Praying Mantis Dream by M.

Reported December 26, 2008

Hello Martin,

I hope this email finds you doing well.

I was hoping you could fwd. this to Jim, in hopes that maybe even some of my information would be useful to him (or anyone else). If nothing else, I wanted him to know I believe him, and am truly sorry for all that he's encountered.



Hi Jim,

Thank you for sharing all that's happened to you with Martin and the rest of us. You present yourself as a completely rational, objective, and scientific person. I don't know if my email will be at all helpful, so if not, please feel free to chuck it.

Two experiences to share with you. One involved mantises, and another experience, from my childhood, which you will read later on below... Earlier this year I had an extremely vivid dream, unlike anything else I've ever experienced. It sounds crazy, but it was even clearer than my usual waking life. The part I thought you may be interested in involved giant mantises; however these ones were, although intimidating in size, decidedly nonthreatening.

I was standing in a field, when appeared a giant mantis with 4 or 5 other mantises standing on either side of him, all of them staring at me. The one standing in the center, closest to me, waved his giant arm at them, and told me, in my mind, "These are your ancestors, and your descendants". As I looked back at him, he was now looking quite dashing in a tux with tails, then he bowed to me, put his long, spiky arm on my shoulder, and I woke up.

I laughed when I read your account about "them" adding cheesy misinformation, as it reminded me of the Tux part of my dream.

Also, in the beginning part of the dream, I saw rows and rows (thousands) of beautiful brown moths, walking stoically down a tree trunk, and as they passed a certain point, faded from their beautiful caramel hue to a dull, deathly grey. A male voice said, "This is the cycle of life. They know all things die, and accept that truth." I know. "New-Agey" crap, but the emotion the scene carried with it was instead a deep sense of ennui, not acceptance at all. I felt like I was being lied to.

One more thing and then I promise I'm done: as a child, I had had an experience in my bedroom in the middle of the night. I awoke from a deep sleep, suddenly in a panic, and even though the house was pitch black inside, I saw a tall, faceless, cloaked figure in the hallway, blacker than the blackness around it. Even though it had no features, I knew it was staring at me with absolute malice. I hid under the covers, and despite my utter terror, immediately fell asleep. I awoke again sometime later, again in a panic, except now the thing was in my doorway. Perhaps as a primal survival instinct, my fear turned to rage, and I shouted to it, in my head, "You don't exist!", and again, fell into unconsciousness. I never saw the thing again, however I did have one very painful dream involving a long "extracting" needle. I'll never forget the dream, nor the pain.

The thing about the shadow experience I never understood was how I could immediately fall fast asleep when I was so utterly terrified, to the point of being nearly petrified with fear. No way should I have been able to just drift off to sleep after that!

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you do reply, please delete my stuff first. Thanks.



P.S. The incident I experienced as a child was in Santa Clarita, California, and my dream (or whatever it was) occurred while living in Orange County, Ca.


Martin J., UFOBC: What was your gut feeling about the beings? Basically good, bad, something in between? What made you feel like you were being lied to?

M. Responds:

My feeling about the beings was they weren't malicious, but rather, almost emotionally "void". The feeling of being lied to regarding the moths ("death") came from the fact that the statement about the unavoidability of death (we all march toward it) was so dispassionate, while the scene itself was SO emotionally charged. It's like they have no feelings whatsoever, even regarding death, so their explanation, as well-intended as it may seem, lacks any comfort at all. As a result, it "doesn't feel right", the way a lie doesn't feel right. I hope I'm making sense.