From Ontario to BC

by  Darlene

In late September 2018, UFO*BC was contacted by a lady from Ontario, now living outside Nanaimo, BC.  She described weird sightings/encounters that she had while still in Ontario. They continued while traveling across Canada and after setting up residence near Nanaimo. We asked her to tell us more, and send some of her pics!


My name is Dar. Iím not even sure where to begin but I can tell you I could write a book about the last month. I drove here from Ontario, just myself and my 2 dogs. I took my time driving here and my dogs and I had many adventures. We lived for the moment. It was not just about the destination, it was also about the journey. I jumped in lakes with my clothes on, we went on hikes through some crazy forests, we drove down creepy dirt roads that were closed (my car navigation chose those adventures oddly) and we slept on a beach. At least that was my original intention when I randomly found a beautiful beach while walking my dogs on a trail at 3 AM. This was still in Ontario.

As I lay my blanket on the beach, ready to close my eyes for a couple hours while listening to the waves, I decided to have a quick smoke by the water's edge before shutting my eyes. To set the scenery, we were the only ones on the beach and the water was not calm but active. There were small waves going back and forth on the water's edge. The moon was the biggest moon I had ever seen.

As I take in the surroundings, I focus my gaze on the night sky and the stars. This is when I notice that one of them is not a star. Okay then, it's a weather balloon I say to myself. But then, this is when my life changed forever. Why do I say this? Because now I know they are here, many of them. And it/they have followed me. But Iím jumping ahead. Back to my beach night. Iím going to call it an orb for lack of any worldly description I can think of (I personally call it a space doggie, but thatís for a certain reason that will come up). This orb flew close to the water. Suddenly it had reddish flaps on the bottom of it that were swinging in and out. I will give my opinion many times, it doesnít mean Iím right but it doesnít mean Iím wrong. In my opinion, it looked like it was either spreading something into the air or it was gathering something. After maybe 15 minutes, it put on a show for me that was...well out of this world. It flew in all directions, very high up past the clouds, back down swirling in the air changing colours and wild shapes!! I have video of it and I happened to have an app on my phone thatís a microscope and camera that can zoom 400X. Smart me pulls up the app and takes pics of it super close up changing into many different shapes! I donít think anyone has pics like I do! I also had a super bright flashlight with me. But when I tried to shine the light on it, it would shoot high high into the sky. It did not like it, or my dogs barking. Needless to say, this was surreal. I wanted to test out this thing to see if it was actually interacting with me as I felt it was. So I start walking down the length of the beach. It f%#&*ng follows me! It follows me back. I sit on my blanket and finish watching the show. I got up to bring my dogs onto the blanket as they were at the water's edge. This is when it came down to maybe 5 feet above me and it was looking right at me. I could see its body. It was maybe 3 feet long and translucent and it had taken on the shape of what looked to me kind of like a dog with seal flaps instead of paws, but its face looked just like a dog. Hereís my opinion again, but I believe it took on this form as to not scare me as it clearly noticed that my dogs were my trusted companions. Needless to say I did not get any sleep.

This encounter was the first night. Iím not sure how much you would be interested to know, but my story has more amazing nights that would leave you thinking maybe Iím crazy or delusional because they are up close and interacting with these entities. But I have pics and some vids of each night as I continued to drive to BC. And strange things that happened to me as I drove also. And it hasnít ended. They are above me every night. I usually see around 3. But thereís always the same one that comes down slowly to me. But it's...I will say timid. If a car pulls in with music and headlights going, it flies high into the sky. It leaves a trail of grey clouds and I can see the translucent shape of its body. It changes sizes constantly. There was also a different one last night that looked less organic. More like a tacky ufo in a 50ís movie. So far I have seen 5 different kinds but they are all together, interacting with each other. I feel no fear from them. But they are watching me for what reason I donít know. I should have said earlier that I am living in an RV outside of Nanaimo in the boonies. Like literally nothing around. Its very isolated here. Very serene.

Anyways, like I said, I had several more encounters that were mind blowing and I still am in kind of shock!! And each night now I wonder why. Why are they here? Why were they following me? I have a vid of it following me on the trans Canada hwy and I stop the car and yell at it. Iím not sure if your interested in my other encounters. Let me know.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Darlene,

Thank-you for the account! Do you mind if we post this up on our site?

I want to ask 1000 questions, but will give it a few more days to sink in and make sure Iím not pestering you and ask the ďright oneĒ. Great story and yes, we would love to hear more, and again, with your permission, we could post these on the site (and change your name if you like) so that others can read as well?

Thanks again chat soon.

Witness Continues:

Hi Richard,

Sorry it took me until now to reply. The wifi where I am kicks me right off constantly and I just put data on my phone.

The pics I am attaching are all from the 1st night at the beach and taken with the microscope app so I was able to get very close up pics. They are unbelievable!

And what is more unbelievable and mind boggling, and probably unbelievable to you, but fact to me, is this thing follows me everywhere! I am not joking and quite sane. I went to Nanaimo Hospital around 10 pm a few nights ago as I fell on my kitchen floor while steam cleaning it as it was slippery and twisted my ankle and hurt my back. I was just ensuring my back was not worse as I already have a medical issue with my back. Anyways I stopped in Parksville for gas and a slice of pizza. While waiting for my order, which I was informed would be 10 minutes, I went for a smoke. There was not a star in the sky, nor was it cloudy. A black sky. And there it was, pretty low in the sky. Moving around just slightly. I even pointed it out to a gentleman coming out of Dominoes with his order and just said, "What do you think that is moving around up there?" He watched it briefly and commented it was freaky. I took a few pics. It was an orby thing and it seemed to be attached to a blue neon looking web. My order was ready and I then went to the hospital. When I was done and came out to hobble slowly to my car, it was above me. I'm really not sure how to process it all. I wish I had a better camera as it's not as camera shy anymore and is coming closer and closer to me each night.

I used to go outside where I'm living at look at it. But it's hard on my neck and I was able to do so for only so long. So the other night I put a cot I forgot I had on my RV pad and I went out late with a blanket and I laid on the cot which was way more comfortable and therefore I was able to stay out for quite awhile and I lay still and it came down to probably 12 feet above me. It does this over and over.

At one point, I'm not sure if I'm over concentrating or maybe tired or if I'm trying to find an explanation for the unexplainable. But I'm watching it, it splits into 2 "light/orbs" and it looks like a faint but still clearly visible grey cloud lingering down towards me and then I can't see anything and my breathing slows and calms and I feel like I'm in a meditative state for lack of a better description. Why I'm not afraid, I'm not sure. But this state, both of me and of the 2 lights above me as I only see those and the cloud, this state remains this way for...I'm guessing 15 minutes. Then slowly my vision is back to normal. Then I'm tired. I come in and go right to bed.

I'm under the influence of nothing. But wtf??

Do I just do nothing about this? Do I worry? Do I stop watching it? I probably have as many questions as you. I'm confused. But still, I find it fascinating. I want to see if it will come even closer, but am I naive in thinking no harm will come to me? I just think it's had ample opportunity to harm me if it wanted to. And I can only think it's interested in me as we had that initial interaction on the beach. But it's certainly, without a doubt, zoned in on me as soon as I go outside at night. As long as it's so cloudy I can't see it. But I'm sure it can see me. I think they live here and hide in the mountains. Just my opinion. I think it notices me because I happened to have moved here from a big Ontario city where there's so many city lights and when I got here, I just loved the night sky and stars so I notice! People who have always lived here are used to it and don't look up!!

Any insight, opinions and advise would be appreciated. And please let me know what you think of the pics.

I'm not sure how many I will be able to attach so you might get more than one.
Thank You,

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