Praying Mantis Account by J.

Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, Summer 1970

Received August 23, 2005

I'm quite hesitant in relaying this message, but a certain event that happened to me several years ago ( summer 1970, in the Georgian Bay, Ontario region) should be told. Other than my immediate family and a couple of close friends, I've never told this story to anyone. First of all, I must mention that while this event took place during a self induced chemical high, it shouldn't be dismissed too quickly before hearing the facts.

I made the mistake of dropping acid then going to sleep only to wake around 2:30 - 3:30 AM. I'll skip to the part that I'm convinced was not a hallucination. After running wildly down the beach for what must have been an hour or so, I saw in the NW sky, five objects flying in a V formation towards the SE.

I had to tell myself that it was only a dream, but as the objects got closer I realized that what I was seeing was real. As the objects approached closer to me on the shoreline I felt the most amazing feeling that something or someone was trying to talk to me from them. At this exact moment a voice or presence spoke clear to me that "I was in danger". No exaggeration here, a creature seemed to appear before me as if it was hovering over me. It stood like 8 -9 feet tall and was exactly in appearance to what Jim G. and many other witnesses describe as a Praying Mantis with large oily eyes. While this entity spoke to me by thought alone, I felt oddly at ease with it rather than terrified, for it seemed genuinely concerned for me. It told me that I was dying of a drug overdose and that I should seek medical help. My mind was totally clear at this moment with no effects from the drug. I knew that the entity was telling the truth and I listened.

What happened next was incredible. The entity spread out its long insect arms and wrapped them around the back of my head, suddenly I felt a jab like a needle in the area of the brain called the medulla. It was like I never took the drug and was clear of thought and strong. I don't have any memories of what happened to the entity or the hovering objects

The next thing I knew I was running from the beach to the highway to hitch a ride to the hospital where I checked myself in to the emergency ward. In those days the hospitals knew very little about how to treat ACID OD's. I had my stomach pumped and remained there for three days.

My family and friends heard my story and dismissed it as "just another high", but what happened a short few weeks later has disturbed me since the event. People in the area where I lived began phoning in reports of strange lights appearing over Georgian Bay, flying in V formation. Perhaps a month or so later there was a report on the local radio of a secret underwater U.S. Military base based in the Georgian Bay off the shores of Meaford. An interesting note on this, is there is a Canadian military base in Meaford (Artillery). For a week or two this was the talk of the County with people calling in to the radio station for more info, but the story was never repeated on air and seemed to just fade away.

This event has stuck in my head as clear as the day it happened and as time goes on I hear similar stories being recounted by others.

Another event that perhaps surpassed this, is what I witnessed over a period of three days over the Shuswap four years ago. This time I wasn't alone and clear of mind, but that's another story.

Too Jim G..... It can be extremely worrisome to experience these kind of events and often we feel that nobody else seems to care or understand, but even if a hundred ufo's should land on Parliament Hill tomorrow, we all have to get up in the morning, feed our selves and carry on our daily routines.

I no longer fear the unknown and embrace the beauty of this universal plane. Should any of this be published in any manner I would appreciate anonymity and a heads-up to where I might view it.