UPDATED - November 12th, 2018

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Reported 17-Sep-2018
1-Sep-2018, Logan Lake, BC

Logan lake BC, traveling in an RV at night around Sep1st 2018. Saw a white light that looked like a V-shaped object, thought it was maybe a drone with a light on. It traveled over fields and just above tree height but as we drove around the bend towards Logan Lake the object stayed in view and must have traveled at least 2km alongside us and keeping up the same speed (approx 60km/hr) for a good few minutes over trees and fields until it went out of view continuing to travel very fast. If it was a drone I have no idea how someone managed to keep track of where it was and why it seemingly followed alongside us for multiple minutes.

Reported 23-Sep-2018
2-July-2007, Victoria, BC

This happened the morning of July 2 at roughly 6am-8am in 2007, possibly 2006.

Two friends and I were sitting on Dallas Road huddled up and star gazing, where the steps meet the ocean.  We had been baby-sitting very late for a wedding so were enjoying the fact that no one was up and about yet.

We were sitting in silence and for awhile now I had been seeing stars in the shape of a diamond, then slowly rotating into a square,  over and over.  After maybe half an hour of seeing this and not saying anything, it almost seemed as if the “stars” were coming closer.  I should also note that the stars/lights, I think I’ll call them lights now, were mostly white but shifted between red and blue flickering as well.  I'm not totally sure if it was me who broke the silence but someone finally said something and the other two were like ‘yea I've been watching that for awhile now too…’  I know this might sound weird, but the closer they got the weather seemed to get a bit darker and the wind had picked up.

At this point we were as close as we could all possibly get to each other, and obviously a little freaked out.  This had not been the first time that either of us three had seen ‘something’ moving in the sky in our lives.

All of a sudden, there was a large craft pretty much directly above the road above our heads.  It was really big, I'm not sure I could give an accurate measurement. It had large, multiple, horizontal lights that would light up and move end to end, kind of red and blue in the center.  There was a very loud whirring sound,  and like I said it had gotten very dark and windy.  I'm honestly not sure how long it stayed above us but it must have at least been a full minute. To be COMPLETELY honest, time seemed to stand still. I don’t think any of us had even looked at each other during this whole experience, our eyes were glued to what was happening and our arms glued to each other. Just as it had appeared it disappeared up into the sky. It. Was. Fucked.

I have only told a couple very close friends this, and I actually even FORGOT? About this for a couple if not a few years.  Is that my brain protecting me….? I duno but the fact that I have honestly somehow FORGOTTEN this monumental happening.. has added to the creeps.  I'm not really friends with the other two any more but I have on more than a few occasions gone to one of the friends from that night to really ask if ‘this actually happened’.

Thanks for reading, Ive been wanting to get this out of my mind and on here for a very long time.

Reported 26-Sep-2018
26-Sep-2018, Victoria, BC
: (9:10 pm)

I must report a ufo sighting only a few minutes ago at exactly our time 9:10 or 9:11. Tonight. It Was A very large wide triangle fairly short body single flying wing looking craft, it had at least 3 pot light looking lights on the under side of the port and starboard underside. It looked like it was coming out of cloak or it just flew out of a cloud, I watched very carefully as the city lights of Victoria, BC lit up a reflection of the underside of this craft. It was clear for 3 seconds but it seemed like an eternity. It seemed to be gliding but still having perfect control. It came out of cloak or a cloud moving slowly across a post full moon sky visible 3 seconds and disappear gently into cloak or a cloud again into a black sky. Absolutely no engine noise and slow and steady. I phoned the Saanich police department immediately and gave my report and they said it was the first one? So that's it. Thanks.

Reported 26-Oct-2018
26-Oct-2018, Surrey, BC: (8:45 pm)

I'm living in downtown Surrey, BC right now and about 8:45 PM I was on my patio when I faintly heard something cutting through the air. I looked up and I couldn't make sense of what it was I was seeing; at first my honest thought was, "is that a dragon?" as it didn't hold a straight solid shape and was very long and didn't look too wide in the body. It kind of looked like a long drawn out S. There was absolutely no sound to it and held the shape and kind of banked to the left a bit and just disappeared into the night sky. There were no lights on it at all and if it wasn't for the moon being out I don't think I would have seen it at all and that might explain the shape as I might have only been seeing a bit of a reflection of the craft. I'm living in a 19 story building and there's a construction crane across the street which I'm guessing is about 400 to 450 feet up and it was probably about 50 feet above that. I have no explanation of exactly what I have just seen. Although I did read about the sighting in September in Victoria and it sounds pretty similar to me. Thanks.

Reported 1-Nov-2018
27-July-2017, Vancouver, BC
: (11:30 pm)

I was walking east on 12th Avenue, approaching Commercial Drive. I looked up towards the northeast sky and saw what I thought was a bright planet or star, except it was moving diagonally downwards and to the south. I thought then, it must be a bright satellite or maybe the International Space Station. Then the object just stopped! It moved up and down and side to side slightly. A tree blocked the object for a moment as I continued walking. It hadn't moved, other than continuing to sway a bit, when I emerged on the other side of the tree. I watched the object for maybe another 30 seconds, then it began heading east rapidly and quickly faded away. It appeared as a solid yellow-white light a fair distance away - very much like starlight. The sky was relatively clear. There was no audible noise. It did not blink or change colour. The entire incident lasted no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Reported 2-Nov-2018
1999, Coquitlam, BC


I had a daylight mid-day sighting where others saw it too. This was said to be a Russian satellite and appeared in the Province paper the next day. Make no mistake this was nothing worldly. The object was huge and rectangular, not a flying saucer type. It appeared to come down from the atmosphere and travel slowly across the sky. I could only guess how big this object really was as I had crossed the Atlantic on a ship and know how small objects appear on the horizon twenty miles as the eye can see. You could literally see some kind of exhaust trail with asteroids tumbling within it. There also was a smaller looking craft following behind but this too appeared enormous also and shaped like the other object. It was brown in color, no visible windows, no front nose cone or lights as it was around 4:00 pm and very clear blue skies. A bus load of passengers also saw it at the same time as I did walking up Marmont Street in Coquitlam. I had gone to the corner store and was walking back home. It stayed in my vision for 5 minutes before I put my eyes down and started running home. I wanted my daughter to see it too. But by the time I got there only a few minutes away it had lifted up further into the sky and out of our atmosphere. It was truly astounding. The next day many people reported this and it was in the Province newspaper. I kept a copy for many years until it was lost in a move. Please check this out it was probably 19 years ago. That's my sighting and I will never forget it. My name is XXXX XXXX and I was 45 years old  at the time so 1999.

Please feel free to contact me if you require a further description or you locate the newspaper article . I would love a copy. Can't remember what month it happened but not winter months.

Thank-you, sincerely

Reported 7-Nov-2018
6-Nov-2018, Langley, BC
: (about 11 pm)

Hello UFOBC,

Last night Tues Nov 6, 2018 I was on my back porch in Langley looking southeast to the sky. It was about 11pm but don’t know the exact time. I made out of the corner of my eye three bright lights, 2 at back and one further up to the front 25% longer than the width. The object was very high in the atmosphere, perhaps much higher than a jet. There was also a single light trailing on its right side close but a bit further back.  (See diagram - d shows direction).


d   >                                                   O

d   >


The lights travelled the entire arc of the sky maybe 75 times the speed of a commercial airliner but don’t know altitude. There was some cloud so they went from faint to very bright overhead.  Absolutely no audible sounds.

I thought fighter jets, but the spacing was perfect and it was eerie.

Just thought I’d put this in as it was something definitely unidentifiable by me.

Has anyone else seen this?


Reported 10-Nov-2018
9-Nov-2018, Sea Island, BC
: (about 2 pm)

My older brother (63), and I (48) were walking back from the end of the out pipe at Iona Park Friday Nov. 9th about 2pm at about the 2 kilometer mark. Walking towards the road we both heard a motorized sound flying towards us from behind. We both said, "plane coming again". But, the noise was quite lower and as it was just above us, we both looked up and behind. We saw nothing.
But, now the energy flow was evident. Not a wind or something. But, definitely hear a whooshing, wailing sound that hovers above us. Definitely rotating clockwise for 2 or 3 minutes.

I was looking, concentrating on seeing something that obviously sounds like it was fairly large, rotating, hovering twenty feet above us. No gusts, no temperature change, no ripples in the air. But, an energy definitely from above. Then, it left. We could hear it leave straight in front us. You could hear it still 500 meters away.

We were in awe.