Sightings Pre-1995


26-Aug-1897, Okanagan Landing, BC:

 Sorry, (this is) not a personal sighting but I thought you should know that under your "Early Sightings", you tell of flying machines in 1897. There is a similar article in the Vernon News in, (I think), August 26, 1897, telling of how two gentlemen of "good repute" spotted a flying object from the north. It was very bright and when it approached it looked like some sort of machine with a figure inside. Every once in a while the machine would shoot sparks into the air. It circled for a couple hours and disappeared.

August-1950, Lakelse Lake BC (near Terrace): (7:29 pm)

The witness was 17 years old and out in a boat on Lakelse Lake when she suddenly heard a whirring sound. Looking up she was astonished to see a two-tone metallic, disc-shaped craft that was tilted towards her at a 45-degree angle. The object was stationary, had a dome on top and the centre part was revolving and apparently responsible for the sound she could hear. It was her feeling that she was being observed during the following two minutes that it remained in position. Then it very suddenly was gone "so fast". She never mentioned this event to her parents as they were very religious and would simply state that it was the work of the devil.

(Note: The witness stated that the local newspaper at that time (Terrace Herald?) was carrying other reports.)

May 1951, Prince George, BC: (between 2:00pm – 3:00pm)

The year is 1951, and our witness was on 15th Ave on a sunny May at around 2 to 3pm. Looking up at the sky, he notices a stationary oval object, hovering just south of 15thAve.

It was about 3000 feet in elevation, and suddenly started to move and take a sudden 90 degree turn heading south. As it turned it became clear that what he was seeing was a gray metallic saucer or disk.

Now, about 1 mile away, the craft was moving at around 3,000mph – the witness was able to determine speed from time take to pass over certain known point along the Prince George skyline – as is typical with this type of sighting, it was making no sound.

Two other witnesses were present, a gentleman by the name of Ed Dewalt, and his friend Anita. Unfortunately, these two witnesses have since passed on, and cannot provide any further detail.

Given the age of this sighting, and the details provided (on several occasion to myself to ascertain accuracy) it is certainly one of the better and historically important sightings from that golden era.

Richard T, UFOBC

Early to mid-1950s Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver, BC: (early afternoon) HBCC UFO

HBCC UFO Research Note: Now this is a really interesting sighting report since there appears to have been more people who witnessed this object as the person reporting mentions the radio station carried a news story on this craft being observed by others. I would like to request from others who were in that area at the time that if they saw this craft, would they please be kind enough to contact me here at HBCC UFO Research with the details of what you saw. Thank you, Brian.

I recall I was 8 or 10 years old and playing by myself in our back yard on the west side of Tuc-el-Nuit Lake.

I was not looking at the lake but was facing north. A movement over my right shoulder caught my attention and I turned towards the lake.

Flying very low above the lake and coming from the south was a very strange looking airplane. It had no wings, no propeller, was the same shape top and bottom and made no sound. The size was a bit bigger than any plane I'd seen before and the only planes I had seen were small private planes. I'd never been to a big airport. The colour was a silver grey. The lake was only half a mile wide at that point so "the plane" was quite close and only about three times as high as our rooftop. If it had been a float plane I would have expected it to be landing at the far end of the lake.

It was moving only a little faster than I would have expected a plane to fly. I watched it continue up the lake then went back to my playing.

Later when I went in the house I told my mother about the strange plane I'd seen.

A short time later she heard on the 5:00 pm news that a "flying saucer" had been seen by a great many people flying north up the Okanagan Valley. It fit the description of what I'd seen so she told me about it. The radio station was CKOK Penticton.

I wasn't overly impressed as I'd never even heard of flying saucers. My parents were aware of them but it was never a topic that they had any reason to discuss. To me it was just a funny looking airplane. In fact, if it had not been on the news I doubt that I would have remembered it as the years went by. Of course to see it now would be very exciting and I would pay a lot more attention!

Over the years I've looked at archives of sightings in B.C. but have never seen mention of that event. That surprises me a bit since several people apparently reported it to the radio station at the time.

Unfortunately I can't give the exact year. I just know it was after 1950 and before 1960. It was around the time that my parents were part of a team of volunteers that had to report any planes they heard or saw during their shift. My parents shift was midnight to 2 a.m. Since they were both teachers, they used the time to mark papers! Years later when I asked why they were doing that, they couldn't remember what it was about but that it was being done in more areas than Oliver.

Around that same time period there was another sighting in the sky that I noted but did not think about more than just briefly. I was in the same area of Oliver playing with some friends. This was early afternoon in the summer. They were standing above me on a mound of dirt and as I was looking at them I noticed three bright lights in the sky to the north. They looked like very bright stars and formed a small triangle. We all watched them for a while but they didn't move so we went on playing. Over the next half hour whenever we looked up they were there. Since I remembered my father saying that as a boy in Alert Bay (1920's) he and a friend once watched several unmoving "stars" for a whole afternoon I just assumed that we also were looking at stars. Yes, we knew that it was unusual to see stars in the daylight. The reason I remembered the event was that I was pleased that I'd seen something special that my dad had seen when he was about my age. Since then I've looked for stars in the daytime sky when the air is very clear but have never seen any.

I realize this report is from a long time ago but I am hoping you have records of this from other people. If nothing else I appreciate the opportunity to at last tell someone about the event. Thank you.

Between 1954 and 1958, Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver, BC: (Daylight sighting) HBCC UFO

This is a bit of an unusual addition to a report you posted earlier [see above].

My older sister submitted the report "Tuc-El-Nuit Lake Oliver, British Columbia 1950s Flying Saucer". She emailed me to take a look at this site, and I read her submission. Now, it gets a bit strange.

This was the very first time I heard about her seeing this event. That in itself is not particularly strange, but I saw something similar, and she did not know of my sighting nor I hers! Reading her report was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

What follows is a description of what I saw sometime between 1954 and 58. I was somewhere between 4 and 8 years old.

It was a bright day with a solid high overcast, and, I believe, in the afternoon. No wind and a warm day.

I was outside by the lake shore, facing south. Something attracted my attention and I looked up high to my left in time to see three objects streak towards the south. They were moving much faster than any ducks flew, and were absolutely silent. There was no flapping of wings or any body movement whatsoever. They did not appear to be descending, but got smaller as they flew out of sight behind a row of poplar trees about 100 m away.

There were three objects, flying in a "V" formation. They looked to me at the time like ducks with no tails and very short stubby wings. They were dark in colour and I saw no markings or distinguishable features. My age and lack of any other reference led me to assume they were just weird birds. What seemed unusual to me at the time other than the weird shape was the speed and silence of their flight.

They appeared to me as ducks would look if they were flying 10 or 15 m above my head. I should have seen details and heard the murmuring that ducks make as they fly.

I told my Mom and Dad about the "ducks". They questioned me but couldn't really come to any satisfactory conclusions and we just shrugged and moved on.

My sister and I talked about these events for the first time today. Neither of us was aware of the other's sighting. We are not really able to figure out who saw what first, but we are both certain that we did not know of each other's story. We are equally certain that we saw what we saw, and are not "remembering" a story we heard from the other.

FYI. Tuc-el-nuit Lake is, according to Indian legend, the birthplace of Ogopogo. He apparently swam up the Okanagan River to Okanagan Lake. The "Okanagan Arch" is also visible from this area.

Summer-1955, Vancouver BC:

"I didn't see this one but during that summer about six of my friends were sitting out in their back yard. All of a sudden they noticed a large cigar-shaped craft coming slowly up from the south. One of them ran into the house and brought out binoculars as well as his mother. They stated that the craft had numerous yellow portholes along both sides. Their mother apparently phoned the Airport and was told that there were no planes in the air at that time, they said that while she was on the phone she could hear fighter planes being scrambled in the back ground. While she was inside, the craft slowly turned round and headed back south, they watched until it was out of sight. They ranged in age from about 12 to 14."

Mid-Summer-1955, 100 Mile House, BC:

When I asked my father, he told me he saw a silver cigarette-shaped object hovering over 100 Mile House. He and about twenty other people pulled over on Highway 97 at the top of the hill on the north side of 100 Mile House. He told me this happened some time in mid-summer of 1955. When I asked him how high up in the air the object appeared to be, he told me he figured it was 5000 feet or so in the air. He said it hovered for 15 minutes then took off to the east so fast it was hard to watch it moving.

Summer-1956, Vancouver BC:

"This summer I became interested in listening to Short Wave Radio. I was out in my back yard working on an Antenna. Because I was looking up I noticed a small circular craft quickly approaching from the west; it flew almost directly overhead and disappeared to the east. It appeared to be about the same size and colour as a dime would be, held at arm's length. When I first saw it, it was about 45 degrees to the west of me. It took about 10 sec. to pass out of sight, much faster than any aircraft that I've ever seen. When it disappeared in the east it did not appear to follow the curvature of the earth but just seemed to fly straight off into space. The weather was sunny and clear, it made no sound and left no vapor trail, it appeared to be very high, possibly over 30,000 ft."

Sept/Oct-1957, Cedar Creek BC: (near Cranbrook)

Bob (17) his brother David (15) and father went hunting at Cedar Creek, at Albert River. They were camping at a disused logging camp. They spotted a "sausage-shaped" silver craft, pulsating at both ends, about half a mile away. It was making no noise. This was in the morning and the visibility was excellent. The object moved, stopped, moved, etc. It displayed no visible acceleration. It seemed to "jump" from A to B! They estimated that the craft was 30-40 feet long and 10 feet high. They watched it for 20-30 minutes. Bob hid behind a tree and was clearly upset. David began to load his rifle at which point his father reproached him and asked what he imagined he might achieve by shooting at it? The craft finally moved out of sight behind a nearby mountain.

NOTE: The above description was by Bob. His brother David recalls that the object was a huge silver BALL, about 50 feet in diameter and 1 ½ - 2 miles away! He also remembers watching it for an hour.

30-Oct-1959, Smithers: (8:30 pm)

I also have seen UFO's in Bulkley Valley.

In 1959, I watched a UFO for about 4 minutes as it flew over Smithers to the Hudson Bay Glacier. It hovered there for about 10 seconds, then flew back east to where I first saw it! I estimated its speed at around 1500 miles per hour as it went out of sight. This instance took place at 8:30 PM in late October, in the dark of the evening. The UFO was a very bright white and changed to red as it sped away .

Robert J Laidlaw. Smithers, B.C., Canada.

1960’s or early 70’s, Lower Mainland, BC: (Received: June, 2004) HBCC UFO
Chased By A UFO On The Way To Work: While I'm remembering things, back in the 60's and early 70's I worked in the main Vancouver Post Office. One of the fellows I worked with was a Mennonite fellow the same age as me. He used to drive back and forth from Clearbrook as he was living with his parents. Being from a rather closed community he was quite naive about a lot of things.

During the fall of 1965 he came into work one night and was quite visible shaken up by something which occurred on his way home the previous night. He told us he had just come off the Pt. Mann bridge and was cruising along about 70 Mph. when he noticed a bright white light in his rear view mirror. Thinking it was just another car coming up the hill from the bridge, he didn't pay to much attention. When he first saw it he figured it was probably several miles behind him but within seconds it was right over his car. He said it scared the crap out of him and he tried to put his foot through the floor and within seconds was doing over 120 mph.

He kept running through patches of thick dense fog and was terrified he was going to run into another vehicle but the object overhead scared him even more. After a few minutes it receded back to being just a light in the mirror but he said he kept his foot to the floor. Just before reaching his turn off it suddenly closed in on him again and hovered overhead. When he started to slow down for the turn off it backed off again as if watching to see what he was going to do. He said he was so scared he couldn't sleep all night.

With his religious upbringing he thought it was the Devil chasing him. We told him it was more likely a UFO chasing him and then had to explain what a UFO was, apparently he had never heard of such a thing. The next night he came into work still all upset, he'd been chased all the way back to Clearbrook for a second time. That was enough for him, he arranged a place to stay during the week in Vancouver and only went home when he could drive during the day time with other cars around. As far as I know he has moved back to Clearbrook and is working there so he doesn't have to commute.

22-Aug-1962, New Westminster: (1:30 pm)

"I was looking out my window and happened to see a silvery object in the sky heading in an easterly direction. The outline was clearly visible against a light blue sky and was a circular disc, silvery coloured with a dome on the top. Definitely not an airplane. I was the only witness. I ran over to the next door neighbours and banged on their door but nobody was home. The object disappeared from view shortly thereafter, making it pointless for me to run to anyone else's home. I would like to know if there are any other similar sightings for this date, time, place. It's been at the back of my mind for 40 years."

Jun-1964, Vancouver, BC: (3:00 am)

In around June 1964 at about 3 am my brother and I were watching this object fly over our house in East Vancouver 41st and Fraser St. We watched this for about 2 minutes and then it vanished off to the south. The object was long like the mother ship.

Two weeks later my buddy Mike was driving south on Cambie St. at 12th Ave. He looked up above City Hall and saw 5 or 10 objects stationary above City Hall. Mike he told me that they were like “a disk all in formation”. Just about the same time, street lights, cars, truck engines shut down almost as soon as this happened. Then lights go back on, engines restarted, and the objects are gone.

Fall 1964, Okanagan Falls: (7:30 pm)

In 1964 a friend of mine called me up and said would you like to go down to Okanagan Falls and play some pool (we lived in Penticton BC which is only about 5 miles away from Okanagan Falls). I said sure and he picked me up on his motorcycle. We got to Watermans Hill, which is a large hill just as you get to the little town of OK Falls . Half way down the hill a very bright flash of light appeared across Skaha Lake, which you can see as you go down this hill to Okanagan Falls. We got off the bike and stood in the dark along side the road for a minute. There was very little traffic on a Sunday night on that highway in those days. Anyway, we looked up just to the north of us and saw this very large cigar-shaped object, no noise was coming from it but was heading west toward a mountain . It was black with a glowing red light coming from the tail end of it. The direction it was heading was west, which should take it over to White Lake Observatory. When I got home I had to phone up a friend who worked there, Roy H. He said they never saw anything. I will never forget that night. it still gives me goose bumps.

1966, Richmond BC : (6:00 pm)

"My girlfriend Leigh and I had been out for a ride on my motorcycle and on the way home were north bound on Highway 99. We had just come out of the tunnel when I happened to notice a large yellowish rectangle hanging in the air above UBC, which would put it just north of the airport. At first I thought it must be some sort of reflection on my helmet visor but after shaking my head back and forth and lifting the visor, it was still there. I pointed it out to my girlfriend and she confirmed that she also could see it. We continued to keep glancing at it all the way across Richmond and I had hopes of getting home and taking a better look through binoculars but just as we approached the south end of the Oak St. bridge we could see what appeared to be the shadows of people moving about inside and the opening suddenly began to close, it was just like a door had swung shut and then it was gone. We both had the impression that we were looking through a doorway into some sort of large room but whatever we were looking at was completely invisible from the outside. What ever the door belonged to must have been huge, as we were probably 10 miles away when I first saw it. I would estimate the opening to be somewhere between 50 to 100 ft. in height, by comparing it to the size of the trees below it. I doubt that it was more than 500 ft. in altitude. The weather was clear and sunny and it was about 18:00 hrs."

June 1966, Laidlaw: (11:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

The witness clearly recalls a sighting he had when he was in his early teens. He was with roughly twenty family members having a reunion at a home in Laidlaw, British Columbia. They had a campfire and folks were roasting wieners. One of the younger children there yelled out loudly for everyone to look over towards one of the local mountains.

Everyone looked to where the child was pointing and saw a large object sitting stationary over top of the mountain. It sat there for a brief time and then started to move along the mountain rim, stopped and returned to where it had come from. Then it moved towards the family (still a distance away) then back again to it's original position. The witness reported the color was a salmon/peach. He said the shape of the object was definitely circular. They all watched it for approximately 15 minutes and finally it moved off behind the mountain.

Everyone was surprised to say the least and one of the adults ran inside to call the airport to report and to enquire if anyone else was reporting this massive object. The first thing the tower operator explained was that they did not use balloons anymore because they had radar. The man in the tower was laughing! But he did finally say there was no aircraft in the area where the object had been seen. Also nothing was showing up on his radar.

The witness said there were others who had also observed this strange object as reports were filed with the RCMP and the local newspaper at that time.

November 1966, Burnaby: (7:00 pm)

I was driving east on Hastings Street in  North Burnaby and looked left toward the North Shore mountain range running parallel to my driving east up Hastings and saw a bright light. I was sure it was not a plane or helicopter because it was skimming in a straight line with no variation just above the highest peaks. It had very bright lights, unlike an airplane. Suddenly it hung in one spot and the lights changed to a red colour as if it was turning which it did as I turned down Willingdon Avenue. My companion said "look, look" it is coming right over our heads and flying toward New Westminster. I turned off Willingdon and stopped at my mother's to deliver a package. As I walked into her house she was just sitting down and she said "I didn’t see you stopping. I was looking at a mysterious light flying over the house." I said, “You saw what I saw, a ufo.” She had never seen such a thing before. I left immediately to drive to Surrey and before reaching Patullo Bridge my friend and I saw it, high above the bridge heading down toward White Rock and it seemed to drop out of sight by the US/Cdn Border, to our estimation. The object had been viewed several times that week by others.

August-1967, Allouette Lake BC :

"My girlfriend Leigh and our friends Tom and Lil, along with their daughter Kim, spent every weekend in August camping near Gold Creek on the west side of Allouette Lake. The last Sat. night in Aug. we were sitting around the campfire and looking out over the lake when all of a sudden Tom drew our attention to a large Orange object slowly passing across the south end of the valley. It was about the same size and colour as the full moon as it rises in the month of October. I attempted to find my binoculars for a better look but just as I got my hand on them the object went behind the mountains. I would estimate it was flying at about 1500 ft. in altitude by comparing it with the height of the surrounding mountains. The time was about 23:00 and the craft was traveling from west to east along the north side of the Fraser Valley. I read several months later in a Magazine called Canadian UFO report that it had been reported by a number of people in the Fraser Valley as far east as Hope, last seen still heading east into the mountains. We observed the full moon rise at about 01:00 directly across the lake from us. It was much whiter in colour and appeared smaller."

1968 - between Vancouver and Dawson Creek: (Easter Weekend)

"I decided to drive the about 800 miles north to see a friend of mine who'd recently moved to Dawson Creek. I left Vancouver quite late and about midnight found myself driving through the mountains near Cache Creek. As I drove along the mountain crests I noticed far off in the N. West a number of what appeared to be search lights playing on the clouds. At the time I thought there must be an airport over there somewhere. Later on when I checked my maps found nothing but bush and also realized that the lights I'd seen were not shining up at the clouds but down from somewhere above. Shortly after passing Cache Creek it began to snow and I ended up driving for 18 hours. I found my friend, booked into one of the Hotels in town and passed out. She had the weekend off, so the next few days we spend touring the area. The third day I started back to Vancouver. The snow had all melted and I was cruising along about 80 mph. At sunset I was just north of Quesnel and had a large field on my right, as I passed it I noticed what appeared at first glance to be a white bird about the size of a Herring Gull, it took off from about 150 feet away and skimmed across the field at about 3 feet in the air on an interception course with my car. I stepped on the brakes and it passed through my headlight beams about 20 feet in front of me. It then climbed at about a 45-degree angle and shot off up into the sky. As it passed I realized it was not a bird as the wings were fixed and not flapping. My foot came down a little harder and soon I was cruising at 90 mph. Hours later I was back up in the mountains, just south of Cache Creek. I'd not seen another car for hours and I was still rolling along about 90. All of a sudden a brilliant white light shone down on me from somewhere above. It was like the light from a flash bulb, so bright I couldn't even see my own headlights and from what I could make out appeared to be a perfect circle, perhaps several hundred feet in diameter. I floored the gas and went up to about 110 mph. but the light stayed right with me. After a minute or so the light went back out. I could feel all the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and sensed that whatever it was, was still directly over my car. I wanted to stop and take a look but since I was by myself and there was no other traffic I continued to keep my foot in it. About 10 minutes later the light came back on and I got the distinct impression that whoever was behind it wanted me to stop. I went even faster. Just before I reached the Kanaka Bar Restaurant the light went out again. I came around a bend and found the Restaurant right in front of me. A car had just left the Restaurant and I passed him doing about 120 mph. He must have thought I was a UFO. A few miles further on I came over the crest of a mountain and could see a long steep hill in front of me with a curve at the bottom, suddenly my car lost all power and I was flying blind down the hill. I was still doing close to 120 mph and had lost my lights, power steering, power brakes etc. I put both feet on the brake pedal and pushed as hard as I could. I couldn't see the road at all as there are tall trees on each side of the road and it was black. All I could do was try and keep the car heading straight. I kept picturing the road curving up ahead but didn't have the faintest idea how close I was or even if I could make it at the speed I was still going. Without my power assist the car didn't feel as if it was slowing the least. Just as I reached the bottom of the hill my power all of a sudden came back on. Needless to say I made the corner but didn't slow down until I reached the main Trans Canada Highway with all its traffic. I owned that car for more than five years and never before or after did I have any problems with it mechanically or electrically. The loss of power seemed to be their goodbye present as I lost that feeling that they were sitting on my roof just shortly afterwards. I often read or see programs about people losing time during incidents similar to what I went through but don't think I was stopped. I was near Quesnel at sunset which I'd guess to be about 19:00 and hit the Trans Canada near Hope at about 02:00. I was just doing some calculations and they don't work out. Quesnel is about 325 miles north of Hope and at the speed I was going I should have done it in about 3.5 hours not 7, maybe something did happen? I sure don't recall slowing."

"Years later when I first saw the movie Close Encounters it brought it all back again especially the scene where they were all up on the mountain watching the UFO approach above the clouds. When I came out of the theatre after the movie I didn't have the faintest idea where I was nothing seemed familiar and it took several minutes for me to figure out where I was. Several years later I asked some Police Officers if they might have had helicopters working in the Canyon at night and they said not to their knowledge. Too dangerous."

Early 1970s, Tranquille (north of Kamloops), BC: (evening) HBCC UFO

Hi Brian, By the way, minutes after I finished the interview with you the other Friday, my younger sister (the one from the 1968 sighting in Tranquille) called from Washington State and I told her about my interview with you and how you had asked me if anyone else in my family had seen any other UFO's. I was unaware of this when I was speaking to you, but my sister and my grandparents had a sighting that I was not aware of. It was in the early 1970's and my grandparents and sister were driving home to Tranquille after going out for dinner in town. My sister said they saw two lights side by side flying west away from the airport. At first, they thought they were seeing the wingtip lights from a plane that had just taken off from the airport, but after about a minute or so, the lights kept moving west, but started moving away from one another while still flying west, i.e. the north "wingtip" light started veering north while the south "wingtip" light veered south. The lights eventually disappeared. I asked her if the lights were flashing like an aircraft wing light but she said no and they were just solid white lights. Anyway, just thought I would pass that along to you.

1970s, Various locations, BC: (Received: April 6, 2004) HBCC UFO

Yes I do believe in UFO's. I have seen a few over the years. About a dozen of us saw a huge triangular ship in Tsawwassen near the Tsawwassen Ferry about 25 miles out of downtown Vancouver. It had about 9 round red lights that were spaced evenly on its edges. The ship looked huge according the distance the red lights were spaced. It was around 8 pm, though it was dark out, the size was easy to distinguish.

A few days later around at 5:30 am a huge triangular shape UFO was hovering over Tsawwassen Hill in Delta, BC which overlooks the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal. Back in 1971 on the Queen Charlottes we watched a round UFO ship which was orange in color with a bright green band through the center of the craft. It was hovering across Masset Village to Masset Island. It had beamed a foot wide band of light on our house, about 10 feet up from the ground. They could have responded to us because we (7 of us) were blinking flashlights at it while we stood watching from the beach shoreline. The night was clear. About a week and a half ago in the same area there were bright balls of light dancing around. Many residents here on Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) witness UFO's so it was not unusual for us to see them.

Summer 1970, Sparwood
: (10:00 pm)  NUFORC

“My friends (RN, social worker, public health nurse and an XRay technician) took me on my first outing after the birth of my son (July 22/70) to a drive-in movie theatre between Fernie and Sparwood, B.C. We had finished seeing the movie and I was about to drive away when I saw an enormous, bright white round light coming around the side of a nearby mountain (small mountain, but bigger than hill). I pointed it out to the others and we discussed whether it was a logging truck (no roads there, besides it was to the side of the mountain) or the moon (moon was in a different position). Scared the living daylights out of us and I sped the car over to the, by now, only remaining vehicle - a family in a station wagon with kids. I yelled at them to look and they took off like bats out of hell. I was quickly on their heels.”

“What is intriguing about this is that we all lived in Fernie and gossip was a way of life in a small town. We never discussed this after. About 13 - 15 years later, I remembered it and mentioned it to one of the women who was there and she seemed to think it was a logging truck. I know what I saw and there was no logging truck that could hang off the side of a mountain and certainly no truck could've produced lights that size. (There was only one light. On the form above, I ticked off 1 craft but we never actually saw a craft - only this enormous white ball.) Whatever it was, it was moving very slowly around the mountain. It was awesome and terrifying at the same time.”

“There were a lot of UFO sightings in Fernie, witnessed by many credible people, including RCMP officers. When Cranbrook airport was called after these events, one would be told that nothing had appeared on the radar screens.”

“Since that event, I have experienced many paranormal experiences. I don't know whether there is any connection or not, but thought I should mention it. It's only now that I finally have a computer, that I'm able to find someone to report this to.”

“Eric Byler at Oregon UFO suggested I write and sends his regards.”

Jul-1970, West Vancouver, BC: (7:00pm)
As you can see I witnessed this awhile ago, and never could find anyone to tell me exactly what I saw. This occurred near 484 Gordon Ave. It was after supper and I had just left my house to go to beach. I walked across my lawn and on to the empty street. I was facing due west. I hadn't taken more than a few steps when I started noticing small silver balls around the size of golf balls coming over top of the house, that was on the adjacent street that ran the other way from my street about half a block away. They passed at all different heights; one even grazed my ankle. I glanced to my right to my house and noticed that the cat had come out of the house behind me. It was extremely startled. Gordon was or is a dead end street there and I could hear them crashing through the trees and bush behind me. Have you ever heard of anything like this before? Could this be some natural phenomenon? They almost seemed to move more like animals than something mechanical. They made sort of a shishing sound.

1972 or perhaps earlier, Chilliwack, BC: (approx 9:00 pm) HBCC UFO

A number of years ago a friend and I had a UFO sighting. To this day I can recall the sighting in exact specific detail. I could take you to the spot and relive the whole event right up until the UFO suddenly stopped N/NW of our location over the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia. It went right, went left, went back to center and then simply dropped with sudden speed out of sight below the mountain.

I do not recall the exact date and that is why I am emailing you. Re: the UFO info & UFO roundup sighting report form on the UFO info site mentioned the fact that without the date, it pretty well a waste of your time for me to fill out the form. If this is true, please take the time to reply and I will not bother you again. Kindest regards.

7-July-1972 Prince George, BC: (12:45 am) HBCC UFO

Full Description of event/sighting: 1972. Both my former wife and I saw an orange ball come toward us and flash before our eyes. I thought I was nuts. I asked her if she had seen it as I had. She said that she had. We were driving home to my parent’s house and she was sitting in the car right beside me. I looked up and I saw this orange ball coming out of the sky towards us, then a flash and then it was gone.

Fall 1972, Victoria, BC:

I saw a small red fireball-type of object, about 3 feet in diameter, outside a dormitory window, in very close proximity, at St. Michael’s University School. It lit up the room and woke up three of us. We were told it was probably a weather balloon but it seemed to move with a purpose or intelligence. I don’t know what it was and I keep wondering about it to this day.

UFOBC responds:
Thank you for your report. It is an interesting one and we always like hearing stuff from a few decades back. How did you eventually lose sight of the object? Who did you report it to that told you it was a weather balloon? How long did you observe it for? What time of the night was it?

Witness replies:
It is very hard to remember the details as I was only 11 or 12 years old. I had almost forgotten about it until one day …a woman from across the room (in which I was sitting) was shining a small red flashlight at me… I think this is what made me recall the incident.

For every two dorms of boys at the school, there were two “preps”, as we called them, who were university students in charge of lights out, etc. They had a room to themselves in between the dorms. They were to whom we reported the red fireball. They sort of laughed at us and said, “It was just a weather balloon.” I felt sort of stupid because I had never seen a weather balloon and didn’t think they could catch fire and hover just outside my window. The thing I remember most was waking up to the room illuminated with red light (1:00 am or 2:00 am is my guess). My friend in the bed next to me and the boy across from me also woke up and the three of us, (out of) ten or so in the dorm, watched this thing, sort of probing around in the trees outside the second storey window. I can’t be sure how long we watched it; it may have been anywhere form 10 seconds to a couple of minutes. As I recall, it just took off or disappeared. I don’t remember it making any sound.

UFOBC responds:
Thank you very much for answering the questions. Boy, don’t you just wish that those two “preps” saw it, too?

1973, White Lake BC :

The witness, Corlyn, arrived at her home at White Lake (20 min. from Salmon Arm) to discover a silver bell-shaped craft located about 60-100 feet away. It displayed a red light on the left, a blue light on the right and a flashing white light on the top. It was about 30 feet wide and 30 feet high, with three vertical ridges across the body. It was moving back and forth. Corlyn told it to "back off", and it did! Apart from her dog and cat howling the whole area seemed to be enveloped in a gray pallor and sound asleep. Nothing moved. After ½ hour she put the animals indoors. The object moved across the lake 100' and towards Salmon Arm. Total viewing time 1 hour.

1974 or 1975, Vancouver Island :

My whole family watched what appeared to be two stars in the sky, one noticeably bigger that the other. The bigger one kept travelling back and forth. These two were a long ways up... they looked like stars. We watched this phenomenon for about 4 hours. When it got light outside, we lost site of this. Do you know anyone that has witnessed anything like this before? Your thoughts appreciated...John

UFOBC replies:

Hello John, how much back-and-forth did the one light do? Just little squiggles or back and forth across a good portion of the sky? If the former it could have been eye movement that makes it look like it was moving. This is a common effect. If it crossed major portions of the sky and was able to make sharp and fast turns and sudden reversals then it was something unusual. There are plenty of those types of sightings on our web site.

Where and when (Date&Time) did your family see these? What direction were they looking? Where the lights in a different direction at the end of the 4 hours then when they first started being watched? If yes, what were these directions?

Martin Jasek

Hi...thanks very much for your reply. This happened way back in August 1974 ( might of been 1975). It was on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It was my two brothers and my Dad. This definitely was not a trick of our eyes, as we all talked out loud and described to each other what was happening at the time. We were all saying the same thing. ( for the record, I'm not looking for any great answers, just thought I would drop you a line). I will now answer your questions.

--We were laying on our backs, and if I was to reach my arm out to full extension, and measure using my thumb and finger as a guide, I would say the moving light was moving back and forth a distance of 4 to 6 inches. As far as I can remember, it moved pretty much non stop for say a half hour, then it would stop for a while..then start up again..then stop for a while, then start moving again for a while, no real pattern of starting and stopping. The moving light always seemed to travel the same distance. Just back and sharp turns. The stationary light did not move at all.

--We were looking pretty much straight up at this.

--By the time light came, I'm pretty sure these were in the same position as when it had started.


March 1975, Surrey, BC:

Sitting in a first floor classroom at Frank Hurt Secondary School on a grey March day in 1975, I looked out the window to the sky. This window would have been looking south. At that time, there was a small hill leading up to a portable classroom at the back of the school, right in front of a sports field. I was in grade 9 at the time attending a social studies class. Looking out the window, I could see the high tension wires strung between two towers that carried power to the area. At first, I thought I was looking at the apparatus that are fixed on the wires to warn low-flying aircraft of the presence of wires.

What I saw were three shapes. Gray/sliver in color, definitely saucer shaped with a sort of 'dome' in the middle, what I would call a 'classic ufo shape'. They were formed in a triangle, with two low, one high in the middle. It's hard for me to say how far away they were, although I believed that they might have been several hundred feet away because of the way the gray light was playing on them. I thought "helicopters", but then the top object changed positions with the bottom two at what appeared to me to be blinding, incredible speed. "Jet fighters", I thought, but then they were NOT MOVING, but were motionless. They were not flying as a plane or a jet flies, but rather hovering like a helicopter. When they changed position again, I noticed that they had triangulated themselves again, except much higher.

I dared not move my eyes from the window, and I kept watch on these three craft like a hawk. I am not given to hallucinations; I have never used any form of drugs (other than penicillin) nor had I ever had anything to drink at that age. I was clear-headed, awake, alert, and incredulous as I went through mental checklists to determine if what I was witnessing was indeed real. The craft began to change positions again and again, screaming in straight lines at blinding speeds so that their position changes seemed instantaneous, although they had to have been traveling several hundred feet or more at time. They stopped suddenly and completely, not as a car or helicopter would stop, but abruptly without losing control or even flinching. I could not discern any 'spinning' motion clearly, but it was clear that these craft were able to move quickly and silently with precision and stealth. After roughly 6 or 7 minutes they began to 'float' upwards, slowly, then formed a straight line and in a blink went straight up and out of site. The whole time I watched them, they were in triangle, perfectly still in the air, and made (true, I was inside the school building behind a closed window) no sound at all. I noted that you could hear people talking outside the window later on, and a jet passed by and I could hear that, but these craft made no noise at all.

Gray/Silver - Round, or saucer-shaped with a 'dome' on the top (it would be easy to show you what I mean. So many have pictures of the craft strikingly similar to what I saw that day) Lightning quick movements Triangle shaped formation of three craft. I saw them. I was pinching myself the whole time. It was in my mind to ask a fellow student name Rick M. sitting at the table beside me to witness the phenomena too, but I did not want to look away. I wonder what they were. I have theories, but I really am curious. This was 34 years ago now. One of the strangest occurrences in my life to date.

Reported: 05-Nov-2008
Circa 1976-1981, Rossland, BC:

I was outside watching some boys playing street hockey on the lower road from our house ,it was dark out and cold but it wasn't late and there was no snow on the ground yet .i was standing in the doorway when i looked up at what they call asshole mountain .when I saw what looked like the moon directly behind the mountain it had the same colour as the moon but was much smaller but the same size as the mountain .i called my mom at that point to show her what I was looking at.
(I had no idea of what an ufo was ,when my mom saw it she looked scared and ran in the house to call her friend to go take a look but by the time her friend got outside it was gone it was only there for around a minute or two).
 I have asked my mom about what we seen that night now that I'm grown up but she has no idea either but she does remember seeing it .no one i know seen it that night but her .what could it have been I'll never forget that night .

29-Oct-1978, Leo Creek: (4:20 am)

It was a very clear evening. I was working on the green chain at Netherlands Overseas Mill at Leo Creek B.C. (72 miles N.W. of Ft. St. James) along with another worker when I noticed a donut shaped cloud just above the mills beehive burner to the north. There were no other clouds in the sky in that direction and the sky was filled with stars. Smoke was rising from the burner and at first I thought that it was smoke from the burner but the circular cloud was moving slowly in a NE to SW direction and appeared to be just over Mt. Dixon. I called out to my partner and commented on the shape of the cloud being like a donut since it had a hole in the center. We stopped working and kept watching when all of a sudden from the center of the donut shaped cloud, (the center being about the size of a full moon) a bright light appeared which looked like a bright shiny star. A few seconds later the star formed into a yellowish-orange then to a totally orange moon-sized object. The cloud was still visible around this orange object. Gradually, the orange mass started to fade away from right to left of the inside of the donut shaped cloud into the shape of a half moon then to just a sliver of a moon, then back to just a vacant hole in center of donut shaped cloud except that there was a haze-like appearance left after the orange mass faded out. There was a thin line visible ahead of the cloud. The line was shaped like a "V" and resembled a heat wave. We viewed the object for a period of about 5-6 minutes as it slowly moved across the sky. During that time, the sequence of the star appearing in center of cloud and expanding to an orange moon-shape and fading out was repeated three times before the object disappeared over the mountains. Northern lights were visible in that portion of the sky that morning but the object appeared much closer and at first we thought maybe 10 miles. The same day I dropped by the railway station and spoke to the person in charge of what we had witnessed that morning and he went on to tell me that a train crew in Fort Nelson working the night shift had also reported a strange object in the sky similar to what we had. It is interesting to note that Ft. Nelson is about 500 miles to the north of Leo Creek which would indicate that this object must have been massive and at a very high altitude. A short time after this incident, I read an article in the paper about an airline pilot observing a UFO over Australia. The description given by the pilot was very similar to what we had observed. One could describe the center of the donut shaped cloud as what it may appear like to watch a rocket engine ignite looking directly at the underside of the rocket engine.

1-Mar-1979, Victoria BC : (2:00 pm)

"While working in a Victoria office building on the corner of Douglas and Hillside I noticed a vertical dark 'smoke ring' moving from south to north out the west facing windows on the third floor. I estimate this ring to be less than a kilometer away and for some reason, though there were many people around me working, I did not mention it to anyone. Once I noticed it I became transfixed to it, watching it swirl and move at a speed that would be the width of the window in approx. 30 seconds. Less than 50 mph?? Dark in color, and appearing definitely as 'smoke' it did not diminish in any way, was translucent (a dull, grey, high cloud, no rain typical Victoria day). It moved in a straight line across my field of view not moving up or down, but it was 'swirling' much like a ring out the barrel of a naval gun or a cigarette smoker's mouth. It lasted a long time; I venture to guess at least five minutes. As this was about 25 years ago, and since I have never mentioned it to anyone, I cannot recall if it disappeared altogether or just from my view. But it WAS there, and nobody else around me saw or mentioned it."


Mid-June 1979, 2 miles NE of 122 Mile House, BC:

I was standing outside of my girlfriend’s parents’ cabin with my girlfriend. We were looking toward the north, over the small dammed-up lake behind the cabin when we saw, to the east, a light blue glow that looked to be originating below the tree line. Then a large blue ball came up over the trees and took off toward the west. The ball looked to be about 500 to a thousand feet above the ground. What surprised us both was we heard no sound, nothing. The blue ball moved at a high rate of speed; we didn’t say a thing about it, until 20 or so years later when I met her again and asked her what she saw that night and she confirmed what I thought I saw that night. When I asked my father, he told me…See Mid-Summer-1955, 100 Mile House, BC report.

Reported 22-Sept-2008
Late 70s, Victoria BC

I remember my dad telling me about this....and I wish I had listened better.
My Mom and Dad had lived in Victoria about 1949, but I'm more inclined to believe this story was from when he had to go work near Victoria in the late 70's. My dad use to work for BC Hydro, and I'm pretty sure he said that he and 2 other co workers were standing on a bridge (maybe near a dam), and they watched a UFO for quite a while. I'm not sure if this was really close to Victoria (downtown)...or out near Jordan river where he had to sometimes go to work....I wish I could remember more, but I remember that much. I think he said they could see it quite clearly too....

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for your sighting. I was wondering if you could remember any more details about what your father saw that day. I realize it may be tough to remember, but any further details are appreciated!

Richard T

Summer-1980, Arbutus Cove, Victoria BC: (midnightish)
A friend of mine picked me up at the Ravens Restaurant where I was working around 11 at night. I lived with my parents still in Gordon Head so we drove down to the cove to share a six-pack. When we got to the bottom of the stairs onto the sandy beach area we walked maybe ten steps when the whole area around us lit up like a colored mirror ball effect. I was looking at the ground wondering what the….? when I realized my buddy was making a low guttural sound and looking up. Just as I trained my eyes on what he was looking at the light on us went out and I could make out its source. Maybe thirty feet above the trees was a cigar shaped tube roughly forty feet long and ten in diameter, stationary. It had a barely visible outline that would have been really hard to see had I not had a chance to focus on it before the light on us went out. It silently disappeared over the trees towards town. We sat down had our beers and didn’t even mention what we saw until we were back at home. Haunts me to this day, what the hell was that?

1981, Tsawwassen BC :

"During August I was camped with friends and several hundred other people alongside the causeway to the Ferry Terminal just north of the US border. Near midnight what appeared to be a large Emerald Green Meteor flashed overhead traveling west to east. I remember glancing around as it went over and as far as the eye could see was lit up almost like a green daylight. I had never seen anything like it before and neither had anyone else we talked to. The only light I can recall being similar is burning copper."

1984, Vancouver BC : (4:00 am)

"From 1972 to 1986, I worked as a Security Guard which meant I was outside most nights. During the summer at about 04:00 I observed another of those large Green Meteors? pass overhead, once again traveling west to east. Just before it disappeared it appeared to break up into 3 or 4 pieces which shot off in different directions, it did not appear to burn up, but just seemed to shoot off into space."

July 1984, Sooke area Vancouver Island BC - Reported August 21st 2008,

Around dusk, discovered a low humming coming from behind us, we lived next to forest reserve. We came along a back fire road up to a gravel pit around 10 minutes walk and climbed the closest hill with shrubbery. The sound was much louder and what we saw I'll never forget. A large elongated structure, metallic with bright lights up high. It was on stilts off the ground maybe 4-6 feet. What really struck me was there were no people at all or any common vehicles around, no cars or trucks. I was totally amazed at the whole thing when as sudden as could, a light moved and shone on us which freaked us both up and we both ran home in a panic. The next day we went to check out this site and even though I was leaving footprints, they were no signs of the previous nights strange happenings, no marks from last night in the soft ground, no tire marks coming in and out. Never did get any answers about this, one old neighbor said the army practices maneuvers up there sometimes??

UFOBC Responds:


Thank-you for your report. I cannot off the top of my head think of what you may have seen. I am hoping you can draw a picture of what you saw, and perhaps shed some more light on the sighting? For example, how tall was the structure?, and marking on it? Doors, windows or other openings? Also, I would very much like to know the area/location of the sighting, if you can provide it in any more detail.

Richard, UFOBC

Witness replied: (Aug 24th 2008)

Hello, thanks for your reply, the object I say was about 10 miles west of Sooke near my house on Anderson Road, very remote area with mostly forest and logging roads, this was a logging clear area where it was, on Vancouver Island, BC. I estimate it was over 100 feet long and maybe 12-15 feet high. It appeared to be on stilts as it was off the ground, though I am unable to describe its "legs", if even indeed they were there. It had an almost inaudible sound, in fact when I first heard it I brought my friend's attention to the sound, it was such a low hum it almost felt like vibrations, more then audible. That's when we decided to investigate. I never forget that night, it was so weird, how did it get there, why were no people or vehicles around, and how did it disappear by early dawn morning and then leave not one mark in the soft earth, very perplexing.  As I said previously the scariest thing is when a light from the middle came bolting toward us at lighting speed to shine on our faces for a split second where we were hiding on a 30 foot thicket mound. So "it" knew we were there for sure, sensored for heat or movement I think. I fear what would have happened if we were unable to back out of there pronto. It did have many low brightness lights that were facing down, and what appeared as darkened windows all over, it looked extremely high tech. I would draw a picture but it would just look like a flat fat round edged "cigar". I saw this with a close friend, and still shiver at our close encounter....

1984 or 1985, Shawnigan Lake, BC:

Both of my sons have witnessed UFO sightings. My son, Michael, was coming home on his bike with his friend, Ryan.  He ran in the house, panting, with a look of horror on his face.  He said, “Mom, something like UFOs were following Ryan and me on our bikes.” He told me that the objects were hovering over them and following them. He had never seen anything like that before.  Ryan continued on his way home and after he got home, his mother called me.  She asked about what happened to the boys and added that she had never seen Ryan so scared.  Ryan said that they followed him all the way home. Ryan’s mother was even scared when she saw the look on her son’s face.  My husband and Ryan’s mother went out to see if they could see anything but they did not. The next day on the television it was reported there were sightings at about the same time. At that time, I realized that my son was telling the truth.  If you could have seen their faces, you would know that they were speaking the truth.

My other son, Luke, came home shortly after this time. He and his friend were walking home and a honeycomb-shaped UFO hovered above them. Luke said they could not move and honeycomb shapes were all over their skin.  He said it was as if they had been frozen for a period of time but that he could not be sure if they were or not. Luke and his friend were very scared.  Once again on the TV there were sightings reported so I knew Luke was telling the truth. This is the first time I have told anyone about both of my boys’ sightings. Thank you for letting me tell you what happened to my boys.

Summer 1986, Burnaby: (7:00 pm)

“I have a similar sighting around the same time as the sighting marked "Make a wish" 1986.....My mother and I were driving in our car at about 7:00 pm. We were leaving a shopping mall in Burnaby, BC and as we were driving out of the parking lot we looked up and noticed that a stainless steel colour circular object with white or yellow windows or lights at the base.  It was hovering quite low and it was very large. We drove directly underneath it and noticed no sound or movement. We watched it for about 1 minute then got scared and left the scene. We never heard of anyone else seeing the object but there must have been someone else in the area who could have. This was a busy shopping mall that didn't close until 9:00 pm that night so the parking lot was still partially full. If you hear of any similar sightings it would be great to hear back from someone.”

UFO*BC Responds:

Would you have an approximate or even an exact date for your sighting?

Witness Responds:

I don't know the exact date but I would guess it was close to summertime in 1986 - It was a very clear night with the sun just going down. The ufo was very, very low to the ground so we're not mistaking what we saw - I would guess it was less than 150 feet up and it looked huge. Sorry I can't give you an exact date but my mom and I were a little bit freaked so we left. I looked at it for about 1 minute and then drove underneath.

My mother's friend lives about 5 miles from the area in a high rise building - 20th floor...she saw a similar shaped object with lights travel past her window or balcony. Her and her husband watched it go by then disappear. That was around the same time as well.

See for updated report and picture.

Late Fall, 1989, Endako: (6:45 pm)  HBCC UFO

A husband and wife were driving from Endako back to Prince George, British Columbia where they lived. It was early evening and already dark out, they were approximately 8 kilometers east from Endako when the wife pointed out an unusual object which was flying low and parallel to their vehicle along Highway #16. The husband then slowed the vehicle down so he could get a better look at it. The object, whatever it was, made some quick movements, away from them and back again, also jerking forward and slowing down almost as if it was pacing the car. The object changed color a number of times, from a pale green, to red and then blue. There were no flashing lights on the object and the witnesses could not make out its shape due to the darkness of the night.

The witnesses claim the object stayed with them for a number of miles until they got to a bridge which crosses the Stellako River which is west from Fraser Lake. When the driver and passenger changed direction in their vehicle they lost sight of the object as it seemed to continue on its flight path straight east ward. The couple did pull over to the side of the road to see if they might be able to get a better look, but when they got out of the car the object had disappeared.

1989 or 1990  Sunshine Coast, Gibsons, Mt Elphinstone:

while sitting on a dead end old logging road, my friend and I heard light scratching noises on the vehicle I was driving. After a few moments of wondering what it was I observed in my rear view mirror a small, very bright, strobe, white clear light coming from the bush behind us. As this light became larger and closer I turned the car on and immediately drove down the mountain. My friend told me to stop and I did a distance away and looked out and up behind us was a bright green light that took off in a very smooth, fast sound and disappeared behind Keats Island. I've always wondered about that night. I'm not sure if there was lost time! It did give me quite a scare. This happened 1989 or 1990.

Around 1989-1990, West Vancouver, BC: (02:00-03:00 am)

I was sleeping at home at my parent's house. I woke up and had the feeling someone was nearby. I lifted my head slightly to look over my feet towards the doorway. When I did I saw half of a whitish face, small in the chin, bigger at the head, 1 large black eye. When I reacted to this by sitting up more the head pulled back away from the doorway (like when someone is peeking at you with half their head looking at you). This had been preceded many years before by a friend of mine and me driving to Whistler and passing Britannia Beach then suddenly seeing "Welcome to Whistler" (over 45 minutes away). The tank was still full, and we looked at each other shocked. I don't know why but we did not talk about this thing for years.

Reported Dec 28, 2008
Spring 1990, Vancouver, BC:

I was seven years old and visiting Vancouver for the very first time as my parents were planning on moving to the city from Saskatchewan. We were staying in the Four Season's Hotel, in downtown Vancouver. I was sleeping in between my parents in a king sized bed and woke up in the early morning to a small figure standing at the end of my bed, right below my feet in the dark. The figure was very short and skinny, I remember how tiny and fragile it looked. It has greyish pink smooth skin, although it was very dark, the figure looked illuminated slightly. It was almost glowing in a way. It had darkish eyes, but I could tell it was staring at me. I remember looking at it, startled but not afraid. I blinked and it sort of just vanished. For my entire life since, I have never seen anything like that again.

1990-91 , Taylor Pass, Fort St.John, BC:

We were coming home from Dawson Creek and we were driving on my dad's truck. It was late at night and I was getting tired. We were on this big metal bridge and this ball of light came down and crossed in front of us and went down by the river. I watched it follow the river around the bend and it was gone. There were people driving behind us and they saw it too. I was told not to speak of this again by my family. I am requesting that my name not be mentioned but if you could shed some light on it for me I would really appreciate it. The light wasn't big it was maybe three feet at the most and very bright white. We were maybe 20 feet away when it crossed in front of us. Please contact me if you have any more questions.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for your report. Your sighting reminds of this one in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Best Wishes
Martin Jasek

October 1991, 100 Mile House, BC:

"In October 1991, I was moving from North Vancouver to 100 Mile House, with my boyfriend. He was in one vehicle and I was in another with my 2 year old son, who was sleeping in the back in his car seat. It had gotten dark and I had lost track of my boyfriend so I drove on having had a plan that if we got separated, I would meet him at his grandmother's place in 100 Mile around 10:30 pm."

"I had gotten through the worst part of the Fraser Canyon and was going along a straight stretch of road. There was no cars on the road at this time, and it was pitch black other than my headlights. When I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw a very bright light behind me, it looked as if a vehicle had a burned out headlight, but it seemed much brighter than a regular car headlight, so I thought maybe it was a semi truck. When I looked again, whatever this was, was rising slowly in a vertical movement. At this point the only thing that came to my mind was a helicopter, but it was completely silent no noise whatsoever. By this time I began to feel a little panicked, so I pulled to the side of the road and looked behind me and whatever was there was gone."

"I had a very creepy feeling the rest of the way and it really frightened me, to this day I always wonder what it was."

1992, Vernon, BC: HBCC UFO

When I was 18 years old in 1992, I witnessed a blond/amber-coloured light coming down the Indian Arm of Okanagan Lake from the north to the south. The object was moving along the far SE shoreline approximately 5 km from the cabin. My sister and I both watched the object through the window of the cabin as it streaked straight up into the air and disappeared. We both felt confused after seeing it and have only discussed it once or twice since it happened.

1992, Prince George, BC: (evening) HBCC UFO

1992. I was walking down a very quiet street and I again saw the orange ball coming right towards me (see 7-July-1972). I looked up and saw the same thing that I had seen twenty years before. I was shocked and dumbfounded to see the same thing again. The orange ball once again disappeared. This time it scared the heck out of me. I was terrified, you figure it out.

29-Aug-1992, Burnaby, BC : (12:00 pm)

The sky was clear and as I gazed at the stars I noticed some disappear. Then I realized I could quite distinctly see a triangle shape moving slowly and quietly across the sky directly above me. My guess is that this was at a very high altitude or even outside the atmosphere, therefore the object would have to be quite large as it was the size of a full moon. I jumped up in startled disbelief and curiosity to get a better view and could no longer find the object in the dark night sky.

Mid-1990s, Westbank, BC: HBCC UFO: Thank you to: Chris Rutkowski Ufology Research of Manitoba
My name is (name deleted) and I would like to report to you personally about a most unusual sighting I have had in Westbank, B.C., about eight years ago. I have watched many TV programs about U.F.O., sightings etc., but I have never heard or seen anything like the sighting which I had one evening while doing some astronomical observing. I had turned away from my telescope for a few moments to rest my eyes when I saw a beautiful round wine coloured object coming almost directly towards me.

This object was about 2/3 the size of the our moon and somehow I got the impression that not only did it appear perfectly circular, but also globular in shape. To understand what happened next, I need to explain that my location was sloping upwards, so that I was above some buildings about thirty meters in front of me, behind which the object disappeared from my view and at which time the object could not have been more than ten meters above the ground, I then realized that the object was roughly the size of a soccer ball. I kept watching for this same object to re-appear when to my amazement there suddenly appeared four large rings equal in size and forming like a square (touching each other). Within each ring there were three smaller rings and each ring appeared to be equal distance from each other with the innermost ring being the smaller of the four.

The object as a whole was rotating clockwise and moving from North to South, however each of the three smaller rings within the large rings were rotating in the opposite direction to each other, some clockwise and some anti-clockwise. I believe this object was rather close as it appeared quite large, about ten degrees of arc and coloured like the moon (when it's low to the horizon). I am sorry to say I was so busy trying to think "What can it be, what can it be" that I never thought of watching to see if any stars were visible as the object passed in front of them, as this would have let me know if the object as a whole was solid or if there was space between the rings. I watched it for about fifteen seconds as it moved slowly across the sky, slowly getting dimmer until it finally disappeared from view over Okanagan Lake. I would appreciate it if you would let me know by replying to this e-mail, if you have ever heard of any similar sightings to mine and please feel free to speculate as to what you think it may possibly have been.

Summer of 1994, Rosswood, BC: (about 9 am) HBCC UFO

My English, typing and communication are not good, but I and other witnesses have seen, over ten or so years in Rosswood, B.C., daytime and nighttime, magnesium-like green, white and red lights, moving steady or looking like odd stars but lower than the mountain tops. Some are five miles away, some are closer.

I am 52 and I never seen anything like it. It all started in 1994, in summer before school was out. I bought property in Rosswood. One morning around 9:00 a.m. the kids were gone to school when I looked through the bedroom window and saw a fair-size star  coming out of one valley 5 miles away and below the mountain top. It got close, slowly then fast, stopped, repeat - stopped, and came 45 degrees towards me. I had my head out of the window by then; there was no sound.  It stopped then reversed back off toward the Nass and all this within one and a half minutes or so. It was not a chopper but a bright magnesium star-type object. There were no other witnesses.  This was the first time.  I remember this because 3 or 4 years later my ex, my daughter and I saw, before sunset, the same star, at a low regular speed going inside the same valley. I will tell you about that some other time. It was not an airplane, chopper or balloons. I will stop now and tell you about the next sighting next time.

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