Praying Mantis Account from Chicago, 1999
by R.

Posted February 12, 2006

A Similar Account to Jim G's Praying Mantis Alien
Below is an account from a different witness in a different country that occurred prior to Jim's encounter. The similarities (including purple cloak) appear to be more than coincidental.

Humanoid report 1999
Case# 103.
Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: August 1999
Time: late night
A man visiting a friend's house and sleeping on the sofa in the bedroom suddenly woke up feeling very panicky and totally unable to move. Looking towards the front door he saw a huge humanoid figure over 7 ft tall standing by the door. The figure resembled a large "praying mantis" and was wearing something resembling a black and purple cloak. Its skin was dark gray in color. It slowly approached the witness and reached out to him with a large hand with long thin fingers and grabbed his shoulder. At this point the witness lost consciousness and does not recall anything else of the incident. He remembered also feeling very cold during the encounter.

Compiled by Albert Rosales