Fern Belzil Mutilation Report

Location: Maidstone, Saskatchewan

Date reported: May 2003

Date occurred: June 27, 2001

Animal: 4-year-old bull Elk

Parts incised: Tongue and one eye removed. Udder area incised. No blood.

This 4-year old bull elk was mutilated only 100 feet from the farmhouse and the area was surrounded by a 10 foot high page wire fence. The main herd of elk, about 300 to 400 head, was about 3 miles away. You would think that anybody wishing to mutilate an animal undisturbed would not have chosen the one animal that was close to the farmhouse.

I did not investigate this case personally, but I did talk to the ranchers directly and studied the photographs. It appears to be a typical mutilation. One eye was missing and the tongue was removed. There was a large incision on the abdomen. There was no blood on the ground or the surrounding fur.

Report by Fernand Belzil.

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