Fern Belzil Mutilation Report

Location: Northwest Saskatchewan

Date reported: July 1996

Date occurred: July 1996

Animal: Cow

Strangeness noted: Rapid deterioration of carcass, large area of burnt grass and radiation found in soil samples.

This photo was taken in August 1996, on a farm in northwest Saskatchewan. Chad Deetkin and I had gone to this farm to investigate a mutilated cow that was reported 2 days before. We took soil and grass samples, pictures and sent them to a Scientist for an analysis. However, while we were there, Chad and I decided to walk over to another mutilation that had occurred 3 weeks before. This site was not more then 300 yards from the one we were presently investigating. Chad is standing on the edge of the dead grass, and some 10 feet in front of him you can see the remains of a mutilated cow that we had investigated three weeks before. Just a few bones left. The Scientist told us that there was Radiation in the samples we sent him! He warned us to be very careful in the future and not touch anything with our bare hands.

Report by Fernand Belzil.

This photo was taken just 3 weeks after the initial investigation. About 10 feet in front of investigator Chad Deetken, please note the deteriorated condition of the carcass (just a few bones left). Also note the large area of brown grass that had formed. Soil samples from this area were found to be radioactive.

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