Fern Belzil Mutilation Report

Location: St Vincent, Alberta.

Date reported: August 6, 2001

Date occurred: August 5, 2001

Animal: Yearling heifer.

Parts  incised: Udder.

I got the call at 9 am on the 6th of August. Gathered all my equipment and drove to this Custom Feedlot, 15 km North East of my ranch. When I arrived the RCMP and Fish and Wildlife people were already on the scene. They did not take any samples, only a few pictures. That night was certainly the most severe lightning and thunder storm we had all summer. I am 99% sure that it is the reason that only the udder was taken. Generally, several parts are missing, like for instance, one ear, an eye, tongue, rectum incised, sex organs, etc. but not necessarily all of the above at one time, it varies a lot. The owners are very sure this heifer was mutilated during the storm. The reason I and the owners are sure about this, is because, during the storm the 1000 head of cattle in the two lots adjacent to each other, with a fence between, (800 head of cows on one side and 200 on the other) became very nervous, disturbed, ran around and bawled for quite sometime, indicating something out of the ordinary happening. For the next 4 or  5 days the cow herd on the other side would not approach the fence separating them. The 2 dogs that are penned in every night also barked vigorously that night, this never happened before.

The udder incision was very clean, looked like a laser type cut. A very, very small amount of really watered down blood was found. I sent a sample of this blood and soil from close to the heifer, as well as 5, 10, 15 and 20 feet North & South, and control sample 100ft both directions. With the heavy rains both samples, as I mentioned before, were too wet and the scientist were not able to do a proper test. My conclusion is that the only sensible explanation for only taking the udder is that the storm interrupted whoever was responsible for this act. I might add that this is again proof that predators were not responsible, because these corrals were built so that predators could not enter.

Report by Fernand Belzil.

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