Praying Mantis Dreams by A.

Received November 1, 2009

Hey Jim, I've read your accounts about your experiences with the Mantis like beings. I found your accounts personally interesting. I've never had any direct experience with them like you have, however I've had nightmares of these really bizarre Machine Mantis entities for years. I noticed these dreams increased after I started experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms. (And I don't bring up psychedelics to deny any objective reality about these beings) I've just noticed that they (Mantis/Aliens) seem to be more apart of the tryptamine-psychedelic domain of consciousness. However I don't feel they are limited to just that domain; I do feel from my own experience that they can cross over, or to put it another way, maybe at times we unconsciously cross over, at least half-way, to the domain of consciousness they inhabit.

I've never had direct experience with a 'confirmed' Mantis entity, but I've had several experiences where I would awaken in the middle of the night to strange deep hums mixed with high-pitched electronic ringing and find myself in the presence of this dark-energy mass standing or hovering in my room. I'm wide awake, paralyzed, seduced yet terrified during these experiences. My last experience I had was by far the most tactile. I awoke out of a dream (a dream involving Machine like Mantis beings and others in this hyper-dimensional space) to hear this buzzing hum rising in pitch. I saw this dark ball of energy floating in the hallway outside my room. When the pitch of the hum finally crested the dark energy ball burst into fragments which hit me in the chest, sending shivers all through my body. It felt very much like electricity. It left no physical markings, but the impact of it caused real physical sensations and discomfort.

You might it interesting that many people who have tried DMT (a POWERFUL psychedelic) often report having seen these Mantis like beings during their experience. The interesting thing is that many of these people have no previous knowledge of these beings. Therefore, I feel it is more than just subjective creativity.

Well, I hope you get this email. lol If so, please write me back! Peace