UPDATED - July 7th, 2019

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Reported 1-Apr-2019
1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC

Reported 2-Apr-2019
1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC

Have you received any reports regarding strange, brilliant, white flashing lights over / near north Nanaimo last night?

I contacted RCMP here and their response was ‘strange’. The officer said “we have been told to tell you that it’s a kite”.

These lights were perfectly stationary, no movement at all. We used the constellation of Ursa Major as a reference point.

We were viewing them ne 60 degrees from our deck. A direct line to the mainland puts them approx Gibson/ Vancouver area.

Any information would be gratefully received

UFOBC Responds:

We did receive a video last night that we haven't posted online yet. I will forward you a copy for now. (we have now posted it)

Witness Responds:

Thanks for forwarding these. Yes they are the same 'lights' obviously from a different angle.

I live in North Nanaimo and witnessed them from home with my two youngest sons (13 and 11 years old.)

20:50 - took my dog out before settling for the night. as always I turned off the back door light to scan / view the sky conditions (I have 'built' a prototype sky viewing platform that needs testing) as I do each evening at around this time. I noticed three very bright lights flashing.

20:55 - after collecting a pair of binoculars, my camera and iPhone I called my boys out onto our upstairs deck to see these lights. They were not in a straight line, but close proximity to each other, and directly below the 'pan handle' of Ursa Major. We were looking NE 60 degrees as per app on iPhone.

We watched the lights with great curiosity, postulating, guessing and theorizing what they could be.

21:10 - approx - my 13 yr old noticed a smaller light that seemed to move from the North towards these lights, smaller, flashing but not as bright.

21:15 - approx - smaller fourth light began to fade and move back North.

21:20 - approx - the three lights began moving North, still as bright, still moving slowly yet in a very stable and controlled way

21:25 approx - lights were all but out of sight, dimmed, not as viewable as previously.

21:25 - I called the non-emergency RCMP line and spoke to a dispatch officer. She told me that there were reports of these lights and an officer had been dispatched and investigated. The officer returned his call stating all was well. The next thing she told me raised my suspicions.
"We have been told to tell you that it's kites..." - I didn't ask what they were, I didn't prompt this reply.
I asked where the officer had been as I was in the North End, she wouldn't say.
I asked for the responding officer's name and contact number, she wouldn't give it out.
I asked if the official story is still kites, as the wind / breeze that evening would not be conducive to the stable, stationary state that these lights were in. She said it's kites.

21:47 - I contacted the Global News desk in Vancouver and asked if they had any such reports, briefly outlining the contents of this e-mail. He said they hadn't and were very interested. Finishing the conversation they asked if any video was available. I said I hadn't any due to light pollution, ambient lighting from my home interfering with my phone and camera.

To conclude. I dismiss out of hand any kind of kite or 'drone' activity causing this effect. The wind speeds at altitude would not allow for such a steady and stable control of such. We used the constellation Ursa Major as a reference point to deem if the light were moving, swaying or being buffeted by the wind. They were not.

A quick google bounce does however show a number of years ago a man did fly a box kite with a lantern attached, since then this seems to be the go to 'remedy'.

I don't doubt that the explanation is man made, but not kites and not drones.

The path of this lights did mirror another interesting siting the day before, again these may have been 'balloons' or kites, but their motion and lack of interference from nature makes me doubt this.

Hope this helped a little.

Reported 17-Apr-2019
Early Mar-2019, Nanaimo, BC

I don't know the exact date, but about 6 weeks ago I was driving on the island hwy in Nanaimo, BC. It was very early morning and very foggy. I looked up at the foggy sky and noticed a very bright white light moving at about 30-40 km per hr from west to east for about 20 seconds until it disappeared in the fog. Now, there is no way a plane or helicopter would be flying this low in very foggy conditions. I would never have known how to report this until I just discovered this site, and this is not the only ufo sighting I've experienced on Vancouver Island. I have seen about 4-5 very curious looking ufo's over the years - one round in shape and red in colour, moving slowly across the sky at night over Victoria, turning 90 degrees without slowing or speeding up, too slow to be a plane and at 2 am in the morning can't see this being a helicopter. I happened to have a very powerful laser pointer on me so I had pointed it at it. It stopped for a split second then continued. I wish I had thought of recording the incident but was too caught up in the moment.

Reported 6-May-2019
4-May-2019, Vancouver, BC

This was Saturday night atop Queen Elizabeth park facing east. I have two more videos if you want them I would like to remain anonymous in this I am just curious as to what the were pretty sure they are not drones due to the distance they traveled

Reported 23-May-2019
23-May-2019, Mill Bay. BC

I took this picture of the sky when I saw something in the clouds when I zoomed in on it this is what I saw. This was near millbay b.c. zoom in on the circled area.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photo. Sadly the detail just isn’t there to make any type of positive identification. On the balance of probability (meaning in all likelihood) it is a bird, with the central bulge being the body and the wings on each side mid flight.

Now, could it be a craft? Sure – but there simply isn’t enough information to tell.

Having said all of that, I would very much like to have more details of the event – date/time, location, direction (facing). If it was an object perhaps someone else saw it as well, and can add to the details.

Reported 27-May-2019
26-May-2019, Maple Ridge, BC
: (11:30 pm)

I live in Maple Ridge BC, Silver Valley. Approximately 11:35 pm, I was witnessing bursts of bright white light high in the sky in the South. I was looking at the same lights directly overhead, one of them shot North! As I turned to face North, 4 circular objects in a direct line traveling West to East passed by! They were equally spaced. Then the two middle objects became closer and they all adjusted their speed. At that time also there was sparkling orange lights being emitted from all four objects!!! I ran inside, got my wife and she saw them also as they travelled East! Totally blown away by what I witnessed.

Reported 31-May-2019
31-May-2019, Rolley Lake, BC
: (3:00 am)

Writing this while it's still fresh in my memory before I go to sleep. I was at the beach at Rolley Lake in British Columbia, about an hour outside Vancouver at around 3:00 am on May 31, 2019. Me and a friend were chatting and looking at the constellations when my friend noticed about 8 moving objects flying in a straight line from North to South. They almost looked like stars but in a traveling formation and two of them were even beside each other. Including some of the stragglers, there had to have been over 10 objects in total all moving on the exact same path. What made me think they weren't satellites was their uniform formation and how the lights would dim and disappear, only to reappear down the projected path seconds later. It was similar to an object I saw last Summer over Hayward lake. I hope to start seeing them more often.

Reported 2-Jun-2019
1-Jun-2019, White Rock, BC

Hi, bright white light with small red light beside it hovered over the water off of white rock for the night.

A plane even approached it and turned around!

Sat evening June 1st.

Reported 10-Jun-2019
10-Jun-2019, Vancouver, BC

I sent these but may have messed up so this is a resend of pictures taken a split second apart on a notepad made by ASUS brand (kool). I think it is 8 megapixels.

I never noticed that object in the sky and heard nothing. Friends say it is a plane.

UFO*BC Responds:

We zoomed in on the original images and the object in the second photo is clearly a bird. Our conclusion is that there must have been at least a few seconds delay between the pictures.

Reported 26-June-2019
15-July-2019, Victoria, BC
: (5 - 6 pm)

I saw this object from the backyard of my apartment in mid-July, 2017 around 17h-18h. The object was coming from the south and although the video makes it look like the object was far away, with my eyes it was about 300 metres.  The vesel was always in movement (ex: turning around almost backward) and when it passed my home as you can see in the video, I went inside to go to the front and in about 10 second when I got to the front the object was really far in the sky and it was spraying white stuff and I lost it from my vision after 2 or 3 spray.

Reported 7-July-2019
February 2017, Prince Rupert, BC
: (about 11 pm)

The video was taken February 2017, and it was taken over Mount Hays in Prince Rupert, BC. I was driving home after kickboxing and got some food because I stayed later that night. I think it was around 11pm. Nothing was announced and no one was reported missing. Mount Hays doesn’t have very many hikers. The orb did not move and was honestly huge. The cell tower can be seen in the video when it is zoomed out as a small dot in the darkness. I had been staring at it for 30 or so seconds before I remembered to take out my phone and record it.