Praying Mantis Account by R.

1970s, South of Houston, Texas

Received March 6, 2009

Hello Jim,

Jim, I am turning __ years old this year, and I was born and raised in ____ but as the locals say "I've 'been' tampered with" lol. They mean that my parents moved out of ____ during my second year in college to ____ (not far from Roswell). Due to the number of colleges and universities I have attended as well as living in ____, ____, and ____ I'm not the typical _____.

Of course the fact that my first memory of childhood being that of being in a room filled with white light waking up and not being able to move with a being speaking to me by telepathy has a lot to do with it also. I'm different than most you meet as I don't want to be known (only to those that I have revealed myself to and to those who have written books about me, etc.) , I too have memories of the "Praying Mantis" as well as others and they are fully conscious memories spanning a lifetime. I know there is much more beneath but I have never explored them by hypnosis as so many do these days because I don't trust it. Having such a long experience history with what ever these things truly are I know they cannot be truly trusted as they manipulate what you see and feel as you also seem to be coming into realization of.

Over the years I learned to be able to resist their efforts and ability to control me. I do not understand why exactly but I came to the point where I could sense them and to a point resist their control and move. Yes, I still woke up with those bruises but mine were on my arms and legs. My wife had a glowing triangle that fluoresced under backlight. I experienced a scar that would appear overnight and disappeared overnight. According to my wife she woke up during the night and called my name but when I did not answer she started feeling all over the bed and calling my name frantically in the dark. From my perspective, I remember hearing her call my name as if from a great distance and then I remember feeling the bed come in contact with my back and her touching me. She demanded to know where I was but I had no answer for her other than what I just related.

I have only one memory of seeing a Praying Mantis and it was not working on me but on someone else aboard a craft. I was asked to reproduce a drawing of what I saw and I did. I only saw him from a side view but for what ever reason for many years when I would see that drawing or any representation of a Praying Mantis life form I would start shaking for some time before I could force myself to stop. I have seen over twenty different crafts and three life forms in my life that I consciously remember. I was an officer in Air Defense in the US Army and during 1972 while I was in the Army I was sought out by Project Blue Book. Draw your own conclusions from that because I had never contacted them nor reported a sighting of a UFO to anyone.

Martin Jasek Replies:
Hello R.,

I have forwarded your message to Jim and maybe he has already responded to you.

I would like to post your account and was wondering if you still had the drawing you made of the Praying Mantis that we could include with it?

Would you have any other details that you could provide that goes along with your Praying Mantis account, such as a missing time experience, a ufo sighting, or other memories?


R. Replies:

Sorry, I no longer have the drawing of the Mantis. It was very similar to so many that have come since I drew it so long ago. I have multiple missing time events. As to the instance where I saw the Praying Mantis I was on a craft which must have been quite large as the room I awoke in was huge with many tables with many other people on them. I could see rows of them past my feet and to my right. I remember partially sitting up and looking around. That was when I saw the Praying Mantis for the first time. It was standing over the table directly over the table at my feet with a man on it I did not recognize. The Mantis had long arms that moved in a jerky manner but it was the way its arms were hinged and moved that just freaked me. I couldnít really see clearly or understand what it was doing but I could see it had some of the guys intestines wrapped up and over its arms. That really started to send me into a panic when something caused everything to go black and I donít remember anything after that. That is my only conscious memory of the Mantis creature. I don't think I was supposed to wake up like that.

If you use my story, Please don't use my full last name for the public.