Praying Mantis Account by C.

New Mexico, 1970s

Received July 30, 2008

Dear Jim G., I had my first experience with mantis type beings when I was about 6 to 9 years old. My memory of the account was brought about by viewing a piece of artwork by M.C. Escher, which is basically a picture of a giant praying mantis on top of a coffin or sarcophagus of a pope (or some other religious fellow) in St. Peters (I believe, I could be mistaken). My experience was in our front lawn in broad daylight.

I will call it a memory due to its nature. The memory is of me as a boy lying on the ground near where our car was parked. On top of me was what I can only describe as a giant praying mantis. From my perspective I could see its face which seemed larger than my head, and below its head (i don't know if it was attached to the being or was a tool of some sort) was what appeared to be a green see through gourd (sort of like a green bubble) that had a green tube coming out of it which believe it or not was inserted into my solar plexus (the area above your stomach but below your rib cage. It felt like time had stopped or we were in between frames or something because this seemed to go on forever. I just remember thinking I can't breathe, then realizing I did not need to breathe (perhaps this apparatus was breathing for me), and just laying there staring into these bug eyes. This being did in fact resemble an actual praying mantis, not just the shape of it as you described in your experiences. Its eyes were giant green spheres on the side of his head and his pupils were little red dots. Well as a youngster I dismissed this as a dream due to the high level of strangeness. At this age I did spend countless hours in our backyard looking at the stars through my telescope. This incident was in the seventies in New Mexico. My first conscious ufo sighting was around 1990 or 1991 when I was 18 or 19 years old. Me and a friend were mountain biking next to a river in Albuquerque. We stopped to take a break and looking at the sky over the tree-line when we noticed a ball of light in the sky over the trees. My first thought was that it was a helicopter searching for an escaped convict or scientists conducting a nature study. The ball of light eventually went higher and started doing loop de loops, zig-zags, swirls, they would skip from one part of the sky to the next as if time is an illusion. Eventually it was joined by about 5 to 7 other balls of light all displaying the most amazing aerial acrobatics either of us had ever witnessed. This went on for who knows how long, until one of the balls kept getting closer and closer till eventually you could see it was a perfect sphere of light with no features or blinking lights on it. It was completely silent, no noise what so ever, as it descended upon us.

At about 50 feet above us as its coming down my friend exclaims "I am getting out of here". He jumped on his mountain bike and rode off, leaving me alternating my head from descending ball of light to friend leaving. I looked back and forth three or four times before I said "wait for me" or "me too" or something like that. I forgot this event for a year or two until I was shrooming one time and it all came back to me.

Since then I have seen many ufo's and had more strange experiences than I could possibly name. Well you should look for that Escher drawing if your already not familiar with it. Another thing I wanted to mention is: have you ever watched space ghost coast to coast? There is an alien praying mantis on that show named Zorax.  Peace, brother take it easy, if they wanted to crush us they could have when they planted us here. Everything is out there you (and in there) you just got to focus.

Take care