Fern Belzil Mutilation Report

Location: Cereal, Alberta.

Date reported: May 31, 2000

Date occurred: May 28, 2000?

Animal: Eight Year Old Cow

Parts  incised: Nose, Ear, Eye, Tongue, Rectum/Uterus, Udder.

A cow was found in a big pasture area of four and a half sections, which is 2880 acres.

The rancher estimated the time of death to be 3 days before they found her, which was May 31st. I arrived there in the afternoon of June 1st. Being a long distance from the ranch headquarters, nothing unusual was seen or heard. My samples are self explanatory. I wrote the name of the town on each samples as a safety precaution.

Incision on one side of the nose, right ear, right eye, part of the tongue, rectum/uterus, udder completely, blood sample enclosed. Part of her tail was lying some 8 feet west of her (hair only). She was facing East and lying on her right side. There was some hair on the ground about 6 inches away from her body next to the udder. That bothers me, because it could mean predators were around.

When predators eat at an animal they will eat very little hair, therefore that is why there is hair on the ground. Also, why is part of the hair from the tail a few feet away? Who put it there? My trimeter tests of radiation were negative, compass no reaction. I need a Geiger counter to make my tests  more accurate. I am looking for one.

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