Praying Mantis Account from Western USA, January 2007
by R.

Posted November 11, 2008

Introduction - by Martin Jasek
In November 2008 we received an e-mail about an account that had amazing similarities to Jim G's accounts from London:
Praying Mantis Account Part I

Praying Mantis Account Part II
Praying Mantis Account Part III

Below is a description what happened to R. as well as some correspondence. Some graphical depictions are also included.

Mr. Jasek,

I read your website with great interest some time ago. I have long been suspect regarding alien claims. In addition, I'm a scientist, so, you know, a bit Cartesian.

On January, 2007, my life changed at around 2AM. Briefly, I heard a two-tone very loud digital sound, awoke, thinking there were children outside being loud. I awoke and found a large creature next to my bedroom window and bed. It looked to me like a cricket, of course, like a praying mantis, by your description. I had an odd calm feeling of recognition, I told it, oddly, "it's about time you're here." I then "saw" some sort of craft, two disks rotating around each other, it gave a clear impression of orange, yellow and red, radiation and glowing, rotating around a common axis. Over an hour and a half passed by the time I looked at my clock again.

I am including computer images I created, I don't pretend to be a computer artist. When I saw your website (Jim G's Praying Mantis accounts), I felt sick.



Mantis being by R.'s Bed UFOs seen by R.


UFOBC Replies

Hello R.,

Thanks for writing. That is an amazing incident.  Where about do you live?


Martin Jasek


I would rather it never happened. I am in the western US. Please keep under your hat and please do not release my ID.

What are these things about? What are the mantis about? I was struck by the similarities of events between myself and the other (Jim Gs). I have tried to convince myself that it was a bad, weird dream. Any information regarding motives would be much appreciated. I have had other strange events since then, but rarely. The latest occurred about a week ago, I was asleep and I heard the floors creak upstairs, between bedrooms. I heard small voices and gibberish I could not make out. I heard sounds that made images of circles, arcs dashes and angles in my mind. Very weird.

In every case, my dogs growled in my bed.



Hello R.,

Thanks for writing back and for sending the graphics. They are more then what most people submit so your effort is really appreciated. They do give a good idea about the form of the entity and the UFOs.

I don't have any information about motive of these particular entities other than what you or I can surmise from Jim's accounts. There does not appear to be a consistent motive between different alien types. Some appear to be good and some not so good.

You don't have to worry, I won't release your ID.

Thanks for sharing your latest incident, this stuff is really bizarre, multi facetted and really hard to pin down. You say that your life has changed, how? Are you dealing with it ok or does their potential return consume a lot of your thoughts?



Feel free to post, people can reply via your email. I am asking you to keep it under your hat, because I am a research scientist. Yes, the experience messed me up on some level. The most significant result was that I experienced insomnia, anxieties and night sweats for a few months afterwards. I have not told you all of the details. It was like a lucid dream, except I remember feeling my dogs in bed with me, hearing them growl. There was a strange sense of calm at the time and even, well, it sounds odd... I even felt honored that it was there. I did not feel threatened at the time. I could not see any eyelids or such. The drawing I gave you is god-awful. It was so clear to me.

I remember, most of all, a very loud tone, two tones, high and low, then turning my head and it was there. It was remarkable inasmuch as it was tremendous in size but apparently completely un-aggressive towards me, that I remember. No scars, no threats... a warm, familiar feeling, I even scolded it as though it was a colleague and late for an appointment (I used to be a military officer, it felt like a subordinate who I could count on) and that we were part of a team. How odd.

It is OK for you to post this, minus my name and contact information, please. People can contact me through you. I will work at a better drawing as I have time. I have not seen any repeats of this event since. When I came across your website, I really felt sick to my stomach when I read the descriptions, saw the drawing and most of all, the balls that rotated around each other. The digital tone description was the most shocking of all.

What are the chances of both accounts being so similar? I was a skeptic, not cynical, but a total skeptic. My life is different now because I know the truth. On one hand, I feel privileged and on the other hand, a bit invaded. My room has skylights and I dread sleeping at night now, feeling that something is going to be looking at me as I sleep. I look at the sky a lot more now. I don't feel alone in the universe, but I feel a little like a hunted rabbit.


If you have any questions or comments for R., you may send an e-mail to:
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Martin Jasek