Fern Belzil Mutilation Report

Location: Veteran, Alberta.

Date reported: June 15, 2002

Date occurred: June 10, 2002 (estimated)

Animal: Hereford cow

Parts  incised: left ear, left eye, tongue, flesh from upper and lower jaw was stripped very clean, and a very professional incision from the head to shoulder.

This six year old cow was found lying completely on her back with her four legs sticking straight up. This is very, very unusual. The branches on the trees directly above the cow were broken, I suspect that this cow was dropped at this spot after she was mutilated. This is my third case that the animal appeared to have been dropped from above and mutilated. No tracks of any kind were found and that general area. Predators would not approach the cow for over a week, and only after they had 5 inches of rainfall in three hours. Then the predators started to eat the animal. Thanks to the Veteran Eagle newspaper for their help with pictures and report.

Report by Fernand Belzil.

Above Photos: A beef Hereford cow was found mutilated in a clump of trees lying on her back with the 4 legs sticking upward. I only have 2 other cases that were found on their back. This is a very strange case. The branches of the trees above her were broken. It appears to have been dropped there. The tongue was removed, the flesh on the jaws neatly incised, ear and eye also removed, and no blood. Notice the surgical incision of the neck area.

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