Praying Mantis Account by E.

Location?, Around 1977

Received Feb 17, 2009

Hello Jim,

I stumbled across your webpage by accident. I was talking to my fiancÚ about an incident that happened to me when I was around 8 years old. It was so similar to what you wrote about that it brought the "nightmare" back in full retrospect. There were only slight differences in the story you wrote. Very slight.

I was actually looking online for the sound a praying mantis makes to explain what I experienced. I also was brought to a large place where there was many people and many small grey aliens. I even remember facing a small blonde haired girl about my age and was telling her telepathically "as I was pushed along" not to be afraid. I wasn't shown a screen but I was transported or astral projected to a match between 2 small greys. It was like a sport. They were using what telekinesis they had to push a fireball back and forth in the air in an indoor tennis type court that had what looked like lava or fire at its edges. Eventually one of them lost the link and was thrown by the fireball into the fire and perished in the flames. I felt the telepathic cheer in my mind as if someone scored a touchdown in football and no remorse. I also saw the robotic object during my "surgery" but it wasn't a robot it was fixed from behind my head almost like it was just a device to help them do their stuff attached to the bed.

My Praying Mantis figure was very kind to me. He urged me to stay calm and telepathically reassured me everything would be alright. My right eye was removed by a device that came down from the white ceiling. I started to really panic but the "Mantis" kept me from really freaking out. then it was replaced. The "Mantis" also told my telepathically that I was a special person who would really make a difference here on earth. I am now 44 years old and have made no real significant differences to the human race. I think he may have just wanted to reassure a child at the time.

When the "Mantis" first appeared he was at the foot of the hospital bed I was strapped to. I could only at first see an outline but as I watched it blended from the white wall into a Brown cloaked figure- not purple or black as you accounted.

I have retained 1 thing from my encounter. I still have the power to see major global disasters before they happen. I only report them to either my fiancÚ or my close family members because I know anyone else would just call me crazy. But now they believe me for the most part. Because when I see something clearly and tell them It always happens.

I also had a small round device placed into my right thumb. I was told by the "Mantis" if It ever came out I would die. Well, I ripped it out of my thumb two years or so after feeling I had been visited again and again, just not remembering anything those further times. I knew- that's all I can say. I don't believe they can find me now and have lead a productive life since being 11 without them "finding" me and not feeling "watched " anymore.

I wish to remain anonymous so please don't share my email or name with anyone else. I cant believe I am even sending this to you. It is facts to me as well. I don't think an 8 year old could make up a story like this.