The Nanaimo Lights

Sighting on December 24th, 2018 by "JG"


UFO*BC was originally emailed on January 4, 2019, about a sighting that took place on December 24th, 2018, in the "Jingle Pot" area of Nanaimo. "JG" had seen two objects, but only managed to capture a video of the tail end of the second object. Disappointed that the video portion he managed to capture was not nearly as impressive as what he had seen visually, he also created a computer image that was closer to what he had seen.

Below we have the sighting narrative written by the witness, followed by the computer image he created, the video he took and a daytime photograph of the road he was standing on.

Nanaimo BC   December 24 2018

I was taking out the garbage at about 9:10 Christmas eve, and as I was walking to the garbage cans I heard voices coming on the wind from beyond my back yard...I couldn’t make out what was said, but they sounded animated. I started walking again, and when I got to the cans I heard them getting louder, so I again looked in their direction (Northward) and saw a strange object about an inch big at arms-length coming out of the northwest at about 800-1000 feet away, traveling about 30-40 miles an hour and getting closer to me. The sky was fairly clear and the wind was blowing and gusting out of the northeast, pretty much across the objects' flight path. There was no sound from the object as it steadily moved in a southeasterly direction at about 200 feet above the ground, just over and beyond the treetops of my neighbour’s back yard. The object looked kind of like a dark rock about 5 to 10 feet in diameter and had a very strange well defined conical shaped field coming off it, perhaps 4 to 5 times the objects diameter that was shimmering in intensity in hues of red and orange. It was highly visible. As the object came by mid-point from left to right, it seemed about 600 feet away and around the size of my thumb. The cone was coming off it much like the white cloud cone on a fighter jet moving through the sound barrier would almost appeared to be straining. I was stunned...I couldn’t make sense of what I was seeing, but even though there were trees in front of me I could see it very clearly as it kept moving, now away to the right. It passed just under the almost full moon, and I could still see this cone of energy, like a force field coming off it. It was about half the size of the moon it passed under by that time...and was now starting to look like there was a small star inside it. As I ran out onto the road to get a clear view of it, the object made a steady left turn over the street I live on, and headed directly away from me, now traveling almost directly eastward over the city. It now appeared to me as just a star that was shimmering, but bigger and brighter. It also seemed to be climbing slightly as it moved away. I watched it for maybe 30 seconds, move steadily and directly away, and kicking myself for not having my cell phone with me, when I heard more voices on the wind coming from northward. I looked left and saw a second object coming from the same area as the first one, and I now had a completely unobstructed view of it....until it went behind the trees closest to me. I decided to run into the house and get my phone which was right by the front door, then ran back out, fumbling with it to turn the camera on to video mode. I got 94 seconds of video of the second object as it moved away. It was keeping the same general southeast heading and not making any major turns like the first one did. It might have started to gain a little altitude as it was heading south eastward towards an area of higher ground. They both seemed to be generally following the terrain below, and were both completely silent.

I’ve been a private fixed wing pilot since 1987, with some helicopter training as well, have worked with helicopters both in forestry, and at sea as flight deck crew of an icebreaker. I have owned and flown two large scale remote controlled helicopters, and was an active skydiver until a few years ago... and I can’t explain what I saw..!! If this was some “Santa sighting” hoax played out by some clever people (there were at least two objects) then they got me good...!!! But I don’t think that was the case. The video does NO justice to what I saw that night...the objects seemed to be like big Geodes with small shimmering star-like cores only visible from the back, that were being contained by some exotic force field. The whole incident has left me somewhat disturbed, and hoping desperately that the source of the voices I heard would come forward with their account....

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