UPDATED - June 3rd, 2019

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Reported 27-Dec-2018
24-Dec-2018, Nanaimo, BC
: (9:10 pm)

I was taking out the garbage at about 9:10 Christmas Eve, and as I was walking to the garbage cans I heard voices coming on the wind from beyond my back yard. I couldn’t make out what was said, but they sounded animated. I started walking again, and when I got to the cans I heard them getting louder so I again looked (Northward) in their direction and saw an object about an inch big at arm's length coming out of the northwest at about 800-1000 feet away, traveling about 30-40 miles an hour and getting closer to me. The sky was fairly clear and the wind was blowing and gusting out of the northeast, pretty much across from the objects flight path. There was no sound from the object as it steadily moved in a south easterly direction at about 200 feet above the ground, just over and beyond the treetops of my neighbour's back yard. The object looked kind of like a dark rock about 5 to 10 feet in diameter and had a very strange well defined conical-shaped field coming off it, perhaps 4 to 5 times the objects diameter that was shimmering in intensity in hues of red and orange. It was highly visible. As the object came by directly centered from left to right it seemed about 600 feet away, and the cone was coming off it much like the cone of a fighter jet moving through the sound barrier almost appeared to be straining. I was stunned...I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing, but even though there were trees in front of me I could see it very clearly as it kept moving, now away and to the right. It passed just under the almost full moon, and I could still see this cone of energy, like a force field coming off it. It was about half the size of the moon it passed under by that time...and was now starting to look like there was a small star inside it. As I ran out onto the road to get a clear view of it, the object made a steady left turn over the street I live on, and headed directly away from me, now traveling almost directly eastward over the city. It now appeared to me as just a star that was shimmering, but bigger and brighter. It also seemed to be climbing slightly as it moved away. I was watching as it move steadily and directly away, and kicking myself for not having my cell phone with me, when I heard more voices on the wind coming from northward. I looked left and saw a second object coming from the same area as the first one, and now had a completely unobstructed view of it....until it went behind the trees closest to I ran into the house, got my phone which was right by the front door, and ran back out fumbling with it to turn the camera on to video mode. I got 94 seconds of video of the second object as it moved away, keeping the same general southeast heading and not making any major turns like the first one did. It might have started to gain a little altitude as it was heading southeastward towards an area of higher ground. They both seemed to be generally following the terrain below, and were both completely silent.

I have been a private fixed wing pilot since 1987, with some helicopter training as well, have worked with helicopters both in forestry, and at sea as flight deck crew of an icebreaker. I have owned and flown two large scale remote controlled helicopters, and was an active skydiver until a few years ago... and I can’t explain what I saw..!! If this was some “Santa sighting” hoax played out by some clever people (there were at least two objects) then they got me good...!!! But I don’t think that was the case. The video does NO justice to what I saw that night...the objects seemed to be like big Geodes with a star inside them only visible from the back, and being contained by some exotic force field. The whole incident has left me somewhat disturbed, and hoping desperately that the source of the voices I heard would come forward with their story....

Computer generated drawing done by the witness:

Reported 11-Feb-2019
10-Feb-2019, North Delta, BC

So this is from yesterday Feb.10 2019. The view is from the bottom of Terrace drive and river road North Delta looking North above New Westminster.

It was 6am and it lasted for about 20 minutes. I had to leave to work so couldn't stay but since I was heading towards Burnaby I kept looking and eventually it disappeared. It was a perfectly clear morning, stars were out. I tried to discern if clouds were obscuring lights on the mountains but there were none and one mountain's lights are in full view.

What I saw - a triangle of lights. One light or two would disappear and reappear. An extra light emerged from one of the lights and moved away and disappeared. The triangle would shrink in size then expand, and I could visually see it rotate on its axis, keeping its shape, one light would disappear behind the light in the foreground and reappear. As if it were spinning. It was most certainly not ski run lights because they were moving. I have never noticed those lights before and I drive down that street all the time, that's why they caught my eye. Haven't looked to see exactly what mountain that lined up with or if it was even over the mountain. There are also no visible cranes on any of the high rise buildings. Let me know what you think.

Reported 22-Feb-2019
1978, Vancouver, BC


My name is Sandy. Myself along with my brother and sister and many neighbors on our street witnessed a round silver object flying in the sky making fast movements, we were all sitting on our couch when we looked outside and saw the object in the sky, our mother who was on the phone, didn’t see it initially, though I can recall all three of us were screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Come see!" and we were trying hard to get her attention without taking our eyes off this object. I would have been about 4 years old, my brother 5 and my sister 8 We can all clearly remember this happening. We also recall running outside to our street and watching from the street along with many neighbors to watch this object. The man next door had out his camera and was taking a lot of pictures. By this time our mother had come outside as well. Shortly after we gathered outside the craft shot off and within 2-3 seconds was gone. The following day our neighbor (the man that had taken pics) said a few men had come by his house and taken his camera and film. Our grandmother had also called my mom the night it happened as she had also seen something in the sky over Vancouver (BC). This had all taken place in 1978 I cannot recall which month.

I always look online to see if anyone else had written about the same incident and to see what they recall, but there is a lot of info and as I was quite young some details seem foggy, although I'm 100% sure of its occurrence as both my siblings recalled it exactly as I had.

Reported 17-Feb-2019
January 2018, Cloverdale, BC

Hi. I live in Cloverdale, BC and in January 2018 I was at the park across from my house. It was early in the new year and I decided to take a few pictures of the lights on the north shore ski hills. It wasn't until I examined the pictures later that I realized I had captured something strange in one of them.

With regards to the enclosed series of photos you will note a light approximating the size of a star that appears in the third photo on the right side of the picture, above the lights of Mount Seymour in North Van. All pics were taken in series, approximately four to eleven seconds apart and from a distance of approximately 50km from the North Shore mountains. Mount Seymour is on the right, Grouse Mountain is in the middle, and Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver is on the left. These mountains are between 3000 and 4000 feet above sea level. The skies were clear and the night was cold.

I would estimate the distance captured from right to left to be approximately 25-30 km which, in my opinion is too great for the light to be a plane, as it could not travel across the line of sight in the eight seconds between photo two and photo three.

It does not appear in any of the four pictures except the third one.

Reported 26-Mar-2019
20-March-2019, Chehalis Campground, BC
: (1 am)

On Wednesday March 20th at 1am on the dot, a bright colourful object flew over my tent while camping in Chehalis Recreational Campground. There was no sound and I was far enough away from the road so I know it wasn't a car's lights reflecting off of the trees. The lights on this object were bright and multi colored but by no means blinding. But made my heart stop for a few seconds. It was travelling southwest and I can't tell you how fast but if I was to guess probably around 200 km at a height of around 100 feet. But again just guessing.
At first when I saw it for a split second I thought meteor, but then the colourful lights registered and then how low it was and the speed and I just knew it was something else.

Very cool and I love the thought of seeing a ufo. Not the first time I have seen one. But it is the first time reporting one.

Thx for reading.

Reported 1-Apr-2019
1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC

Reported 2-Apr-2019
1-Apr-2019, Nanaimo, BC

Have you received any reports regarding strange, brilliant, white flashing lights over / near north Nanaimo last night?

I contacted RCMP here and their response was ‘strange’. The officer said “we have been told to tell you that it’s a kite”.

These lights were perfectly stationary, no movement at all. We used the constellation of Ursa Major as a reference point.

We were viewing them ne 60 degrees from our deck. A direct line to the mainland puts them approx Gibson/ Vancouver area.

Any information would be gratefully received

UFOBC Responds:

We did receive a video last night that we haven't posted online yet. I will forward you a copy for now. (we have now posted it)

Witness Responds:

Thanks for forwarding these. Yes they are the same 'lights' obviously from a different angle.

I live in North Nanaimo and witnessed them from home with my two youngest sons (13 and 11 years old.)

20:50 - took my dog out before settling for the night. as always I turned off the back door light to scan / view the sky conditions (I have 'built' a prototype sky viewing platform that needs testing) as I do each evening at around this time. I noticed three very bright lights flashing.

20:55 - after collecting a pair of binoculars, my camera and iPhone I called my boys out onto our upstairs deck to see these lights. They were not in a straight line, but close proximity to each other, and directly below the 'pan handle' of Ursa Major. We were looking NE 60 degrees as per app on iPhone.

We watched the lights with great curiosity, postulating, guessing and theorizing what they could be.

21:10 - approx - my 13 yr old noticed a smaller light that seemed to move from the North towards these lights, smaller, flashing but not as bright.

21:15 - approx - smaller fourth light began to fade and move back North.

21:20 - approx - the three lights began moving North, still as bright, still moving slowly yet in a very stable and controlled way

21:25 approx - lights were all but out of sight, dimmed, not as viewable as previously.

21:25 - I called the non-emergency RCMP line and spoke to a dispatch officer. She told me that there were reports of these lights and an officer had been dispatched and investigated. The officer returned his call stating all was well. The next thing she told me raised my suspicions.
"We have been told to tell you that it's kites..." - I didn't ask what they were, I didn't prompt this reply.
I asked where the officer had been as I was in the North End, she wouldn't say.
I asked for the responding officer's name and contact number, she wouldn't give it out.
I asked if the official story is still kites, as the wind / breeze that evening would not be conducive to the stable, stationary state that these lights were in. She said it's kites.

21:47 - I contacted the Global News desk in Vancouver and asked if they had any such reports, briefly outlining the contents of this e-mail. He said they hadn't and were very interested. Finishing the conversation they asked if any video was available. I said I hadn't any due to light pollution, ambient lighting from my home interfering with my phone and camera.

To conclude. I dismiss out of hand any kind of kite or 'drone' activity causing this effect. The wind speeds at altitude would not allow for such a steady and stable control of such. We used the constellation Ursa Major as a reference point to deem if the light were moving, swaying or being buffeted by the wind. They were not.

A quick google bounce does however show a number of years ago a man did fly a box kite with a lantern attached, since then this seems to be the go to 'remedy'.

I don't doubt that the explanation is man made, but not kites and not drones.

The path of this lights did mirror another interesting siting the day before, again these may have been 'balloons' or kites, but their motion and lack of interference from nature makes me doubt this.

Hope this helped a little.

Reported 17-Apr-2019
Early Mar-2019, Nanaimo, BC

I don't know the exact date, but about 6 weeks ago I was driving on the island hwy in Nanaimo, BC. It was very early morning and very foggy. I looked up at the foggy sky and noticed a very bright white light moving at about 30-40 km per hr from west to east for about 20 seconds until it disappeared in the fog. Now, there is no way a plane or helicopter would be flying this low in very foggy conditions. I would never have known how to report this until I just discovered this site, and this is not the only ufo sighting I've experienced on Vancouver Island. I have seen about 4-5 very curious looking ufo's over the years - one round in shape and red in colour, moving slowly across the sky at night over Victoria, turning 90 degrees without slowing or speeding up, too slow to be a plane and at 2 am in the morning can't see this being a helicopter. I happened to have a very powerful laser pointer on me so I had pointed it at it. It stopped for a split second then continued. I wish I had thought of recording the incident but was too caught up in the moment.

Reported 6-May-2019
4-May-2019, Vancouver, BC

This was Saturday night atop Queen Elizabeth park facing east. I have two more videos if you want them I would like to remain anonymous in this I am just curious as to what the were pretty sure they are not drones due to the distance they traveled

Reported 23-May-2019
23-May-2019, Mill Bay. BC

I took this picture of the sky when I saw something in the clouds when I zoomed in on it this is what I saw. This was near millbay b.c. zoom in on the circled area.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photo. Sadly the detail just isn’t there to make any type of positive identification. On the balance of probability (meaning in all likelihood) it is a bird, with the central bulge being the body and the wings on each side mid flight.

Now, could it be a craft? Sure – but there simply isn’t enough information to tell.

Having said all of that, I would very much like to have more details of the event – date/time, location, direction (facing). If it was an object perhaps someone else saw it as well, and can add to the details.

Reported 27-May-2019
26-May-2019, Maple Ridge, BC
: (11:30 pm)

I live in Maple Ridge BC, Silver Valley. Approximately 11:35 pm, I was witnessing bursts of bright white light high in the sky in the South. I was looking at the same lights directly overhead, one of them shot North! As I turned to face North, 4 circular objects in a direct line traveling West to East passed by! They were equally spaced. Then the two middle objects became closer and they all adjusted their speed. At that time also there was sparkling orange lights being emitted from all four objects!!! I ran inside, got my wife and she saw them also as they travelled East! Totally blown away by what I witnessed.

Reported 31-May-2019
31-May-2019, Rolley Lake, BC
: (3:00 am)

Writing this while it's still fresh in my memory before I go to sleep. I was at the beach at Rolley Lake in British Columbia, about an hour outside Vancouver at around 3:00 am on May 31, 2019. Me and a friend were chatting and looking at the constellations when my friend noticed about 8 moving objects flying in a straight line from North to South. They almost looked like stars but in a traveling formation and two of them were even beside each other. Including some of the stragglers, there had to have been over 10 objects in total all moving on the exact same path. What made me think they weren't satellites was their uniform formation and how the lights would dim and disappear, only to reappear down the projected path seconds later. It was similar to an object I saw last Summer over Hayward lake. I hope to start seeing them more often.