned north and flown directly away from me at high speed, but when I replayed the image in my mind I realized that it had just shrunk quickly to nothing. I stayed at my vehicle for several minutes scanning the sky for any further sight of it, but it did not reappear. It was a flying object, and I have no idea what it was. By definition -- a UFO.

Reported 4-May-2018
3-May-2018, Surrey, BC
: (8:30 pm)

So last night I was walking with my daughter.  April3,2018. I can't remember exact time, but probably around 830. The night sky in our area was very clear with now clouds impeding any visibility and there was still a lot of daylight.

The path over our home is the path that planes take towards YVR so it has a lot of planes going overhead, and Langley airport is nearby for smaller aircraft.

I must start by saying that I have an engineering degree and I am a very technical person. I know what drones are, I know the speed and height jet aircraft and small aircraft fly at.

So, as I was walking, I looked up and travelling in a western direction towards YVR, I saw a Greenish aura lit object travelling towards us.  It caught my attention as it was moving extremely fast, almost as fast as a fighter jet, and I told my daughter to look as we don't see fighter jets often. Last one I saw fly over was years and years ago.  We watched as it must have travelled over 20 kms in smooth non accelerating fast speed. When it got over us, I had a feeling it wasn't a fighter jet as it suddenly stopped and literally disappeared. There was no sound of jet engines, motors or any kind of hypersonic explosion. Just quietly disappeared so quickly, it unhinged me. It travelled too far to be a drone, it was too quiet to be a jet, and it flew a lot lower like a Cessna, but no sound and the speed and disappearance was mind boggling. The green aura wasn't flashing it was consistent, which was odd.

It was no plane. I have no explanation for it. The engineer in me won't accept it being anything other than military, but no tech exists for it to disappear like this. No sound. No object visible afterwards. It was a super clear sky and still lit.

Has anyone else reported this? It disappeared somewhere near no15 hwy and the transcanada no1. highway intersection in Surrey, BC.

Reported 6-May-2018
Summer 1994, 100 Mile House, BC:
(11 pm)

Back in the summer of 94, my gf and I were travelling from Vancouver to Prince George to visit family. It was late at night around 11pm. We were in my little sports car heading up a long straight hill just north of 100 Mile House B.C. You could see the deep blue sky with no clouds at all and lots of stars. We remember the tall pine trees parting the highway on either side of the road as we drove up a long straight hill with a bright moon out. Then we noticed a dark object far in front of us which seamed to hover over the highway. Finally I said to my gf, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" There were no lights anywhere, no other vehicles on the highway, just this massive black oval shape hanging just a few hundred feet above the highway. I remember getting the chills like hair standing up on my skin feeling. I mean, this was unexplainable?? As we continued down the highway it became darker, the objects oval edge was sharply distinctive against the clear sky. We could still see a small bit of sky only very low far down the highway. I remember we tried getting a good look at it, but It was just Blackness, my headlights didn't even seem as bright as they should be. We drove under this thing for a few minutes under a blackness that blotted out the entire sky. I began driving extremely fast I think up to 180kmh to get as far away from this thing as we could. Looking back the dark object still stationary with dark edges in the clear night sky. Estimated size of this object was at least a mile in diameter based on the speed we were traveling while under it's darkness.

Based everything I know of science and nature there is no definitive explanation of this event???

Reported 24-May-2018
23-May-2018, Nanaimo, BC
: (10:45 pm)

Last night around 10:45 pm I was sitting outside having a fire. I looked up at the sky and suddenly appearing out of nowhere a ball of light was streaming along the sky towards I guess . . . earth . . . looked more like towards my house lol. Anyway there was another behind it. They both flew towards "my house" then proceeded to slow down as they went past, then flew away up into the sky pretty fast until I could no longer see them. The weird thing is, the street lights in front of my house as well as my neighbor's went out for about a minute or so then turned on again. Not only that ... dogs were barking, more so than usual?? Or maybe it was my mind playing tricks. I have no idea what I saw!! All I know is that I cannot explain it. Never seen anything like that before!!!

Reported 2-Jun-2018
1-Jun-2018, Nelson, BC
: (6:30 pm)

Hi. I just experienced a strange weather phenomenon above Nelson BC. On June the 1st 2018 at around 6:30pm I was visiting a friend near Nelson BC when I noticed a ray of light starting from highway 6 east and stopping just above Nelson. The ray of light was perfectly straight (resembling a comet trail) but the strange thing was the ray had a rainbow at the end of it?  Then it just stopped without continuing past the rainbow. It lasted about 10 to 15 minutes I had only managed to get a few seconds of video but glad I did. Natural phenomenon, UFO, Paranormal, or Mythos?


Reported 25-Jun-2018
23-Jun-2018, Kamloops, BC
: (6:40 to 6:45 pm)

Yesterday, Saturday, June 23 I saw an object in the sky from 6:40 to 6:45. Driving West on Ord Road, Kamloops BC, near Cinnamon Ridge. It was at first oblong and shining very brightly in the sun,  pulsing a bit at times, until very clearly turning from a long and skinny disc shape to perfectly circular. It changed size from large to smaller and back to larger before turning back to an oblong shape again. It pulsed a bit more, shining so brightly in the sunny sky, and then back again to a perfect circle, at which point, I started to record this sighting. While it was oblong the shape was not totally opaque, but the center top area was sometimes clear in an oval as it shimmered about and pulsed. When I got out of the truck to get a better look, it had disappeared.

Reported 17-Jun-2018
16-Jun-2018, Saanich, BC
: (noon)


D 850 NIKON 1/320 SEC 35 MM LENS.




UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the photograph. Although the shape is quite reminiscent of the classical UFO/Saucer, I am sorry to say that given the motion blur, it is likely a bug at very close proximity to the lens.

These types of photographs are very common - people take a photo and only after looking at it after the fact, do they see a blurry shape. The bug went by the camera too fast for our eyes to perceive, but not too fast for the shutter to pickup.

Thanks for the photo none the less!!



Reported 8-July-2018
8-July-2018, Pritchard, BC
: (10:28 am)

Good morning,

I have just come inside from a sighting that has taken place this morning. It is 10:28 am Sunday July the 8th, 2018. My name is Paul Xxxxx and I live in Pritchard B.C. The time of the initial sighting was around 10:20 am on the same date.


I was sitting on our deck outside facing South. I was watching our neighbor rake his hay field and more so I was watching the Birds chasing the mice and what not, that that process reveals.

I was following a Vulture, while looking through our binoculars, when all of a sudden a bright white dot appeared in the background. My initial thought was that it was somehow a planet or star, but quickly dismissed that. Then I figured that it was a plane flying at a very high altitude. I no longer was following the bird, but became focused on the white light. I wanted to see if the object was in fact moving, thus maybe confirming that it was a plane, after all, and not a star or planet.

The object was in fact moving as I had to continuously adjust my viewing angle.... So then I was on the idea that, yes, this must be a plane flying at a very high altitude, because I could not make out any distinctive shape; it looked "spherical". I would have let this sighting end right there except for the fact that suddenly this object completely changed direction, in a fraction of a second. I would have to say about 145-165 degrees; not a complete 180, but very, very close.

The speed of the object stayed constant through out the entire sighting. The initial direction of the object was from the North East heading towards South West, then after the direction change, the direction was towards the North East. I watched the object through the binoculars until I finally lost sight of it.

The whole encounter lasted approximately (5) five to (7) seven minutes.

Additional information....

I quickly did a visual check to see if I could see this object with the naked eye, and I could not see it. The total coverage of the sky was from 12 O'clock to 3 O'clock to 9 O'clock, on  vertical  axis.

Thank you for taking this information.